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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Route 18

Vincent Lau

When you reach Route 18, you’re at Fuchsia City’s doorstep.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Type Location Chance (%)
Dodrio Normal/Flying Tall grass 10
Doduo Normal/Flying Tall grass 20
Raticate Normal Tall grass 15
Rattata Normal Tall grass 15
Pidgeotto Normal/Flying Tall grass 20
Pidgey Normal/Flying Tall grass 20
Chansey Normal Tall grass Rare spawn

This little segment connects Pokémon Road with Fuchsia City. As you come from Route 17, there will be flower beds on both sides. Go left and search the second bunch of flowers for some hidden silver berries. After that, go down and follow the path east. Eventually, you’ll reach a gatehouse. Go upstairs if you want.

Through the gatehouse, you’ll arrive back in Route 18, near the Fuchsia City side. A short distance to the right, there’s a gap in the wooden fence that you can go through. But be cautious of the territorial Bird Keeper standing guard. He will swap between looking right and down, so you can skip past him if you’re good.

Bird Keeper Wilton

Pokémon Level Type
Fearow 39 Normal/Flying
Dodrio 39 Normal/Flying

Get those Electric, Rock and Ice-types ready! Wilton’s Fearow knows Drill Run, so Electric and Rock-types should be cautious. Likewise, his Dodrio has Jump Kick, which can hurt Rock-types a little.

On the other side, there’s a patch of tall grass that’s home to lots of bird Pokémon. To the left, along the bottom, there’s another Bird Keeper. You can avoid him by staying near the top.

Bird Keeper Ramiro

Pokémon Level Type
Pidgeot 39 Normal/Flying

Ramiro has a fully evolved Pidgey. But it seems he neglected to teach it many moves, as it simply spams Air Slash all day. Hmm, what if you used Disable to stop it using Air Slash?

Further left is the third and final Bird Keeper. You should be able to avoid him if you don’t go right in front of him. Or to be safe, you can hang around near the bottom. Anyway, to his left is an Elixir. Those are pretty handy to have during long journeys!

Bird Keeper Jacob

Pokémon Level Type
Farfetch’d 39 Normal/Flying
Farfetch’d 39 Normal/Flying
Farfetch’d 39 Normal/Flying

A Farfetch’d fan, huh? That seems kind of… farfetched. Sorry. Anyway, the first two Farfetch’d have priority moves. So expect them to attack first. Meanwhile the last one has Sky Attack, which requires a turn to charge. You should be able to KO it easily before it can use it.

When you’re ready to move on, head east from the gatehouse. You’ll arrive in Fuchsia City, where you can sit back for a while.

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