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An Skellig - Urialla Harbor and Ursine Armor

Nathan Garvin
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Important Items in this Area .
Arachas Card Chronicles of Clan Tuirseach
Werewolf Card Diagram: Ursine Armor
Elven Skirmisher Card Diagram: Ursine Boots
Cargo List Diagram: Ursine Gauntlets
Ballad of Torgeir the Red Diagram: Ursine Trousers
Daystar Trial of Dexterity Completion Token
The Ballad of Witcher Gerd Ashrune
Gwent Players in this Area
Armorer - Random Card
Blacksmith - Random Card
Innkeep - Random Card

There are only two islands left to explore in Skellige; An Skellig to the north-east and Faroe to the south-east. Quests you can complete on the latter will provide a nice transition back to Novigrad, so start out by tackling An Skellig, first. You’ve already done most of the sea exploration between Ard Skellig and An Skellig, so just head over to the nearest signpost and fast-travel to the “Urialla Harbor” signpost.

Urialla Harbor

When you arrive at Urialla Harbor, some Skelligers will be talking about some mysterious tower, and have a typically Skelliger solution for it. When they spot you, however, they decide to call you over, and one will talk to you. Apparently a tower appeared out of nowhere, and with it, a storm. You’ll be told about their ill-fated attempt to greet the tower’s owner, after which accept the quest.

To be fair, just arriving at Urialla Harbor starts the quest “The Tower Outta Nowheres” , and if you’ve been following the guide diligently, you should JUST be high enough level to complete it. It’ll be tough, and you may even have a skull next to the quest if you’re level twenty four, but the strongest foe you’ll face during the quest is level twenty-nine, so as long as you’re level twenty-four or higher you should be fine. It’ll be included in the next section, if you feel you’re up to the challenge… and also to keep this things tidy and finish up this island. If you don’t feel up to it, just return later, perhaps after getting yourself some superior arms and armor and a few more levels?

Now for the almighty Gwent haul. There’s a Blacksmith and an Armorer who both play Gwent. Defeat them both if you still need the cards, then head to the tavern, which is along the eastern edge of town. The Innkeeper not only plays Gwent, but he also sells an “Arachas” Card, a “Werewolf” Card, and an “Elven Skirmisher” Card. Of them, the first is the best, being a 4 Strength Close Combat Unit Card with the “Muster” Ability.

Treasure Hunt - Nilfgaardian Treasure (Level 13)

Once you possess those Gwent cards, loot the town as much as you care to (or as much as the guards allow), then head south to the port, and from there follow a trail along the road to the south-east. It’ll veer east away from the coast shortly before eventually forking, at which point head south, then continue south through another fork. Ultimately turn east to reach the coast on the south-eastern side of the island.

Off the coast here you’ll find a Hidden Treasure event, so swim north-east along the rocky coast to find half a ship, on the deck of which is a corpse. Search the body to find the “Cargo List” , which will start the quest “Nilfgaardian Treasure” . Swim out east and dive near the mast of a ship which is barely breaching the water near a rock to find a sunken ship, on the deck of which is a chest. Kill the Sirines (level thirteen) guarding the chest, then get to looting to wrap up this quest.

Ursine Armor

It’s time to go hunting for bear!… armor. Ursine Armor. You’ve been finding bits and pieces of the set all for a while now, but have been missing the base diagrams. Let’s fix that, eh? Return to shore and backtrack along the road to the west, then north. Continue north at the first two forks, at at the third and fourth forks continue north-east. Along the way you’ll encounter Endrega Warriors (level eleven), perhaps some Harpies (level thirteen) which occupy a hill to the west, between the road you’re on and Urialla Harbor, and some Bandits (level fifteen) to the west.

Eventually you’ll start heading uphill, and will pass a campsite along the western side of the road. Continue north-east to find the “Trail to Yngvar’s Fang” signpost, near which a Rabid Rock Troll (level sixteen) patrols. This is one of the rare trolls that will respawn over time, should you need to harvest it for troll bits. Anywho, kill the beast and head up some stairs, then follow the road as it bends to the north-west, crossing a bridge and leaping over a gap beyond.

When the road ends, you’ll need to turn north and leap another gap onto a rocky outcropping, the skies around which are polluted with Sirines (level thirteen) and perhaps the odd Harpy (level seven). Who knew those two species would co-exist? The terrain definitely favors your flying foes here, but persevere and cut them all down. When there are no more enemies pestering you with screeching and claws and whatnot, scale another ledge to the north, then turn south and you’ll find another gap you’ve got to leap across to the west.

Make your way up a narrows, stepped switchback and leap across yet another gap in the path to the east, then climb an alternating set of stairs and ledges to reach the apparent - unintentional - end of the path. A rock slide has washed away the path ahead, leaving you only the options of sliding down the slope to the west to reach a somewhat larger, more intact road below you to the south. Continue uphill to the west on this road and you’ll shortly find some ruins. Leap across another - rather large - gap in the road, then make your way east through a doorway to reach said ruins.

Continue west and you’ll notice two ways to proceed; a short flight of stairs rise to the south-west, while a door beckons to the north. Go through the door, first, and your progress in that direction will immediately be frustrated by a gate. Oh well, nothing worth doing is easy. Except for all those other diagrams that were totally easy to get. Head down a hallway to the north-west and down a spiral staircase to reach a hallway lined with cells.

