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Route 20 (Part 2)

Vincent Lau

Are we there yet? Nearly.

As you come from the south-eastern cave, you’ll arrive at the Cinnabar Island side of Route 20. Immediately to the right is a Picnicker. To her right is another Heart Scale, but this time in plain sight. If you want, you can swim across the water to get past her on the right.

Picnicker Irene

Pokémon Level Type
"Marowak" IconMarowak 43 Ground
"Gloom" IconGloom 43 Grass/Poison
"Wigglytuff" IconWigglytuff 43 Normal/Fairy

Irene’s "Marowak" IconMarowak can use Bonemerang for STAB, or Thrash to inflict heavy damage, but at the risk of causing confusion to itself. Stick to super-effective Grass, Water or Ice-types and you should be good.

Next can be Gloom. In case you haven’t committed it to memory, this evolved "Oddish" IconOddish is still weak to Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison. Irene’s can use Mega Drain to steal HP and Moonblast to hurt Fighting and Dragon-types.

Last up is Wigglytuff, which is an evolved "Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff. It’s still weak to Poison and Steel. This one can use Body Slam to potentially cause Paralyze, and Mimic to clone your last move.

Jump into the water and travel west. As you’re about to leave the the west side of Seafoam Islands, there’s a female swimmer bobbing up and down.

Beauty Hansol

Pokémon Level Type
"Slowbro" IconSlowbro 43 Water/Psychic

Hansol has an evolved "Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke that boasts impressive Defense. Its weaknesses are Grass, Electric, Bug, Ghost and Dark. Be wary of its STAB Surf and Psychic, plus Yawn to make your Pokémon drowsy.

Keep going west. After a short distance, there’s a small island halfway up the route. On the island is a lonely trainer and 3 Ultra Balls.

Bird Keeper Roger

Pokémon Level Type
"Fearow" IconFearow 45 Normal/Flying
"Pidgeot" IconPidgeot 45 Normal/Flying
"Dodrio" IconDodrio 45 Normal/Flying

Roger’s brought out the big guns! These are all fully evolved Flying-type Pokémon! Hopefully you have some Electric, Rock or Ice-types handy.

First up is "Fearow" IconFearow, which is an evolved "Spearow" IconSpearow. This "Fearow" IconFearow can use STAB Drill Peck, and Quick Attack to go first. Electric and Rock-types should be cautious of its Drill Run. Use Ice-types if you can.

Next can be "Pidgeot" IconPidgeot, a fully evolved "Pidgey" IconPidgey. Roger’s "Pidgeot" IconPidgeot can use Air Slash for STAB, and it also knows Quick Attack. This time, Ice-types should be careful because "Pidgeot" IconPidgeot can retaliate with Heat Wave.

Finally, Dodrio is an evolved "Doduo" IconDoduo. Just like the other two, it can use Quick Attack to sneak an attack in before you. Plus it has Drill Peck for STAB, and Jump Kick to smash Rock and Ice-types.

A little ways north from this island, there’s a male swimmer floating around. Go and greet him if you want.

Swimmer Dean

Pokémon Level Type
"Starmie" IconStarmie 44 Water/Psychic
"Kingler" IconKingler 44 Water
"Tentacruel" IconTentacruel 44 Water/Poison

Back to the scheduled programme. Dean’s "Starmie" IconStarmie is fairly straightforward, with STAB Scald and Psychic. The best way to combat it is by using Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost or Dark-types. Grass/Poison-types should beware of its Psychic.

Afterwards, he may send out Kingler. This evolved "Krabby" IconKrabby can use Crabhammer for STAB, or Stomp to chip away at foes that resist Water. A Grass-type is ideal to weaken the damage from Crabhammer. But a good Electric-type can probably one-shot it.

Finally, Tentacruel is an evolved "Tentacool" IconTentacool. This sinister jellyfish is still weak to Electric, Ground and Psychic. It can use STAB Surf and Poison Jab. Ground-types should be avoided unless you really trust in them.

Carry on west from the small island where the Bird Keeper was. A short distance away and a little bit south is an even smaller island. On it is a Picnicker.

Picnicker Missy

Pokémon Level Type
"Jolteon" IconJolteon 41 Electric

This Electric-type "Eevee" IconEevee has incredible Speed. Its most notable attack is Thunderbolt, although it can use Pin Missile, a multi-hitting Bug-type move. Ground-types are encouraged so you don’t get shocked.

Next, there’s a female swimmer a short distance away from the west of this tiny island.

Beauty Nora

Pokémon Level Type
"Cloyster" IconCloyster 41 Water/Ice

If you haven’t seen an evolved "Shellder" IconShellder before, this is it. It has exceptional Defense, but abysmal Special Defense. Nora’s "Cloyster" IconCloyster seems to be poorly trained as its best move is Water Gun. Did she use a Water Stone too early? Slap it silly with Grass or Electric-types.

Next, head north from Nora to reach a third island. Here, you can pick up a Max Repel to the right. Hop back into the sea and head directly west. There will be another female swimmer not too far away.

Beauty Melissa

Pokémon Level Type
"Seaking" IconSeaking 43 Water
"Jynx" IconJynx 43 Ice/Psychic

"Seaking" IconSeaking shouldn’t be a surprise. Melissa’s can use Waterfall for STAB, Quick Attack to try and attack first, and Megahorn to deal Bug-type damage. If you have a Grass/Poison mon, you don’t need to worry much, as Megahorn will inflict neutral damage. Otherwise, choose an Electric-type if possible.

Next is "Jynx" IconJynx, which isn’t a Water-type, but close enough we guess. This charming lady is weak to Fire, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Dark and Steel. We’d be surprised if you didn’t have one of those. For attacks, it can use STAB Ice Beam and Psychic, plus Lovely Kiss to inflict Sleep.

Moving on, there’s one more island to Melissa’s south. In the middle is an Ace Trainer. If you search the left side, you can find some hidden Stardust too.

Ace Trainer Marty

Pokémon Level Type
"Golem" IconGolem 45 Rock/Ground
"Pinsir" IconPinsir 46 Bug

Golem is a fully evolved "Geodude" IconGeodude. This rock-hard beast is still weak to Ground, Fighting and Steel, and immensely weak to Grass and Water. For attacks, it can use STAB Rock Slide and Earthquake. Because of the latter, avoid fielding Steel-types.

Marty’s second Pokémon is "Pinsir" IconPinsir, which is a pure Bug-type. This one can use STAB X-Scissor, plus Superpower to hurt Rock-types etc. The latter will reduce "Pinsir" IconPinsir’s Attack and Defense, so it’s only threatening the first few times. We suggest sending out a Fire or Flying-type.

Finally, carry on west for a wee bit longer and you’ll reach Cinnabar Island. Now you can relax for a while. All that surfing and cave exploring must have tired you out.


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