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Taking Advantage of Natures

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) We opted for a Timid Nature for our Mewtwo.

We opted for a Timid Nature for our Mewtwo. (left), With its increased Speed, there are few opponents that can outspeed it. (right)

Once you’ve learned about what Natures do, there’s a good chance you’ll check your party to see what Natures your Pokémon have. If so, you’ll probably be disappointed that most of your Pokémon have poor or so-so Natures. But don’t fret, because you don’t need good Natures to complete the game. That said, a beneficial Nature could make all the difference when battling another human player.

What makes a Nature beneficial though? Well, it’s going to be the Nature best suited for the Pokémon’s role. Say you have a Pokémon that focuses on physical moves. This Pokémon won’t really benefit from having a Nature that increases Sp. Attack, while decreasing Attack. Instead, a good choice would be a Nature that boosts Attack or Speed, while lowering Sp. Attack.

In the majority of cases, avoid choosing a Nature to try and patch up a Pokémon’s weakness. For example, if a Pokémon has low Speed, trying to boost its Speed might not be helpful. This is because the boost is 10% multiplier–and multiplying a low stat is never as effective as multiplying a big one. Instead, you’ll have to work around the low stat or choose a different Pokémon.

Likewise, you generally don’t want to go with a neutral Nature that boosts no stats, but doesn’t lower any stats either. You might think having no weakness is a good thing, but in the dog-eat-dog world of Pokémon battling, having no strengths could cripple your Pokémon. If you’ve got a Pokémon that uses both physical and special moves, consider lowering a Defense stat instead.

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