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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Sunstone Walkthrough: Mirror Puzzle, Rewards & More

Nathan Garvin

The Sunstone is the next phase of this major Skellige storyline. The quest takes you looking for a important item called the Sunstone, which has you deal with NPCs, depending on the outcome of another important quest earlier on. But, no matter who it is, the result is the same, and Geralt must work out more on the strange Sunstone item. Here we offer a Witcher 3 Sunstone walkthrough, including the solving the mirror puzzle and more.

Here is a handy guide to the elven ruin and completing the Witcher 3’s Sunstone quest.

Witcher 3 Sunstone Walkthrough

Important Items in this Area
Elven-Made Key

Fast-travel back to “Kaer Trolde Harbor” signpost and head west back to your ship, then continue west up some stairs and talk to Crach, who will tell you where Ermion is… which varies depending on who is king. If one of Crach’s kids is king, Ermion will be in Kaer Muire, trying to talk some sense into Lugos. If Svanrige is king, he’s at Kaer Trolde. Read the text under the heading that applies to you to resolve this stage of the quest.

Svanrige is King

Head to the “Bridge to Kaer Trolde” signpost and enter the keep, where you’ll find that Birna; she was willing to murder to make Svanrige king, and it should be no surprise that she is willing to sell Skellige to Nilfgaard to keep him on the throne. Head into the main hall and join Crach as he watches negotiations commence… only to be terminated when Svanrige shows he’s made of sterner stuff than his mother. Fight off some Nilfgaardian Soldiers (levels nineteen and twenty-nine) and afterwards, watch a scene that wraps up Svanrige’s story in a surprising way.

Cerys is Queen or Hjalmar is King

Fast-travel to the “Kaer Muire” signpost and enter the keep, heading north, up a ramp, and through a gate. Here you’ll find that Lugos is inconsolable about the fact that Clan An Craite has won the throne, and is considering (actually, outright advocating) revolt. No matter what you say, the situation deteriorates and you’ll have to fight Lugos (level thirty-two) and his Warriors (level twenty-eight). Exterminate them, then use the opportunity to loot the keep, as there are a variety of containers you can plunder. Once done, fight your way out of the keep and meet up with Ermion outside to get a scene about your dalliance with Skellige politics.

The Skald and the Fishlung Brothers

Either way, ask Ermion about the Sunstone and he’ll direct you to the skald Eyvind and the Fishlung brothers, both of whom are near Arinbjorn. Fast-travel to Arinbjorn and head west from the signpost to find Eyvind standing on a hill. You’ll automatically talk to him as soon as you approach and by doing so will find out that he’s oblivious to common concerns, and is instead engrossed in his task of looking for a whale. Stand and watch with him, and you’ll have to pick two timed dialogue options. The first one is inconsequential, but for the second one, pick the option “Gathering material for an adventure novel.” to learn the location of the caverns you’re looking for.

The Sunstone Cave: Treasures and Exits

If you fail to get the information you’re looking for from Eyvind, fast-travel to the “Eldberg Lighthouse” signpost and head south to the central island, then to the northern tip of the smaller almost-island to the east, where you’ll find the Fishlung brothers… or their boats, anyways. Dive into the water and swim west from their boats to find a cave. Swim into the cave and surface, then head down a passage to the west to find your wayward brothers, who are up to no good. Talk to them and ask about the ruins you’re looking for to learn their location, then fight off some Drowners (level twenty-nine).

However you get the information, once you’ve got it fast-travel back to “Kaer Trolde Harbor” and talk to Yennefer, who will reveal some news about Avallac’h; seems he’s been holding out on you. This starts the quest “Child of the Elder Blood”, which Ciri and Yennefer will head off to attend to. Phillipa, on the other hand, goes off in search of the Sunstone. Let’s stay on track and go help Phillipa, first. You can also talk to Avallac’h while you’re here, who might have some new things to say, although it’s nothing of great import.

Elven Ruins

Fast-travel (or sail, if you must) to the “Ancient Crypt” signpost, which is along the northern coast of Ard Skellig, north-east of Kaer Trolde. When you get there, head up some stairs to meet Phillipa, who will dispel the illusion over the entrance and walk on in. Loot a chest and follow her, listening to Geralt and Phillipa banter as you follow the linear path to the south, south-west, up some stairs and through a doorway. Turn north, north-west and go down some stairs and you’ll reach a fork in the path. If you go north-east through a doorway you can follow a roundabout path (defeating a Wraith (level twenty-three) along the way) to get deeper into the ruins… or you can just follow Phillipa up another flight of stairs to the south, south-west to get to the same place.

Place of Power

When you reach a watery chamber beyond the doorway atop the stairs you’ll have to fight off some Drowners (level twenty-eight) and a Sirine (level twenty-nine). Defeat them, then explore to the west to find a Place of Power (hooray for ability points!) then head north-west from the Place of Power to find a chest hiding behind some stalagmites, while another, smaller chest can be found in the shallow water to the south, south-west. When you’re done looting return to Phillipa and accompany her up some stairs to the south-east. When you reach a statue turn south-west to find a chest worth looting, then return to Phillipa again and follow her to a chasm, which gives her the opportunity to show off her magical prowess.

Hidden Treasure (Level 28)

Cross the makeshift stairs to reach a chamber that splits off three ways; Phillipa intends to continue west, but head through a doorway to the east first, then through another to the north. Loot a chest to the north - just off the edge of the ruins - then head down some stairs to the east to find a Hidden Treasure event. Kill the Venomous Arachas (level twenty-eight), and loot two chests; one in the water at the end of the stairs, and another to the north.

