The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ugly Baby - To Bait a Forktail

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Trial of the Grasses Registry Tome
Diagram: Superior Wolven Trousers
Polished Crystal
Letter of Apology
Pang of Conscience
Hieronymus’s Notes
Notes Written in a Shaky Hand
Diagram: Wolven Armor
Diagram: Wolven Boots
Diagram: Wolven Gauntlets
Diagram: Wolven Trousers
Varin’s Journal
Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword
Boy’s Remains
Diagram: Superior Wolven Gauntlets
Mastercrafted Wolven Armor
Forktail Spinal Fluid

Superior Wolven Trousers

Let’s go help Eskel out now… Yennefer, if Vesemir is correct, seems to be in quite a mood. A Forktail might be more agreeable. Leave Kaer Morhen via its western gate and activate your Witcher Senses near the “Kaer Morhen” signpost. Investigate some hoof-prints to update the quest “To Bait a Forktail”, but before you go running off after Eskel, there’s some loot worth going out of your way to get.

Follow the road from Kaer Morhen south, then east, then south again until it forks. At this point follow another road to the west, which will turn north and run along the western side of Kaer Morhen. You’ll be on this road for a while; just continue along it north, then north-west into the hills north-west of Kaer Morhen. The road might become hard to spot at times, but at least it’s well-marked on your map and mini-map, unlike some roads you’ll be searching for in a bit…

The road eventually leads to a cave, outside of which are a flock of Harpies (level thirteen). Kill them, then head west into the cave to learn about the cave’s purpose and antiquity. Climb atop a wooden platform, then follow the winding tunnel beyond, stopping only to kill a Nekker Warrior (level twelve) along the way. Shortly you should reach a more open part of the cave, where you’ll be greeted by three more Nekker Warriors (level twelve) and a Devourer (level thirteen).

Kill the beasts, then search the cave’s various instruments to paint a less than pretty picture of how Witchers are made. Near both “Sadder Albert” tables to the north and south you’ll find a chest, not to mention the bones, barrels, bags, bookshelves and other containers you can loot. On a third “Sadder Albert” table you’ll find the “Trial of the Grasses Registry Tome” . Witcher training starts young, and basically involves the torture and death of most of the boys put through it… all so they can go haggle with peasants over how much it’s worth to put their lives on the line to kill horrible monsters. No wonder Witchers are often so bitter and angry.

Objective Reward
For exploring the old Witcher cave 25 XP

Of particular interest, however, are some stalagmites south of a rather large pile of bones. Or rather, what’s hidden behind the stalagmites. Blast the rocks away and you’ll reveal a chest containing the “Diagram: Superior Wolven Trousers” .

Wolven Armor

Leave the depressing cave behind and backtrack down the trail to the south-east, then south along Kaer Morhen’s western wall. When you’re just south-west of the “Kaer Morhen” signpost, keep watch to the west to find another trail - unmarked on your map - running uphill to the north-west. The start of this trail is marked by some wooden scaffolding lying in a cluttered heap to the west of the main road.

Follow this new, unmarked road uphill to the north-west, then north until you run afoul of a Bear (level sixteen). Note, however, the silver life bar; this is no normal Bear. Put it down and loot it to find some “Berserker Hide”. How are there some almost extinct Skelligan Berserkers lurking along the outskirts of Kaer Morhen? Just… how? Oh, whatever. You’re just being silly now, game.

Continue uphill to the north, then west, and later the trail will turn south before eventually splitting. There are two ways you can go here; to the west or to the south-east, both of which will be marked on your map after a while. Go south-east first and deal with a few more “Bears” (level sixteen) until you reach the stairs leading to Kaer Morhen’s old signal tower, long since abandoned and fallen into disrepair… even more-so than Kaer Morhen itself!

Head upstairs into the tower and immediately turn north to find a hole in the wall you can walk through. Do so, then climb up onto some scaffolding, walk to the end of the woodwork and look south-east at the signal tower wall to find a “Polished Crystal” innocently sitting on a ledge. That may just come in handy soon.

