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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Face Me If You Dare!

Nathan Garvin

Love can make men do foolish things, like challenge random passer-bys in duels to the death. Or persist in such challenges when they find out the man they challenged is actually a Witcher. Teach Ronvid of the Small Marsh a lesson in swordsmanship - and humility - in the secondary quest Face Me if You Dare! in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This page will provide a walkthrough of said quest and all the locations where you can meet Ronvid.

Quest Objectives

Starting Face Me if You Dare!

You can start this quest as soon as you reach Velen, although it should be noted this quest isn’t actually listed in your quest log, and hence can’t be tracked. Make your way to Crow’s Perch and follow the road southeast to find Ronvid of the Small Marsh. Talk to him and this quest will begin, but it should be noted that you can’t finish this quest until you get a Transit Pass or Letter of Safe Conduct. For the former, check out the walkthroughs for the quests Thou Shalt Not Pass!, Fake Papers and/or Contract: Woodland Beast.

Fight Ronvid Near Crow’s Perch

Talk to Ronvid southeast of Crow’s Perch and he’ll declare that he’s “bound by a sacred oath” to slay one hundred knights for the honor of one Maid Bilberry - fairest of all maids! That’s an awful lot of blood spilled over one lady, and it doesn’t matter what Geralt says, Ronvid is dead set on picking a fight. Ronvid’s an uninspired and lightly armored foe, no stronger than your average one-handed weapon wielding bandit and he can be defeated in the same way - parry and counter his attacks. When Ronvid’s health is low enough he’ll forfeit - guess Maid Bilberry’s beauty only goes so far? In any event, say what you want and Ronvid will slink off. You’ll earn a small amount of EXP for this altercation.

(1 of 2) You’ll first run afoul of Ronvid near Crow’s Perch.

Fight Ronvid in the Nonhuman District

For your next encounter with Ronvid you’ll need to reach the outskirts of Novigrad, far to the north. If you want to cross the Pontar river (without swimming, anyways) you’ll need a Transit Pass - check out the linked quests, above, for more information. Along the southeastern edge of Novigrad is an island, and while it’s not encircled by the city walls, it’s still densely habited. This is the nonhuman district of Novigrad - the Gate of the Hierarch, Tretogor Gate and Southern Gate signposts are all on this island, marking three gates leading into Novigrad. You’ll find Ronvid waiting for you along the southeastern edge of this island; talk to him and he’ll once again challenge you. He has reason to be confident this time, as he’s bearing a shield and is wearing noticeably more armor… so now he fights like a shielded bandit instead of an unshielded one. The same rules apply as before - parry and counter him until his health is low, you’ll just have to land a few more hits to take him down now. Once he’s been bested he’ll run away again and you’ll get a few more EXP.

(1 of 2) You’ll later find Ronvid along the southeastern edge of the nonhuman district on the outskirts of Novigrad.

You’ll later find Ronvid along the southeastern edge of the nonhuman district on the outskirts of Novigrad. (left), He’s beefed up with a shield and more armor, but countering and punishing will still see him crawling away in defeat. (right)

Ronvid in Novigrad

Ronvid’s third and final location is along the northwestern edge of Novigrad, northwest of the Golden Sturgeon, in a square near a merchant who sells fish. Approach him and he’ll confront you, challenging you to a fight one more time - this time however, it’s not for the honor of Maid Bilberry, but rather to punish you for not revealing you are a Witcher. Now finally mindful of the skill gap between the two of you, Ronvid has secured the muscle of some ruffians to aid him in his fight for justice.

For the first time in this quest your choice actually matters - respond with either “Fine. I’ll fight you all.” or “No way am I going to fight you.” and you’ll end up in a three-on-one bout against Ronvid and his pals. Ronvid still bears a shield, while both of Ronvid’s Friends are armed with single-handed weapons. This fight is truly to the death this time, and you’re best off trying to isolate one of Ronvid’s Friends so you can take them out instead of letting them team up on you. Using Quen to absorb damage is always a useful strategy, but Axii can also lower your foe’s guard, allowing you to score some cheap hits. When Ronvid is isolated, you’ll find defeating him just as easy as it was last time. It’s worth noting that there are often Witch Hunters and Guards roaming around nearby, and if they get close to the fight they’ll join in - on your side. This can distract Ronvid and his pals, making it easier to dispatch them. However you manage it, once Ronvid and his friends are dead, you can loot Ronvid for the letter To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, which reveals the depth of Ronvid’s delusion.

(1 of 3) Having found out you’re a Witcher, Ronvid next awaits you northwest of the Golden Sturgeon in Novigrad - and this time he has friends.

Alternatively if you respond with “Go home.” you’ll use the Axii sign to convince Ronvid to leave peacefully, sparing his life. This option gets you bonus EXP for using the Axii sign, and whether Ronvid is slain or convinced to leave, you’ll get 50 EXP for finishing your feud with him

Your actions have no long-term ramifications either way.

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