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Novigrad Dreaming Walkthrough & Best Choice Explained

Nathan Garvin

The adventures of Triss and Geralt continue in Novigrad Dreaming, a quest where the pair of them meet a dreamer and start investigation some inception level stuff, while also trying to sell a “haunted house”. But, to get there, you’re going to need to find houses, items, and interpret strange drawings. With that said, lets get on with the Witcher 3 Novigrad Dreaming Walkthrough.

Important Items in this Area
Drawing of a Crib
Rag Doll
Drawing of an Oven
Bundle of Burdock

Novigrad Dreaming Walkthrough

Alas, it’s time to take a break from Gwent for a while. Head over to the dreamer’s house, which is along the southern-most part of the central district, alongside the canal, in fact. When you approach the entrance of the house a braggart nobleman will accost you. Ask for Corinne and he’ll confirm that she is, indeed, inside the house. Ask for more information about the house and he’ll tell you about a rather mundane-sounding “haunting”, after which he’ll notice your swords and let you investigate his property.

Head on inside and loot around, then head into another room to the east, where you’ll hear Corinne talking… to herself? Open a trap door and use Aard on a wall to the west to reveal a collapsed tunnel with some loot inside. Once you’ve gathered everything here, climb back up to the first floor, then head upstairs and into a room, where you’ll witness some creature in a room with a fitfully sleeping Corinne. After Geralt intervenes, Corinne will give him some direction. Loot the room, then a smaller side-room to the north before going through a door to the east.

In the haunted house you'll fine Corinne, fitfully sleeping and clearly under the power of some malignant force (left). Follow the clues in the house to locate the source of the problem (right).

Novigrad Dreaming: Examining the Drawing

Climb a ladder to reach the attic, then loot around some more. When you’re done, Aard some furniture to the west to clear the way to another room, wherein you’ll find (aside from more lootable containers) the note “Drawing of a Crib” on a chair near the door, and a “Rag Doll” on a bench along the western end of the room. Grab both and read the former, then… well, do what Geralt suggests. Head back downstairs and place the Rag Doll in the crib, which is located in the small room north of where Corinne dreams.

After placing the Rag Doll in the crib, the door will close. Investigate it to find another drawing, this one directing you to the oven in the cellar. Head downstairs and climb the ladder down into the cellar, then examine the oven, where you’ll find the creature that was in the room with Corinne.

Novigrad Dreaming: The Best Choice?

Now it’s time to make a decision about what to do with this meddling Godling and what its doing with Corinne. So far, Godlings have only proven to be respectful of helping humans, such Johnny boy in the swamp. But this one you can have a chance to be ate swith or shoo it away from pestering.

You can play nice with the Godling and try to strike a deal, or you can try and force it out. In the latter case, you’ll have to go to the Herbalist in the docks district and buy a “Bundle of Burdock” , then bring it back to stink the Godling out. Put the Burdock in the oven and hit it with Igni to scare the critter off. Alternatively, if you want to keep the Godling happy, just agree to tell the noble outside that the house is irrevocably cursed and she’ll let Corinne wake up.

The source of the haunting turns out to be more mischievious than malevolent (left). Smoking the Godling out is one way of freeing Corinne (right).

Either way, head back to Corinne, who is now awake. Talk to her, and, after babbling about her dreams she’ll tell you to meet her at the Golden Sturgeon, where she stays. As you leave the house the noble will question what occurred. If you drove out the Godling Geralt will tell him the truth, and in return the noble promises to reward you for removing the Godling… after he sells the house, of course. On the other hand, if you let the Godling stay you can either lie and tell him the house is permanently cursed, or you can double-cross Sarah and tell the noble about her.

If you let Sarah stay, you can find the notice “Beware! Haunted House & Cheating Merchant!”. Take it to start the quest “Haunted House” . Head back to the house to get a scene involving Sarah and Corinne. Also, the banker sells the house anyway regardless of the situation, and Geralt gets the gold no matter what. You’re pretty much just deciding whether Sarah is angry, as is the Godling.

Drunks and Dreams

Head over to the Golden Sturgeon by heading west along the canal. Along the southern (dockside) entrance of the inn you’ll find two drunkards who want Geralt to finance another round of drinks. Turns out they are butchers, which in their minds makes them professional cousins of yours… or something. Either pay them to go away (25 Crowns), use the Axii Sign to convince them to go home, or respond rudely, twice, to fistfight the one who is too stupid to avoid getting physical with a Witcher.

Objective Reward
For using Axii on the drunk 40 XP
For sending the drunks home; with your fists or with Axii 25 XP

Deal with some drunks outside the Golden Sturgeon (left) then visit Corinne and settle down for some purposeful dreaming (right).

Once you’re done dealing with the drunks head into the Golden Sturgeon, then go upstairs to find Corinne, who will tell you about her process. Simply put, she’s got to be nosy and you’ve got to be honest to get as clear of a connection to Ciri as possible. Use this process to get Geralt to talk about his past with Ciri, which is useful if you want back-story, but haven’t read any of the books. When you’re done filling Corinne in you’ll be asked to name somebody Ciri might have gone to. Say Dandelion to learn that he’s in town, and the proprietor of a brothel called the “Rosemary and Thyme”. This ends the quest “Novigrad Dreaming” and begins “Broken Flowers” .

Objective Reward
For dreaming 100 XP


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