The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Broken Flowers

Nathan Garvin

Now thinga are moving on a pace let’s have a deeper look at the Broken Flowers quest, making sure we don’t miss anything en route and managing to pick up all the best gear and experience in the process.

Important Items in this Area
Letter from Frann
Letter from Bohmil de Rabbe
Letter from a Female Admirer
Dandelion’s Planner
Love Letter
Eithne Card
Gwent Players in this Area
Zoltan Chivay - Eithne Card

House Cleaning

Leave the Golden Sturgeon (stopping only to play Gwent with the Innkeep before you leave, if you haven’t already) then peruse the notice board near the tavern to pick up the notice “Contract Issued by the Temple Guard of the City of Novigrad”, which starts the quest “Deadly Delights” . It’s well within your means, but let’s keep on track for a change and go visit Dandelion. His house is north-west of the Gate of the Hierarch signpost, in the docks district, just north of the aforementioned bridge that connects to the nonhuman district.

As you approach you’ll hear the delightful tune of an angry dwarf doing what dwarves do best; beating people up. And this lovely voice happens to belong to that paragon of dwarfdom, Geralt’s old friend Zoltan Chivay. Geralt will agree to help him do some spring cleaning, after which you’ll need to lay the smackdown on four Vagrants (level five), after which the two old pals will chat and share their problems of the day. In this case, however, you’ve got common ground: Dandelion’s gone missing, and its in everyone’s best interests to find him.

Activate your Witcher Senses and have a look around the area. On a barrel near the door you can find a “Letter from Frann” . Near some beds you can investigate a barrel and Dandelion’s discarded lute. On the wall next to the north-western door you can find his diploma. Another note “Letter from Bohmil de Rabbe” can be found near a window along the north-eastern wall. Behind a table you can find another trophy of Dandelion’s, near an absurd painting of the bard. Next, the note “Letter from a Female Admirer” can be found on some bedding in the southern corner of the tavern… All this ignores the mundane looting that can - and should - be done on this level and upstairs.

Help Zoltan fight off some squatters (left) then read Dandelion's Planner to find out where he may have gone (right).

All that’s well and good, but to continue on investigate a wine rack under a window near the door to find “Dandelion’s Planner” , which includes Dandelion’s latest meetings. Zoltan will split the work between the two of you, then proceed to ignore his share by sitting around and cleaning up the tavern. Read the book in your inventory to find a couple of names: Rosa var Attre, Molly, Vespula, Marabella and Elihal. After you’re done reading talk to Zoltan again and ask about the names mentioned. Once done, you’ll be blessed with five objectives; five ladies to talk to in your search for Dandelion. Joy.

Flowers in the Non-human District

Best to start off with the places you’ve explored most thoroughly. Return to the nonhuman district and head to the south-western end of the island to find Vespula, who is in a spot of trouble. Either pay what she owes (200 Crowns), convince them she’s under the protection of the King of Beggars, or say anything else to pick a fight. After you get rid of the Bandits (levels ten and eleven)… one way or another… you can talk to Vespula and get some of the information you need to find Dandelion.

Objective Reward
For getting information from Vespula 150 XP

Protect one of Dandelion's "flowers" from Whoreson Junior's thugs (left), then visit Elihal. A cross-dressing elf? Not that surprising, reall. Elves, amirite? (right)

Return to the merchant’s shop north-east of the bridge that connects the nonhuman district to the larger island to the south, inside which you’ll find Elihal. Ask about Dandelion and… well… elves. What else can you say? Question him and he’ll mention a variety of things, including the demise of Kalkstein, an alchemist friend from the first Witcher game (a well paying one, at that). Damn witch hunters… Oh well. More importantly, speaking to Elihal advances our knowledge about where to look for Dandelion.

Objective Reward
For getting information from Elihal 150 XP

Sewer Secrets

The next three women can be found in close proximity to one another, as they all reside around a plaza along the northern end of Novigrad’s central district (called “Gildorf” when you enter the area), just south-east of the Passiflora and the “St. Gregory’s Bridge” signpost. Before you deal with any of the ladies, however, find a open sewer grate near the northern end of the square, near some stairs.

Climb down the ladder to reach the sewers, then head north-east. Fight off an ambush of three Drowned Dead (level eleven) then continue north-east, follow the tunnel down some stairs and into a chamber where you’ll again be ambushed, this time by a Water Hag (level twelve) and a pair of Drowned Dead (level eleven). Kill them, search some containers atop a wooden platform for some loot, then dispel a wall to the south-east near said wooden platform, beyond which is a small chamber with unexceptional loot inside. Hmm. Oh well. If you head down the tunnel to the north-east you’ll exit into daylight, and from here if you turn north you’ll find some ledges you can climb, which provides an alternate route to reach one of the Dandelion’s “flowers”… speaking of which…

The Gildorf Three

Return to Gildorf Square and head to the southern-most of the three markers first to find the estate of the baroness la Valette, a lady whom Geralt has history with. No, not THAT kind of history. When Geralt comes calling she’ll come out to greet him, accompanied by, of all people, Morvran Voorhis. Anywhere north of the Pontar - even in a “neutral” city like Novigrad - seems like a most dangerous place for a Nilfgaardian general, but Morvran seems comfortable enough to go to some local races, which Geralt is invited to.

