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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Elite Four Bruno

Vincent Lau
Pokémon Level Type
Onix 62 Rock/Ground
Hitmonchan 62 Fighting
Poliwrath 62 Water/Fighting
Alolan Golem 62 Rock/Electric
Machamp 63 Fighting
Hitmonlee 62 Fighting
Hitmonchan 62 Fighting

Brawly Bruno leads with his Onix as before. It can use Earthquake, Iron Tail and Stealth Rock, plus Rock Slide for Rock-type STAB. Just like last time, you should aim to one-shot it with a Grass or Water-type before it uses Stealth Rock to deal chip damage to switch ins.

The fast-punching Hitmonchan can use Feint to attack first and negate Protect. It’s also carrying Fire, Thunder and Ice Punch to counter a variety of threats. Still, it can’t rival a strong Psychic or Fairy-type. A Ghost-type can effectively wall it as well.

Bruno’s Poliwrath has learned Earthquake to deal with Electric-types. Together with its original moveset of Waterfall, Superpower and Body Slam, it’s a formidable opponent for sure. Grass, Flying, Psychic and Fairy-types are all excellent choices.

Like Lorelei, Bruno has added an Alolan Pokémon into the mix: an Alolan Golem. This Electric variant can use Rock Slide and Thunder Punch for STAB, Superpower to damage Steel-types, and Earthquake to deal reliable damage to most foes. Ground-types will quickly shut it down. Grass-types are also a good choice.

Machamp is Bruno’s most prized Pokémon. Like before, it can use Superpower, Rock Slide and Earthquake. In addition, it’s carrying Ice Punch to hurt Grass and Dragon-types. A healthy Psychic or Fairy-type can easily clean house.

Finally, the high-kicking Hitmonlee can use Poison Jab in addition to its old moves (High Jump Kick, Feint and Rock Slide). That means Fairies should be somewhat cautious. But Psychics still have nothing to fear.

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