The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Exploring Skellige - Sailing to the Whale Graveyard (Part 1)

Nathan Garvin

Smugglers Cache(s) (Levels 13 and 16)

Return to Arinbjorn by whatever means suit you the best and once there commandeer a boat (there’s usually one north of the town, or one along the southern end of the island upon which Eldberg Lighthouse is located)… or swim. Either way, make your way west of Arinbjorn to find a Smuggler Cache event. This first one is free, but you’ve got to expect the other ones will have guardians.

Speaking of which, another Smuggler’s Cache event - guarded by Ekhidna (level sixteen) - can be found to the north-west. You’ll find a third Smuggler’s Cache west and slightly south of the jetty along the southern end of the island upon which the Eldberg Lighthouse is, which is guarded by a flock of Sirines (level thirteen). A fourth is to the north or the last one, and is also guarded by Sirines (level thirteen).

Time to prepare for another voyage-primarily by sea. Try to keep Sirines away from your boat (left) and score Smugglers Caches as you go (right).

Smugglers Cache(s) (Level 16)

Another host of Smuggler’s Caches can be found east of the Eldberg Lighthouse Isles, the first of which is east and slightly north of the relevant signpost. Here you’ll encounter several Ekhidna (level sixteen) instead of the usual Sirines. To the north-west is another Smuggler’s Cache with the same foes flying (or swimming) about. A third lies to the north-east, a fourth is to the west and slightly north, and a fifth is north-east of there… that’s right. Zig-zag and score loot. If they’re not already marked on your map, just sail in those general directions and let the flying beasties guide you more precisely to where the treasure lives.

Hidden Treasure (Level 18)

Back to the south-west is a small island you passed earlier during the last bout of Smuggler’s Cache zig-zagging. This island is marked on your map, and can be found north and slightly west of the Eldeberg Lighthouse island. Stop your boat nearby and swim to it to find that it’s occupied by a several Drowned Dead (level eighteen). After smiting them, climb a ledge and loot a chest to claim the treasure and finish the event.

Smugglers Cache (Level 13)

Your next destination is a larger (but still fairly small) island a good distance away, more specifically it’s to the north-east, north-west of the island upon which Kaer Trolde looms. That’s right, you’re finally cresting the northern edge of Ard Skellig! En route from the smaller island with the Hidden Treasure to the larger island you’ll find a Smuggler’s Cache near an abandoned longboat now serving as a floating Sirine nest. Kill some Sirines (level thirteen) then loot the floating chests.

Spoils of War (Level 16)

Sail north-east to reach the aforementioned island north-west of Kaer Trolde and search the southern coast of the island to find a submerged ship, its mast and decorative prow the only two parts giving it away by poking out above the water line. Kill the Ekhidna (level sixteen) flying around, then swim down to the ship where you’ll find you can swim into the interior of the ship via its shorn western half. Loot a container in the interior of the ship, then return to your ship.

Hidden Treasure (Level 18)

Sail around the western end of the island to find another shipwreck, this one on land along the north-western part of the island. Instead of Ekhidna you’ll have to deal with a pack of Drowned Dead (level eighteen). Kill them and search to the south-east of the shipwreck to find a ledge you can climb. Scale it to find a chest worth looting near a long-abandoned campsite.

Smugglers Cache (Level 13)

Board your boat and pilot it to the north-east to find a standard Smuggler’s Cache event, which is north of the island’s eastern end, but not so far east that it actually clears the island’s eastern-most expanse. As usual, this Smuggler’s Cache is guarded by several Sirines (level thirteen). You know the drill, dive, kill them, loot, then hop back on your boat.

Spoils of War (Level 18)

Once you’ve looted the chests, sail south past the island and make your way to the northern tip of the Kaer Trolde island, where you’ll find a Spoils of War event. At least it’s not another Smuggler’s Cache, right? Disembark and dive into the water to find a ship in a ravine, east of which is a chest. Kill the Drowners (level eighteen) swimming around, then loot the chest which is between the two halves of the ship, west of the half of the ship with the mast on it.

Smugglers Cache(s) (Levels 16 and 18)

Return to your boat and set sail to the north-east to find… another Smuggler’s Cache. Ah well… These three chests are guarded by Drowners (level eighteen). There are three more Smuggler’s Cache events in the immediate area; to the north-east and south of here is another Smuggler’s Cache guarded by some Ekhidna (level sixteen), while to the south-east is a Smuggler’s Cache guarded by more Drowners (level eighteen).

Fight off the Harpies (left) then free the prisoner, Yorg (right).

Crime and Punishment (Level 18)

Sail south and slightly east from the south-eastern most of the recently-looted Smuggler’s Caches to find an alcove where you’ll find an “Ancient Crypt” signpost. Might as well grab it to make it easier to come back here later. Continue sailing east along the northern coast of Skellige, where, on a coastal outcropping east of the “Ancient Crypt” signpost you’ll find a chained prisoner named Yorg, who is beset by Harpies (level eighteen). Kill the flying pests, then talk to Yorg, who will claim that he’s been framed for murder. If you free him he’ll thank you, and promise to return the favor at a later date.

Objective Reward
For rescuing Yorg 10 XP


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