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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Missing In Action

Nathan Garvin

The cruelty of war can sometimes form the foundations of friendships, even between enemy soldiers, as the rank and file find through their rigors that they share more in common with their fellows across the field than with the politicians, nobles and officers who led them to slaughter. Such a friendship was formed when a Temerian and Nilfgaardian soldier with complimentary injuries saved each other, but will such battlefield bonds prove strong enough to endure the grim practicality of survival? This page will provide a walkthrough for the quest Missing in Action in The Witcher 3, including how to track down Bastien and the outcomes of the choices you can make at the end of the quest.

Quest Objectives

Starting Missing in Action

There are two ways to start this quest, either check out the notice board in White Orchard and read the notice Brother Missing or head towards the southeastern end of the Ransacked Village to find the quest marker. Either way, you’ll need to make your way to the aforementioned quest marker in the Ransacked Village, where you’ll spot a man named Dune sitting alone save for his dog. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that his brother, Bastien, was involved in a battle with the Nilfgaardians a while back, and has since gone missing. He’d search for his brother, but the last time he tried necrophages chased him off, but with a professional monster-slayer by his side he might just be able to find and bury his brother. Offer to help out and the quest will begin.

(1 of 3) Find a peasant named Dune in the Ransacked Village - talking to him and offering to help will start this quest.

Search for Bastien’s Shield

Make your way to the battlefield, which is north-east of the Crossroads signpost. When you arrive, talk to Dune and you’ll plan a course of action - searching for Bastien’s body won’t be easy, but it’s what we’ve come to do. For now, Dune and his dog will follow you around… although the dog does like to make a nuisance of itself by nudging you occasionally… Continue north past a large tree and scour the camp for some intact chests. There are four of them in total, one in the remains of a ruined Temerian tent along the western end of the camp, another rests to the south, along some stakes, the third is east of a tree that stands in the center of the camp, while the fourth and final chest is even further east, at the end of the camp, in a tent.

Once you’re done looting the four chests, you can turn your gaze north, where you’ll find the battlefield. Bodies litter the ground, and many of these bodies that can be looted. You’ll mostly pry junk swords, Blunt Axes, Ashes and Water off the corpses, but you can also get a “Dead Soldier’s Letter” from one of the corpses lying around, which talks about some stash buried along the beach - presumably the Guarded Treasure southeast of the Ransacked Village. Don’t get too engrossed in looting, however, as a pack of necrophages - Ghouls - prowl the battlefield. Use your silver sword to dispatch them, a task made easier by the presence of Dune and Hussar, who will draw aggro away from you.

When the Ghouls are smote, activate your Witcher sense and look for Temerian shields. They’ll be highlighted red under the scrutiny of your Witcher senses, which should make finding them easier. There are four shields you can search, one is north-east of the center of the search circle, another is near the north-western edge (at about 10:00), a third is at the southern end (6:00) while the final one is also at the edge of the search area, at about 8:00.

(1 of 2) When you find the right shield, Bastien’s hound, Hussar, will lead you to a hut in the woods,

When you find the right shield, Bastien’s hound, Hussar, will lead you to a hut in the woods, (left), where you’ll find Bastien and a complication. Geralt’s commentary will decide the deserter’s fate. (right)

Track Bastien and Comment on Rhosyn

After searching the shields Dune will explain that the dog has found Bastien’s scent, and the search area will greatly expand. Follow Hussar (he’ll be marked by red radiating circles) as he leads you south into the woods, where he’ll stop at a cabin. Approach and you’ll trigger a scene; you’ve found Bastien, but he’s not alone, and his companion presents a complication. After Bastien regales you with a story of how they - a Temerian rebel and a Nilfgaardian deserter - managed to join forces to escape slaughter, Dune will make an astute observation. Ultimately it’ll be Geralt’s opinion that determines their course of action.

Pick the dialog option “Your brother’s right. It’s too risky” and you’ll convince Bastien to abandon his friend. He makes a token effort to promise succor, but Rhosyn recognizes the betrayal for what it is. Alternatively if you pick “If not for him, Bastien’d be dead” you’ll convince Dune to do the right thing and take the Nilgaardian in. Either way, the quest is complete and you’ll get the same reward of 25 Crowns no matter what you said.

Missing In Action: Take in Rhosyn EndingShow Spoiler

If you convince Dune to take Rhosyn in, you’ll later find the displaced Nilfgaardian working the fields in White Orchard - the farm on the island in between the Woesong Bridge and Ford signposts, specifically. Rhosyn’s blending-in game could use some work, but it’s a rare happy ending in The Witcher 3.

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