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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Exploring the Nonhuman District

Nathan Garvin
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Now it’s time to finally turn your attention to Novigrad. Fast-travel back to - then head north from - the Seven Cat’s Inn and cross the bridge into the nonhuman district of Novigrad. Along the western end of the island are three bridges leading to other districts, all marked with their own signposts. the Southern Gate and Tretogor Gate lead to the large, central district of Novigrad, while the southern-most Gate of the Hierarch leads to lower Novigrad.

Gwent Players in this Area
Elihal - Random Card

The Dwarven Document Dilemma Walkthrough (Level 2)

Along the eastern coast of the nonhuman district you’ll find a bit more to do than discover signposts. Just south-west of the bridge you used to reach this island, along the side of the road, you’ll find a dwarf named Rostan Muggs. Talk to him and he’ll tell you of his woes, ultimately starting the quest “The Dwarven Document Dilemma” .

Return east across the bridge and, under the eastern arch activate your Witcher Sense and locate where Muggs broke his bottle over his assailant’s head. Follow the resulting scent trail back south to the Seven Cat’s Inn to find Gerd, who is sitting outside of the inn. He has a different take on things; you can either pick a fight with him by being aggressive, then pummel him into submission to get the papers, you can play Gwent for them (he’s got a pathetically weak Gwent deck - makes one wonder how Rostan could have possibly lost to him), or you can use the Axii Sign on him. Of the options, the last is the most lucrative, as it at least gives you some experience.

Objective Reward
For using Axii on Gerd 40 XP

Head back to Rostan and he’ll come clean, admitting his wrong-doing. A rather perturbed Geralt briskly asks for his pay, which he receives.

Objective Reward
For giving Rostan his documents back 5 XP / 20 Crowns

Ronvid thinks a shield will give him the upper hand. Prove him wrong (left). Help Rostan get his "misplaced" documents back (right).

Ronvid, Shield-Bearer and Scarecrow Slayer!

Continue south along the road from Rostan and you’ll encounter an old friend… Ronvid of the Small Marsh awaits you, seeking a rematch. This time he sports a shield, which he clearly thinks will make a difference. Fight him and beat him and send him running off again.

Objective Reward
For teaching Ronvid another lesson 25 XP

Make a choice - defend the merchant, or allow the vengeful elves to claim justice (left). In the latter case you'll have to kill the three elves (right).

Now to paint with broad strokes for a bit, as there’s a good chance there’s little or nothing to see around the rest of the nonhuman district for now. Along the western edge of the island, in an alley between the Tretogor Gate and the Southern Gate signposts (just north of where the dye vats are located) you might find some elves accosting a human. Chat with them to learn that the elves blame the man for selling tainted Fisstech, leading to the death of some elven youths. Your choices are simple - let the elves seek their revenge or intervene on the man’s behalf.

In the former case, they carry out their back-alley justice and leave, earning you nothing. In the latter case you’ll have to fight off the three Elves (level eight), who will try their damnedest to sneak past you and kill the human Merchant. If they succeed, you’ll get no reward. Kill the elves and talk to the Merchant afterwards go earn a meager reward.

Objective Reward
For saving the merchants from the elves 25 XP / 50 Crowns

Return back east to where you smash Ronvid, then keep traveling along the road, now to the west. To the south you should spot a merchant’s shop near the shore. It’s run by one Elihal, who sells fine clothing and masquerade masks, neither of which you need right now. He also plays Gwent, however, so beat him and add another card to your collection. He’s got a decent Northern Kingdoms deck, but nothing you can’t beat; do be wary of the odd “Spy” card, and he can even pull out a “Tight Bond” combo with “Catapult” cards, perhaps even boosted by a “Commander’s Horn”. Yikes!

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"For giving Rostan his documents back 5 XP / 20 Crowns"

Not 5, but 25?

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"For giving Rostan his documents back 5 XP / 20 Crowns"

Not 5, but 25?

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