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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Obtaining Candies

Vincent Lau

For those of you who’ve played Pokémon GO (should be a lot of you), you’re probably no stranger to the concept of candies. You can acquire candies in a similar manner, by catching Pokémon and transferring Pokémon to the Professor. Candies are stored in the Candy Jar in your bag and you can use them from there.

1. Catching Pokémon

When you catch a wild Pokémon, you may receive a type of candy that boosts one of the six key stats; the specific stat depends on the species of the wild Pokémon. If you have a Catch Combo going, the higher the combo, the more and better candies you’ll receive.

Note that certain candies are only available after catching a total number of Pokémon (can be any species).

Number of Pokémon Unlock
30+ Standard candy
60+ L candy
90+ XL candy
120+ Species candy

2. Transferring Pokémon

(1 of 2) Got an excess of Pokémon, for example from shiny-hunting?

Got an excess of Pokémon, for example from shiny-hunting? (left), You can transfer them to get lots of tasty candy! (right)

If you’ve caught an excess amount of Pokémon, when you transfer a Pokémon to the Professor, he’ll give you 1 candy for each Pokémon (same type of candy if you caught it in the wild). After transferring 50 of the same Pokémon, he’ll also give you a species candy.

3. Going on a Stroll

When you go on a stroll with your Pokémon using the Poké Ball Plus accessory, after you come back, you may obtain candies depending on how much you’ve walked and interacted with your Pokémon.

Points Possible Reward
1,000 Standard candy
2,000 L candy
3,000 XL candy
10,000 Species candy x2

For reference, you earn 1 point for every step walked.

Additionally, you may receive one species candy for every milestone achieved.

For the species candy awarded for 10,000 points, you get one candy for the Pokémon in your Poké Ball Plus and one candy for your Buddy Pokémon in-game. For the milestone candy, it’s randomly chosen between the two.

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