Might as well accept, since doing so will allow you to travel instantly to the races which are your destination, anyways. Once at the races Morvran will babble about horses before challenging Geralt to a race. Might as well, as you’ll score a prize if you win and the race is easy, just stay on course and mind your stamina. Once you win, Morvran will make good on his offer, and Molly will finally be pointed out to you. Talk to her and she’ll tell your more information on Dandelion.

Objective Reward
For winning the race Superior Racing Saddle
For getting information from Molly 150 XP

Indulge in some horse-racing (left) then talk to Dandelion's third "flower" (right).

A Barnful of Trouble (Level 11)

While you’re out here… well, you might as well discover some locations, right? First, head south from the race tracks to find the Vegelbud Residence signpost. Now you can easily fast-travel back to Novigrad, if you wish. If you head north-west of here you’ll find the “Wheat Fields” signpost at a crossroads. If you head south-west along the road from the Vegelbud Residence signpost you’ll find Carsten, both the town and the signpost. Talk to some peasants near a barn and offer to help them out. They’ll lock you inside to deal with the critters inside, which just so happen to be a quartet of Ghouls (level eleven). Kill them and investigate what the Ghouls were feeding on, then head outside to collect your reward and hear the peasants make up an excuse.

Objective Reward
For killing the Ghouls 25 XP 20 Crowns

Find one of the new signposts out here and fast-travel back to Novigrad, then return to the plaza where the other two girls await. Head towards the eastern-most one this time, heading down some stairs to get to the lower elevations where Marabella dwells. Burst into her house to discover her busy teaching a class of children. Agree to wait for class to be over, then talk to her. Endure her poetry, learn some more information about Dandelion, loot the school, then leave.

Climb some ledges to reach the unguarded back of the Var Attre Estate (left), then spar with Rosa var Attre (right).

Return upstairs to the plaza and head north from the well, up some stairs to find a house guarded by some Nilfgaardians. Looks like you’ll have to find a way to get into the var Attre estate, and the easiest way to get inside is to tell the guard out from that you’re the new swordplay instructor. Otherwise you’ll have to head east of the the Passiflora and run south along ledges, jump a gap and scale some rock walls (on top of one of which is a dead body with a “Love Letter” nearby) to reach the back, where you should talk to Rosa. Either way, you end up having to give Rosa a fencing lesson. Follow the guard into the house and take a Wooden Sword, then head downstairs into a training chamber.

After some chatter Geralt will get rid of his armor and ready the Wooden Sword. Fight Rosa and whittle her down to half her life to get her to talk some more. She seems somewhat fascinated by the fact that you’re a Witcher, more-so that you’re Geralt of Rivia. After you ask her a bit about Dandelion, you’ll end up sparring with her again. This time you’ll have to take her life bar almost all the way down, after which she’ll ask if you’ll give her private lesson. Agree to start the quest “Fencing Lessons”… or not. Either way, her more traditional twin sister Edna will show up and talk about Dandelion, at length revealing more information you need. The timed response doesn’t really matter, nor does the optional dialogue you can ask them about, just be sure to confirm your interest in teaching Rosa more swordplay.

Objective Reward
For getting infromation from Rosa 150 XP

Head back To Dandelion’s tavern, where you’ll find Zoltan futilely trying to teach an owl to speak. Ask about his new friend, then compare notes to find that, unsurprisingly, you’ve been more productive with your time. Zoltan identifies Dandelion’s mystery woman, who will be performing at the Kingfisher Inn at night.

You’ll get there soon enough. First, however, talk to Zoltan again and indulge him in small talk, if you wish. What you’re really here for now, though, is Gwent. Of course old Zoltan plays Gwent! He played Dice Poker in the first game, arm wrestled in the second, now he’s moved on to cards in the third. Play him and you’ll find that he’s got a fairly unsophisticated Scoia’tael deck; cards with the “Muster” ability, some weather cards, and “Commander’s Horn” cards aplenty, but if you’ve been keeping up with your Gwent collection, you’re long since past being threatened by brute force decks. Beat him to earn the “Eithne” card, a 10 Strength Hero Card for Scoia’tael decks. This starts the quest “Gwent: Old Pals” . He’ll also mention Vernon Roche, who seems to not only have survived the death of his king, but of his country, as well… and he’s got a nice deck of cards.

Objective Reward
For beating Zoltan Chivay at Gwent 25 XP Eithne Card

Zoltan shows off his newly-aquired, and oddly-attired, pet (left). After some expert investigation Geralt follows the leads to the object of Dandelion's ongoing infatuation (right).

Anyways, head over to the Kingfisher, which is along the north-eastern end of Hierarch Square… the same bar where you played Gwent with the Innkeep Olivier, in fact. When you head inside you’ll witness a performance, after which the innkeep from White Orchard will show up and accuse Geralt. Before things get ugly the bard who was performing will take Geralt aside and out of the sight of his accuser. Ask about Dandelion, and after another diversion you’ll learn what the bard has been up to. This ends “Broken Flowers” and begins “Get Junior” .

Objective Reward
For meeting with Priscilla 800 XP


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