Leave the scaffolding and head back inside the tower then turn east and climb a ledge. Run underneath some scaffolding to the east and out onto a wooden balcony overlooking the valley. More importantly, loot a chest enjoying this scenic (if precarious) spot, then head back into the tower and climb a ladder to get onto the scaffolding you just ran under. Loot a skeleton to find the note “Letter of Apology” and the sword “Pang of Conscience” … which has absurdly good modifiers on it. The ornate chest nearby (along the tower wall) contains “Hieronymus’s Notes” , which you should read to update the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear”, while a another, more drab chest contains appropriately mundane loot.

Turn south and climb another ladder to reach a higher level of scaffolding, then loot the two chests and the barrel you find up here. Once done, descend back down to the ground floor and turn east, looting out at the hole in the wall leading to the wooden balcony you plundered earlier. On the crumbling, adjacent walls you should find (with your Witcher Senses active) two portals. Search the northern one first, then the southern to diagnose the problem; a missing and an uncharged power cell. Blast the southern portal - the one still possessing its power crystal - with Aard, then install the Polished Crystal you found earlier into the northern one and blast that, too.

Once both crystals are properly functioning, a portal outside will beckon you. Get a running leap and jump into the portal (walking will not end well) and you’ll find yourself in a cave. Head north-east towards daylight and you’ll be pestered by a Wraith (level twenty-three). Banish it, then loot the skeleton near the mouth of the cave to find some “Notes Written in a Shaky Hand” , the “Diagram: Wolven Armor” , “Diagram: Wolven Gauntlets” , the “Diagram: Wolven Boots” and the “Diagram: Wolven Trousers” .

Finally you can craft the basic Wolven set pieces, should that interests you. Leave the cave and when you’re on the stone ledge outside turn north-west and drop down that side of the ledge, which you can do… more or less safely, if you’re willing to roll. Drop down another few ledges and you should find yourself on the road south of Kaer Morhen that you followed to the Trial of the Grasses cave. How convenient.

The Bastion (level 23)

Head back west, then north along the road, ditching it for the unmarked trail to the north-west. Your goal is to return to the fork in the road that led to the signal tower, this time ignoring that path (the south-eastern road) and traveling west to reach the bastion, which fortunately has its own signpost.

Enter the Bastion through the northern-most of its two gates to start the quest “The Bastion” . Geralt will comment on his past in this place, after which he’ll be attacked by a quartet of Wraiths (level twenty-three). Put them down, then equip the Magic Lamp that Keira gave you and use it to watch a ghost scene north-west of the gate. The only thing more difficult than fighting monsters is training to fight monsters, it seems.

Make your way west to find a burned-down wooden structure near some stairs and activate your Witcher Senses to find a skeleton in the the ruins, which you can loot to find “Varin’s Journal” and the “Diagram: Wolven Steel Sword” . That’s the real treasure here, but why not finish up this quest? Head up the nearby stairs and walk along the crumbling battlements to the north to find another ghost scene. A third ghost scene can be found through a doorway to the south-west, while a fourth can be found to the east, near some stairs.

After watching these four scenes Geralt will be able to identify the ghost, and a solution for its desire to linger. Head up some stairs to the east and climb a ladder to reach the top of the wall, then head north down the length of the wall. Climb a ladder, then immediately drop down into the ruins of a tower and turn north-east to witness a fifth and final ghost scene. Geralt with sympathize with the boy’s method of death, after which you’ll need to examine the bones to pick up the “Boy’s Remains” .

With these remains in hand, return to the courtyard, where another four Wraiths (level seven) will pop up to challenge you. Put the incredibly low-leveled spirits down, then head back into the chamber along the western end of the keep (where you watched a ghost scene earlier) and bury the boy’s bones. Once done, the young Witcher trainee will finally be able to rest in peace.

Objective Reward
For exorcising the Bastion 50 XP

Iron Mine

Use the “Bastion” signpost to fast-travel back to the “Kaer Morhen” signpost and follow the road east, then south. This time ignore the fork to the west and continue south until you reach a river. Cross the river and you’ll notice that Eskel’s trail continue south along the road. You, however, want to head south-west along the river, as there’s treasure to be had. Follow the coast uphill to the south-west and you’ll find a cave, which you should pass through. Further south-west you’ll find a dam, near which you’ll have to fight three Bears (level six). Kill the bears and search the river south of the dam to find a submerged chest, then cross the top of the dam to find the “Iron Mine” signpost.