Make your way south-west down the hallway, ignoring the cells for now, as they’re locked. Shame. After the first set of cells, below the second set of torches along the southern end of the hall you can find some rubble to loot, which hides the “Ballad of Torgeir the Red” . This ballad details the fate of one Witcher Gerd, a footnote in the story of titular character of the ballad, but of course, the Witcher is of much more interest to you than a history lesson. Dead Witcher seem notorious about carrying fancy diagrams with them, after all.

Your pilfering won’t go uncontested, however, as a Wraith (level seven) will show up at the end of the hall in a token response to your trespassing. Put the spirit down, then make your way to the south-eastern end of the hall and turn south to find a chest and, more importantly, a lever on the wall. Flip the lever to open the cells, banish another pair of Wraiths (level seven) then loot a corpse in the north-western most cell to find the steel sword “Daystar” . Once that’s done, go through the south-eastern most cell door and drop down a ledge (remember to hit [Circle] to roll!).

The cell door will lock behind you and before you is another ledge you’ll have to drop down leading to a watery cavern. Oh well, no way to go but forward. Make your way north-west through into some tunnels and smite another pair of Wraiths (level twenty) that manifest to oppose you, then turn north-east and head up some stairs. When the stairs fall into ruin turn south and scale two ledges before blasting a partially collapsed cavern wall with Aard to find yourself in a throne room.

Apply some Specter Oil to your silver sword and head into the throne room where you’ll find a chest in the north-eastern corner, which just so happens to contain “The Ballad of Witcher Gerd” , the “ Chronicles of Clan Tuirseach“ , the “Diagram: Ursine Armor” , the “Diagram: Ursine Boots” , the “Diagram: Ursine Gauntlets” and the “Diagram: Ursine Trousers” . Grab the goodies, then make your way to the southern end of the chamber where you’ll discover that your theft has not been met with approval of the spirits that dwell here. Three Wraiths (level twenty) will spawn and protest your presence by trying to kill you. Ensure they fail, then make your way to the gate to the south, where you’ll find a lever on the western wall that’ll open your way back to the beginning of the ruined fort.

Place of Power

You now have the Ursine set diagrams at your disposal, but before you run off and try to craft anything, let’s continue exploring this island. Besides, it’s easier to go forward than it is to backtrack. Leave the fort and go up the stairs to the south-west which were neglected earlier. Loot some containers and turn east to find a ledge you can climb, then continue east to find another ledge to scale to the north. Travel north and you’ll find some stairs to the north-east, but before you ascend them,go through a ruined wall to the west and leap a gap to reach another section of intact floor, upon which you’ll find a chest along with some other containers for your looting pleasure.

Return back east and ascend the stairs to the north-east until they abruptly end, forcing you to leap a gap. To the north you’ll find a doorway, but before you go through head onto another section of floor to the west to score another chest. Go through the doorway, turn west up some stairs, climb a ledge, then turn north-west and leap across another gap. Another gap you must jump over lies to the north-west, after which turn west and follow the trail, stopping to loot a house you can find built into the mountain to the south.

Continue east from the house and jump across several more gaps in the road and climb some more ledges and you’ll eventually reach the top of this mountain, where a Place of Power rests, along with the “Yngvar’s Fang” signpost. Draw from the place of power, then loot a decorative pillar to obtain the “Trial of Dexterity Completion Token” . This will be necessary for a quest you can do after completing “The Tower Outta Nowheres” . Loot a chest to the west to obtain the steel sword “Ashrune” , then use the signpost to return to Urialla’s Harbor.

Bay of Winds

Time to turn your attention to the western half of the island. Don’t worry, you’re done leaping gaps and scaling ledges along mountain trails for now. West of Urialla’s Harbor are three roads running in a westerly direction. Take the center of these three roads and follow it until it forks into a four-way. Dispatch a Cyclops (level twenty-one) prowling around here, then turn south-east into the forest to find a hole in the ground, misleading labeled on your map as an “Entrance”. It is no such thing, however, as you won’t survive the fall.

Ignore the “Entrance” and continue west to the fork, at which point turn south-west. When you hit another fork turn down a road to the south, south-west and follow it until you hit a beach, which is now infested with Drowned Dead (level eighteen). Kill the necrophages, discover the nearby “Bay of Winds” signpost, then search the shallows south of the seaside house to find a submerged chest you can loot.

From the “Bay of Winds” signpost head north, north-west into the hills to find a Monster Nest, around which a flock of Harpies prowl. Defeat the flying menaces and bomb their nest to teach them a lesson. And that lesson is genocide.

Objective Reward
For destroying the Monster Nest 20 XP

You’re now done with all the map markers on An Skellig. If you don’t feel up to the quest “The Tower Outta Nowhere” , skip to the next session “Exploring Skellige: An Skellige to Spikerogg” to get your sailing lootage on. Otherwise… it’s time to challenge a level thirty quest. Again, if you’re level twenty-four or higher (which you should be after following this guide - even on Death March difficulty) it should be manageable. Difficult in a few spots, perhaps, but manageable. What? “No skulls walkthrough” doesn’t mean no difficulty!


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I do realize this is an old post, but I want to make a correction for others that come along in the future. The entrance west of Urialla Harbor is not a death trap if you are careful and worth attempting.

Go to near the west end of the hole on the southern side and jump to a ledge and proceed down.

Spoiler: You will face a couple of Gargoyles.

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I do realize this is an old post, but I want to make a correction for others that come along in the future. The entrance west of Urialla Harbor is not a death trap if you are careful and worth attempting.

Go to near the west end of the hole on the southern side and jump to a ledge and proceed down.

Spoiler: You will face a couple of Gargoyles.

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