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Status Conditions

Vincent Lau

Sleeping Pokémon are sitting ducks. Oops, that's ours!

Pokémon battles aren’t just about mindlessly damaging one another, although that does work pretty well against lower level CPU opponents. There are times where you–or your opponent–may want to play a little dirty… or strategically, if you’d prefer.

A common strategy is to apply a status condition on the opponent. This is done by using certain moves. Some offensive moves have a small chance of adding a status condition, while there are some status move that have a high chance of causing one.

As you might expect, status conditions negatively effect the targe–and can even cripple their performance. That’s great if you’re the one applying the status condition. But if you get hit by one, don’t panic. If it’s safe, you can use healing items to restore your Pokémon’s condition. Or go visit a Pokémon Centre.

Status Conditions

Ailment Symptons Cure
Asleep The Pokémon cannot act. Cures naturally after a number of turns. Awakening
Burn The Pokémon takes a small amount of damage each turn. In addition, their Attack stat is greatly reduced. Burn Heal
Confusion The Pokémon may damage itself instead. Cures naturally after a number of turns. Switch out
Freeze The Pokémon cannot act. Cures naturally after a number of turns. Ice Heal
Paralysis The Pokémon occasionally cannot act. In addition, their Speed stat is reduced. Paralyse Heal
Poison The Pokémon takes damage each turn. This damage increases exponentially if caused by Toxic. Antidote

If you can't one-shot your foe, you can try and cripple them.

You can tell a Pokémon has a status condition when an icon appears next to their name. A Pokémon can only be afflicted by one status condition at a given time. So they can’t be burned and frozen, for instance.

All status conditions persist after a battle. So it’s always a good idea to get rid of it whenever it’s appropriate to do so. On the other hand, your opponent rarely has the means to cure their Pokémon, so feel free to bombard them with status conditions.

Confusion is a big exception to the rule. It’s definitely a status condition, but it’s not as rigid as the others. So it doesn’t have an icon and disappears after the battle. It can also stack with other status conditions.


Depending on their Type, a Pokémon can be immune to certain status conditions. You can use this knowledge to your advantage when facing a foe that loves to spam them.

Type Immune to
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Screenshot Burn
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Screenshot Paralysis
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Screenshot Freeze
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Screenshot and Pathfinder: Kingmaker Screenshot Poison


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