Follow a road south, then east from the signpost to find another cave - the entrance to the mines the signpost marked. Head into the mine and loot some barrels and other containers and note the loud, inhuman roars and the fact that THE GROUND IS SHAKING. Ahem. What’s your guess? Earth Elemental? Golem? Place your bid, then head down a tunnel to the north-west, loot some containers, then turn south-west into a large chamber occupied by… if you guessed Earth Elemental, you win! Prepare yourself for a long, tedious battle with the Earth Elemental (level thirty), then search a shrine to the north-west to find a chest with the “Diagram: Superior Wolven Gauntlets” inside.

The Witchers Forge (Level 30)

Now, if you read “Monstrum, Or a Portrayal of Witcher: Volume 2” which you could have found back in Kaer Morhen you may remember it mentioned “the mines near Kaer Morhen”. Since you’re already here and all, you might as well finish up this quest, too. In the chamber where you fought the golem - along the northern wall of said chamber - you’ll find a shrine. Yes, the same shrine where you nabbed the “Diagram: Superior Wolven Gauntlets”. Examine it and some candles will light up, and a passageway to the west will open up. Score.

Head west down the passage that opened up, then turn south to reach a chamber, where Geralt will comment on some magic nearby. Loot the room, then head up some stairs to find a hearth, which is somehow still burning, although the bellows nearby suggest the blaze isn’t quite as potent as it could be. Investigate one of the bellows and the fire itself will talk to you, claiming the forge belongs to one Radmir of Tor Carnedd. Say what you will and the voice will grow… agitated when Geralt voices his desire to poke about, ultimately manifesting as an Ifrit (level thirty). Apply some more Elementa Oil, if necessary, and don’t forget that Aard can snuff the elemental’s flames for a time.

Once the Ifrit is slain, return to the hearth - now mere embers, but still hot enough to burn you if you step on the coals - and use The Eye of Nehaleni on the wall at the back of the hearth to dispel it. Behind this wall you’ll find three chests containing various armor, most notably a suit of Mastercrafted Wolven Armor . Considering the Crowns and components you’ll save by not having to craft this yourself, it’s a worthy reward, indeed.

Objective Reward
For investigating the forge in the mines 25 XP

To Bait a Forktail (level 19)

Time to take an ever-so-brief break from hunting down Witcher set diagrams and get back to the business at hand; helping Eskel. Return back north-east to the road south of the river and follow the tracks south, then south-east when the veer off the road. They’ll continue past some ruins (with lootables around them) before you’ll finally spot Eskel’s mount, Scorpion.

Investigate Eskel’s camp to score some Enhanced Draconid Oil, then examine some more tracks on the ground. Follow the tracks until they terminate a short while later, then search a nearby tree to pick up a scent trail. Apply some Draconid Oil to your Silver Sword, then follow the scent trail south-east, then east until you find more tracks, which eventually lead you to Eskel.

The two Witchers will banter a bit before being interrupted by the Forktail. How rude! Harass the Forktail (level eighteen) until it flies off, then chase it south-east. When you lose track of it, activate your Witcher Senses and examine a blood trail, then follow the bleeding Forktail uphill to the south.

Scale some ledges and listen to Eskel chat about his horse until you eventually you’ll find signs that the draconid landed. Follow the new trail to the north and into a cave heading north-east down a slope into the cave housing the Forktail’s lair. At the first fork turn south, drop down a ledge, then continue into a small chamber. Loot a chest in a recess to the east then follow the trail up a ramp and scale another ledge to reach the Forktail’s lair. Finish the beast off, then collect the materials Yennefer wants from the Forktail - some “Forktail Spinal Fluid” . Yum.

Search the center of the chamber to find a chest containing the “Diagram: Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets”, then leave the cave. Once outside Eskel will challenge you to a race; pitting Roach against his Scorpion. Indulge him or not - he likes to ride slow until he’s near Kaer Morhen, so you don’t need to gallop until you cross the stream near the fort. Win the race and Eskel will give you a reward… but it’s nothing major, so don’t fret if you get sick of Roach constantly throwing the race at the end.

Objective Reward
For beating Eskel at a horse race 200 XP / Mountain Folk Boots
For slaying the Forktail 600 XP


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