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Shiny Pokémon

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) You can discern Shiny Pokémon from regular Pokémon on the overworld.

You can discern Shiny Pokémon from regular Pokémon on the overworld. (left), Of course, Shiny Pokémon will also sparkle and have a different color in battle as well. (right)

By now, we imagine most of you know what a shiny Pokémon is. But just in case, they’re exceptionally rare Pokémon, with different colors than usual. The reason they’re called “shiny” Pokémon is because they sparkle when they’re sent out in battle. Besides their rarity and appearance, shiny Pokémon are identical to regular Pokémon.

Finding Shiny Pokémon

In contrast to other Pokémon games, you can identify shiny Pokémon on the overworld, before you even battle them. Shiny Pokémon will have sparkles around them and be of a different color. As soon as you see one, try not to delay, as they can vanish from the overworld like any other Pokémon.

Running into a Shiny Pokémon without any prep work is extremely unlikely though. You can increase your chance by…

  1. Using a Lure, Super Lure or Max Lure.
  2. Creating a high Catch Combo.
  3. Obtaining the Shiny Charm (by registering 150 Pokémon in your Pokédex).

The table below shows how the chance of finding a shiny Pokémon is affected by these three factors.

Catch Combo Shiny rate …with Lure …with Shiny Charm …with Both
0 to 10 1 in 4096 1 in 2048 1 in 1365 1 in 1024
11 to 20 1 in 1024 1 in 819 1 in 682 1 in 585
21 to 30 1 in 512 1 in 455 1 in 409 1 in 372
31+ 1 in 341 1 in 315 1 in 292 1 in 273

To emphasize, the highest odds you’ll get is approximately 1 in 273, if you can maintain a Catch Combo of 31 or higher, you’re currently using a Lure and you have the Shiny Charm in your possession. This is a 15x increase compared to the base shiny rate, but it’s still quite low, so you may need to be patient.

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