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Pokémon Tower (2nd Visit)

Vincent Lau

With the Silph Scope, you can unravel the mystery of the ghosts here.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Type Location Chance (%)
"Haunter" IconHaunter Ghost/Poison Interior 5 (3F-4F), 10 (5F), 20 (6F)
"Golbat" IconGolbat Poison/Flying Interior 5
"Zubat" IconZubat Poison/Flying Interior 5
"Cubone" IconCubone Ground Interior 10
"Gastly" IconGastly Ghost/Poison Interior 75 (3F-4F), 70 (5F), 60 (6F)
"Chansey" IconChansey Normal Interior Rare spawn

After obtaining the Silph Scope from the Team Rocket Hideout, it’s time to revist the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. As you approach the tower, you’ll bump into your rival, but he’s here to help this time, not to fight. Return to the 3rd floor, where you (presumably) last left off.

Floor 3F

You’ll automatically use the Silph Scope to reveal the ghosts. Now you can encounter the ghosts–Gastly and "Haunter" IconHaunter–without being dragged back to the entrance. Well, shall we proceed?

From the stairs, follow the upper path first. Along the very top, there’s a possessed trainer looking around for a victim, er, fight. You can avoid her if you time it right. Past her, there’s an Awakening and, at the far end, a hidden Star Piece.

Channeler Hope

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

This "Gastly" IconGastly has Night Shade to deal 25 damage and Sucker Punch, which goes first if your Pokémon is using an attack move. It also has Will-O-Wisp to inflict a Burn and Toxic to cause severe poison. To avoid these ailments, hit it hard and fast with super-effective moves. Offense is the best defense!

Return towards the stairs and go along the lower path next, past your rival. Near the bottom, there’s a Channeler who will alternate between looking left and down. Should you choose, you can skip past her when she’s looking the other way. Either way, go up from her left.

Channeler Patricia

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

Double the Ghosts. Otherwise, their moves appear to be unchanged.

Standing left from the centre is a third Channeler. She will not stop looking down. You can either run straight into her gaze or go behind her from her left. Your target is the Super Potion in the centre of this floor.

Channeler Carly

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

This seems to be exactly the same "Gastly" IconGastly as Hope’s.

After grabbing the potion, go up the stairs to the right.

Floor 4F

On the 4th floor, head directly to the left, into the middle of the “C” shape created by the graves. Search here for a hidden Escape Rope. If things are getting too spooky for you, you can use this to temporarily escape. Next, go clock-wise around the “C”.

Nearby, towards the left, there’s a Channeler, but she shouldn’t see you from this side. If you aren’t afraid, battle her if you want.

Channeler Jody

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison

The "Gastly" IconGastly doesn’t have Sucker Punch, so your Psychic and Ghost-types don’t have to be scared. But the "Haunter" IconHaunter does–and in fact, it’s the only move it can use.

Otherwise, you can avoid her if you move carefully. You should notice that she’ll alternate between looking left and up. Also, look ahead to the left and be mindful of the Channeler near the south-west corner who’s looking directly east. What you can do is go left, below the nearby Channeler and above the far-off Channeler’s field of vision.

Stop when you reach the next line of graves, a short distance away. When the nearby Channeler is looking up, you can either run left between the graves, towards the next staircase, or you can run up towards the next set of graves in a “C” shape. We recommend doing the latter first so you can grab TM04 Teleport from within the second “C” shape.

If being stealthy doesn’t appeal to you, go ahead and battle the Channeler towards the south-west.

Channeler Paula

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

These are the same "Gastly" IconGastly from the 3rd floor. Banish them quickly and move on.

From here, go north-east towards the area above the entrance stairs. Stop before the gap in the line of graves. Towards the left, standing in a corner, there’s a Channeler looking up and right. You should know the drill. If you want to skip the battle, run up when she’s looking up. Be sure to grab the Full Heal hiding near the far right.

Then hug the line of graves above you to avoid her line of sight, before running past her from above when she’s staring right. Along the very top of the room, go over to the far right and search around to discover a hidden Super Potion. Or you can just battle her, of course.

Channeler Laurel

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison

Another "Haunter" IconHaunter, but there are only 3 Ghosts that you can catch in Kanto (technically 2 if you can’t trade with someone), so there’s not much these trainers can do. This "Haunter" IconHaunter has the moveset used by most "Gastly" IconGastly here.

That’s everything on this floor. Head over towards the stairs on the west side and briskfully run up them.

Floor 5F

On this floor, you can rest your party.

You’ll reach the 5th floor. Go clock-wise around the room. Along the top, you’ll run into the first Channeler that you cannot avoid. Let’s do this!

Channeler Ruth

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison

A very standard "Haunter" IconHaunter. Hopefully they’re not giving you any trouble.

Once Ruth is back to normal, go above her and pick up the Nugget from the corner towards the left. Next, continue along your previous path. As you reach 1 or 2 o’ clock, there will be two paths you can go. Near the middle, there’s a very prominent glowing circle on the ground. Meanwhile, towards the far right is the exit being guarded by a Channeler.

After your party is healed, you can run straight to the exit if you wish. But if you’re not in a hurry, continue south-west from the healing circle instead. Below, there are two Channelers relatively close to one another. The first one will look left, right and down (in any order), while the second one looks left and up.

