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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Route 24

Vincent Lau

Nugget Bridge is also the name of a famous fan website!

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Type Location Chance (%)
Psyduck Water Tall grass 20
Meowth Normal Tall grass 20 (Let’s Go Eevee)
Oddish Grass/Poison Tall grass 20 (Let’s Go Pikachu)
Bellsprout Grass/Poison Tall grass 20 (Let’s Go Eevee)
Venonat Bug/Poison Tall grass 20 (Let’s Go Eevee), 30 (Let’s Go Pikachu)
Pidgey Normal/Flying Tall grass 20 (Let’s Go Eevee), 30 (Let’s Go Pikachu)
Squirtle Water Tall grass Rare spawn

You’ll begin on a now infamous bridge known as “Nugget Bridge”. Here, you have to battle your way through a series of 5 Pokémon trainers, with the hopes of earning a juicy gold nugget at the end. At any time, you’re allowed to leave and rest up at Cerulean City’s Pokémon Center. Shall we begin?

Bug Catcher Cale

Pokémon Level Type
Venonat 9 Bug/Poison

This lad has a new Bug-type that you catch around here. Like Weedle, it’s Bug and Poison, so Fire and Flying-types will be great to use. If your partner is Eevee, Sizzly Slide should do a lot of damage to it as well.

Lass Ali

Pokémon Level Type
Psyduck 10 Water

Similarly, this lass’s Pokémon can also be caught here on Route 24. Since it’s a Water-type, Grass-types are ideal and Electric-types are also very good. That can mean Pikachu or a partner Eevee with Buzzy Buzz.

Youngster Timmy

Pokémon Level Type
Sandshrew 10 Ground

Hopefully you’re aware that Electric-type moves don’t work on Ground-types. Instead, try to focus on Grass or Water-types. A partner Eevee using Bouncy Bubble is also quite effective here.

Lass Reli

Pokémon Level Type
Meowth 10 Normal

This Meowth can surprise you with Fake Out, which always goes first and causes your Pokémon to flinch. But it only works on the very first turn. After that, just pummel it with your hardest hitting moves, ideally of the Fighting variety.

Camper Kevin

Pokémon Level Type
Growlithe 11 Fire

This trusty canine is a Fire-type and thus weak to Water, Rock and Ground-types. The likes of Geodude and Onix will be appreciated here. A partner Eevee can also douse it with Bouncy Bubble.

Having cleared all 5 trainers, you’ll receive a Nugget from the man waiting at the end, which you can sell for a tidy profit. But it turns out the man has sinister intentions for you…

Team Rocket Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
Zubat 11 Poison/Flying
Koffing 11 Poison

This Grunt has Team Rocket’s trademark Poison Pokémon. For Zubat, Electric and Rock-types are the way to go. Both of your partners can shine with their Zippy Zap and Buzzy Buzz. For Koffing, anything goes, but please put aside your Grass-types for the time being.

After smashing the Grunt’s dreams, continue onwards towards the north-west corner of this area.

East from here is Route 25, where our next destination is. Before going that way, head south while keeping towards the west. You’ll find a patch of tall grass, with a young trainer keeping guard. If you time it right, you can sneak past him.

Camper Shane

Pokémon Level Type
Spearow 11 Normal/Flying

A weak bird Pokémon. If you want to show off, throw some Rock or Electric-types its way.

Carry on south through the patches of tall grass. In the far corner are 3 Razz Berries that nobody else is going to pick up. Further south, you can return to Route 4 and reach the entrance to the postgame dungeon. But you’ll need a way to travel across water.

For now, double back and head east towards Route 25.

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