Go through the doorway to the south to find some mutilated remains to find an “Elven-Made Key” . Be wary of the spike traps on the floor, however, as they do an absurd amount of damage. Speaking of which… the chest this key opens to beyond the trapped floor to the south. Cast Quen, get a running start, and try to leap over them as far as you can. Loot the chest, flip a lever to disarm the trap, then stroll back over the neutered trap floor.

Return to Phillipa and follow her west into another chamber with multiple paths. Kill a Golem (level twenty-eight), then head north to find a chest in a small chamber. Backtrack to Phillipa and follow her south, turn west up some stairs, then south up more stairs to reach a door. Phillipa pays a toll at the door, and her and Geralt continue on and talk politics. After the chat, part company with Phillipa once again and head south, down some stairs, and behind a stalagmite where you’ll find a chest. Loot it, return to the stairs, and at the base of them turn south-west to find more stairs in the distance - stairs which lead to a door. Go through the door and dispatch two Ghosts (level twenty-eight) which fight like Wild Hunt Warrior. Like their corporeal counter-parts, they’re all but helpless to the good ol’ strong attack/dodge combo. Once they’ve been smote turn north-west to find two chests, your reward for defeating the wraiths.

Witcher 3: The Sunstone Mirror Puzzle

Reunite with Phillipa and follow her east through a doorway and down a tunnel, then turn south and go down some stairs to reach a massive watery cavern. Phillipa will work some magic and reveal a puzzle you’ll need to solve. Joy.

Drop down off the ledge you start out on (along the northern end of the room) and immediately turn south-west. Head south-west along the edge of the cavern around some stalagmites, then go up some stairs. Turn south and go down some stairs and enter a small chamber with some standing water in it. Turn south-west and blast some stalagmites and stalactites with Aard to expose a chest, then continue west up another flight of stairs. Dispatch a Ghost (level twenty-eight), loot a chest, then activate the mirror to turn it.

Drop down the ledge the mirror is on to the north and, when on lower ground, turn north-east to find a collapsed stone walkway that now forms a ramp - a ramp you can use to reach the platform the next mirror is on. Get a running jump off the ramp and hold [Circle] to grab the ledge, then banish another Ghost (level twenty-eight). No chest for you this time, just turn the mirror.

Head back west, dropping off the platform you’re on and back onto the ramp. Continue west and climb onto some ruins north of the first mirror you manipulated, then continue north to find some ledges you can scale to reach the third mirror. Climb them, jump a gap, then scale a railing. Before you turn the next mirror, loot a chest to the north-west.

Once the three mirrors have been moved Phillipa will exclaim at your success. Return down the ledges to the south to reach the floor of the cavern, head south-east around some stalagmites, then turn north-east to find some stairs. Ascend to reach Phillipa, who will insist on talking to you again. Respond to her as you will and she’ll vanish, self-interested as always. Too bad Radovid couldn’t take her tongue, too.

Objective Reward
For recovering the Sunstone 500 XP

Mapping The Sunstone’s Elven Ruins

This ends the quest “The Sunstone” , but you’re not done here yet. Plenty of loot to be had, and you can’t just vanish like Phillipa. Head through a doorway to the south-east and follow the tunnel beyond, climb a ledge and turn south-east up some stairs, where you’ll find a pair of Ghosts (level thirty-one) waiting for you. Exorcise them, head south-west up a slope, climb a ledge, then turn north-west and head up some more stairs.

Continue north-west over a broken stone walkway and loot a chest behind a stalagmite to the west as you go. Climb onto another ruined walkway and continue up some stairs to the north, then turn east. Drop down off the stone walkway (temporarily ignoring the walkway to the east for now) and continue east along the cave floor, where you’ll find two chests to loot, both to the north against the stonework, the one further east being submerged in some water.

Climb back onto the stonework and continue east, leaping gaps when necessary. Turn north-west and, when there’s a gap in the walkway, drop down to find a chest south of the western walkway. Climb onto the walkway when you’re done looting its chest, then continue up some stairs to the north-west, disposing of three Ghosts (level thirty-one) when you reach the top.

Go through a doorway to the south-west and turn north-west when you must to find two chests to plunder. Backtrack to where you fought the trio of Ghosts and head through another doorway to the north-west and scale a series of ledges, then follow the linear tunnel beyond until you have to drop down a ledge into a watery chamber. Kill another Ghost (level thirty-one) then turn south-east to spot a doorway, beyond which you should see daylight… if it’s day out, of course. First, continue south-west to find a mighty haul of four chests. Loot them, then return back to the north-east, head through the doorway to the south-east, go up some stairs, and finally exit the ruins.

Anyways, it’s time to deal with “Child of the Elder Blood” . Head to town and sell off all the excess loot you undoubtedly gathered in the Elven Ruins.

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"and finally exit the ruins."

It's worth noting that, if I'm not mistaken, this will allow you to explore the last question map marker in the entire game (not counting the DLC, of course).

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"Turn south-west and blast some stalagmites and stalactites with Aard to expose a chest, then continue west up another flight of stairs."

...then continue east up...

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"When you reach a statue turn south-west to find a chest worth looting"

there is another chest also to the south-west, but in the water before going up to the statue.

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"and finally exit the ruins."

It's worth noting that, if I'm not mistaken, this will allow you to explore the last question map marker in the entire game (not counting the DLC, of course).

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"Turn south-west and blast some stalagmites and stalactites with Aard to expose a chest, then continue west up another flight of stairs."

...then continue east up...

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"When you reach a statue turn south-west to find a chest worth looting"

there is another chest also to the south-west, but in the water before going up to the statue.

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