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Pokémon Tower

Vincent Lau

This tower is the doorway between life and death.

Floor 1F

On the first floor, make your way towards the north-west corner. Chat to the elderly lady sitting by the table to receive a Format Set for you and your partner to wear. Next, go up the stairs to the east.

Floor 2F

On the second floor, you should notice your rival near the top. Let him wait for a bit and head towards the south-west corner. At the far end, there’s a Elixir waiting to be found.

From here, head directly east towards the corner on the opposite side. Search around here for a hidden Pearl. Now go back around and face your rival. Of course, he’ll drag you into another battle!

Pokémon Trainer Rival

Pokémon Level Type
"Pidgeotto" IconPidgeotto 27 Normal/Flying
"Gloom" IconGloom 27 Grass/Poison
"Jolteon" IconJolteon (Let’s Go "Pikachu" IconPikachu) 28 Electric
"Raichu" IconRaichu (Let’s Go "Eevee" IconEevee) 28 Electric

Like always, your rival leads with his first caught Pokémon, "Pidgeotto" IconPidgeotto. Electric and Rock-types are ideal. That could be your own partner "Pikachu" IconPikachu or a partner "Eevee" IconEevee with Buzzy Buzz.

Next up, he may send out Gloom, an evolved "Oddish" IconOddish. It’s a bit stronger, but retains the same typing. So send out a Fire, Flying or Psychic-type if you have any.

Finally, your rival has evolved his partner. In Let’s Go "Pikachu" IconPikachu, you’ll face "Jolteon" IconJolteon, the Electric-type evolution of "Eevee" IconEevee. It’s fast, so a type that’s super-effective (Ground) or resists it (mainly Grass) is highly recommended.

Otherwise, Let’s Go "Eevee" IconEevee owners will battle "Raichu" IconRaichu. Appearances aside, it’s also an Electric-type, so the same recommendations apply. But if you’re confident, you could go one-on-one with your partner "Eevee" IconEevee, especially if they know Headbutt.

Afterwards, continue west from your rival. Grab the X Attack nearby, then head south towards the stairs to the next floor. Before going up, you may wish to battle the scaredy-cat Coach Trainer.

Coach Trainer Holly

Pokémon Level Type
"Geodude" IconGeodude 28 Rock/Ground

Do not drop your guard here! Despite being a pretty easy and slow Pokémon, Holly’s "Geodude" IconGeodude is exceptionally fast and can use Rock Slide to make your Pokémon flinch. Fighting or Ground-types are highly recommended, unless you’re confident your Water and Grass-types can take the hits.

Demolish Holly and she’ll give you 5 Partner Candies. Don’t be shy to use them, since they boost all of your stats by 1. Carry on up the stairs to the third floor.

Floor 3F

As soon as you step foot, you’ll run into a ghost. "Cubone" IconCubone will chase it off, before leaving the tower. From here, you can attempt to explore the rest of the tower, but there will be unidentifiable ghosts on every floor.

For now, go back and exit the tower the way you came. Then head towards Lavender Town’s west exit. The Team Rocket duo will show up and take "Cubone" IconCubone away. Follow them west towards Celadon City!


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