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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Looters in Codger's Quarry

Nathan Garvin

Looting can be a profitable enterprise, especially during times of war when pickings are plentiful and, if you’re fortunate, you won’t even have to bloody your hands! Of course, as a looter you won’t be the only creature looking to profit off corpses, and should a necrophage appear to feast on the bounty of war one might have to question their life choices… assuming you have the luxury to survive the encounter. This page will provide a walkthrough for the Looters in Codger’s Quarry encounter in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Quest Objectives

Starting Looters in Codger’s Quarry

This event is easy to start, just head to Codger’s Quarry in north-central Velen, roughly halfway between the Hanged Man’s Tree signpost and Oxenfurt. There’s no entry for this in your journal, but it does have the yellow quest exclamation point on the map when you get close to Codger’s Quarry, and unlike many of these freeform quests it’ll actually stick around even if you don’t. Enter Codger’s Quarry to find some armed peasants looting some corpses. At your approach they’ll tell you to back off, and when Geralt tries to pull a fast one on them they’ll wisely see through it and maintain their precious skepticism… only Geralt isn’t joking.

Kill the Alghouls

Drawn by scent of the carrion, four Alghouls (Lv6) will emerge from the depths of the mine and set upon Geralt and the looter. Fortunately they heeded Geralt’s warning in time to defend themselves, but they’ve got no chance against such powerful necrophages.

One Witcher against four Ghouls is a manageable fight, as is one Witcher against one Alghoul, but four Alghouls can prove troublesome unless you outlevel your enemy to a significant degree. If you’re level eleven or higher and have the Griffin School Gear this will be a breeze, but if not, this could be a difficult encounter. Alghouls hit very, very hard if their enemy is roughly the same level - expect to die in two or three hits. You can mitigate this damage with Quen, of course, but Alghouls can also enter a rage state, glowing red, extending spines, and regenerating health. You can calm them down with Axii, but of course this consumes the same Stamina you need to protect yourself with Quen, and there are, of course, four Alghouls to watch. Simply put you need to manage your Stamina well and concentrate on one Alghoul at a time and make sure it’s dead, lest it enter its rage state and recover its health. A Tawny Owl potion to increase Stamina Regen and a Thunderbolt potion to boost damage are both good ideas, here.

(1 of 2) The Looters aren’t much more than fodder, but that might be enough - try to take down an Alghoul or two while they’re fixated on the looters.

The Looters aren’t much more than fodder, but that might be enough - try to take down an Alghoul or two while they’re fixated on the looters. (left), Be sure to use Axii to calm the Alghouls whenever they enter their rage state. (right)

Of course, you’re not alone. You can’t rely on the looters too much, but they might just distract the Alghouls long enough for you to gain the upper hand. You must focus on an Alghoul and try to take it out as quickly as possible, hopefully using one that’s attacking a looter. There’s a good bit of RNG involved here, including whether the Alghouls focus on Geralt or the looters, but if you can cut one or two down quickly your life will be much easier.

Emerge victorious and one of the looters will thank you for saving them, earning you a pittance of EXP. How generous. Search a chest on the quarry grounds to find some Stoneworker’s Notes, which just provides some backstory for the area, then head into the mine from which the Alghouls emerged to find another chest containing the Diagram: Enhanced Feline Gauntlets, which suddenly makes this whole endeavor feel more worthwhile.

(1 of 2) After the fight, search the quarry for some Stoneworker’s Notes to learn about the recent history of the place,

After the fight, search the quarry for some Stoneworker’s Notes to learn about the recent history of the place, (left), then search the mine to find the Diagram: Enhanced Feline Gauntlets. (right)

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