With that information, you should be able to avoid them with ease. Simply run to the first Channeler’s south-west when she’s looking away, then move to her south-east. Finally, run through the gap in the line of graves when the second Channeler is looking up. You can then grab an Ice Stone to the left and search for a hidden Big Pearl to the right.

If they catch you or you decided to catch them, here’s their info, beginning with the nearest one.

Channeler Karina

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

Karina starts with the slightly stronger Pokémon before using her weaker one. That’s actually not a half bad strategy–you usually want to use your strongest ones first, as they can get the job done easier. Unless you’re training your weaker mons, of course.

Channeler Janae

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

Janae appears to be going for the record of most Ghost-types in Pokémon Tower. These "Gastly" IconGastly are all ones you’ve battled before.

In any case, the stairs to the next floor can be found along the east side. Before going up though, feel free to battle the Channeler standing above the stairs, if you didn’t do so earlier.

Channeler Tammy

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

One "Haunter" IconHaunter followed by two lots of "Gastly" IconGastly. Nothing special to report here.

Floor 6F

It's always the quiet ones you should be scared of.

This is the 6th floor. Immediately to the left is a Channeler facing a grave. She may not be looking your way, but she is looking for a fearsome fight if you provoke her!

Channeler Emilia

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 32 Ghost/Poison
"Haunter" IconHaunter 32 Ghost/Poison
"Haunter" IconHaunter 32 Ghost/Poison

Wow, Emilia is a big step up from the other trainers here. Her first "Haunter" IconHaunter isn’t anything special, but it doesn’t have Sucker Punch for the surprise factor. Meanwhile, her second "Haunter" IconHaunter has Hypnosis. Finally, her last "Haunter" IconHaunter has Sucker Punch and Shadow Ball–the latter can deal STAB damage.

Anyway, go down first. Over here, there’s a Channeler looking left and down. You can battle her as usual, or sneak past her when she’s not looking your way. Either way, you’ll probably want to grab the Revive to her south-east, before continuing.

Channeler Angelica

Pokémon Level Type
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison
"Gastly" IconGastly 25 Ghost/Poison

Some slight differences here. The first "Gastly" IconGastly only has Sucker Punch for attacks, while the second one only has Night Shade. Meanwhile the "Haunter" IconHaunter can use Sucker Punch and Shadow Ball.

Past Emilia, there’s a second Channeler that you cannot avoid. No need to be scared though!

Channeler Jennifer

Pokémon Level Type
"Haunter" IconHaunter 25 Ghost/Poison

Just a single "Haunter" IconHaunter this time. This one carries Sucker Punch and Shadow Ball.

Moving on, grab the 3 Ultra Balls to the right of Jennifer. Then go along the top of the room and pick up the Hyper Potion towards the north-west. Now proceed towards the middle of the room and begin to walk left. A cut-scene will play, where the true identity of the big ghost is revealed.

However, if you don’t have the Silph Scope, the big ghost will remain here and stop you from proceeding. What are you waiting for? Go back and finish the Team Rocket Hideout to get the Silph Scope! After the big ghost is gone, go in-between the two row of graves near the north-west. Search here for a hidden PP Up. Then carry on south.

Scoop up the Rare Candy near the south-west and go up the stairs towards the far south.

Floor 7F

On the 7th floor–the top floor–make your way north. When you reach the far end, the Team Rocket duo will barge in. They’ll kindly give you time to prepare. Once you’re ready, approach them for a battle!

Team Rocket Jessie and James

Pokémon Level Type
"Arbok" IconArbok 34 Poison
"Weezing" IconWeezing 34 Poison

This is the third time you’ve had a Double Battle with the duo and, like in the Team Rocket Hideout, they send out their favourite "Arbok" IconArbok and "Weezing" IconWeezing. In case you forgot, Ground and Psychic-types are king here. But you can field Steel-types too, to use their Poison immunity.

"Arbok" IconArbok has Glare, which can cause Paralyze, so we recommend focusing on it first. Plus it has Crunch, which can deal some decent damage to Psychic-types. Meanwhile, "Weezing" IconWeezing has Dark Pulse, which can also hurt Psychic-types. But if you’re quick, your Psychic-type should survive.

Send Team Rocket scurrying and you’ll be able to talk to Mr. Fuji. He’ll take you straight back to his home in Lavender Town, saving you a walk or an Escape Rope. To repay your favor, he’ll give you a one-of-a-kind Poké Flute. Now you can use this to wake up the "Snorlax" IconSnorlax blocking the way through Route 12 and Route 16.

However, as you may have heard from Jessie and James, Team Rocket has currently occupied Silph Co. in Saffron City. It’s up to you which way you wish to go, but our suggestion is to rescue Silph Co. first. If you’re following us, head to Saffron City. For example, by traveling west from Lavender City, via Route 8.

The main reason you’d want to skip Silph Co. for now is to speed ahead to the GO Park Complex in Fuchsia City. That way, you can start picking up your super-cool Pokémon from Pokémon GO (like our shiny "Articuno" IconArticuno). If that’s your aim, we suggest cutting through Route 16, to the west of Celadon City.


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