The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witchers Work in Novigrad

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Short Letter
Doppler Trophy
Doppler Mutagen
Diagram: Gnomish Gwyhyr
Succubus Trophy
Succubus Mutagen
Key to House in Novigrad
To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Contract: An Elusive Thief (Level 13)

Enough with mages, mad kings, and other plots, it’s time for some honest Witcher’s work, to wash the stench of all that politics off. Fast travel back to Novigrad’s “Tretogor Gate” signpost and cross the bridge to the north-west, where you’ll find the merchant Sylvester Amello. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about his troubles, after which Geralt will make a truly cringe-worthy pun. Recover from that bit of awfulness, then ask the merchant about his Imp problem, and haggle over prices if you must.

Once done activate your Witcher Senses and investigate some paw prints near a tower-shaped fountain Climb up a railing near the tower to continue following the prints to the south-east, near the Tretogor Gate bridge. Spy some of the loot it dropped, then follow the tracks as they run along the wall and over the bridge, before eventually dropping down into the moat. You can pick your way down near the southern end of the gate, or just walk around and pick up the trail again on the shore. Either way follow the tracks into a house in the nonhuman district. Head into the house and loot around, picking up a “Short Letter” from a table in the process. Read it to learn more of the target, then head upstairs and investigate some clothes near a bed.

Objective Reward
For reading the letter 25 XP

Chase down the rogue Doppler (left) then beat some sense into him (right).

Follow the scent trail back outside and it’ll lead to a Temple Guard who is handing out food to a peasant. The two will try and put on a convincing show, after which the elf will leave and Geralt will call out the Doppler. Chase him down (easily done because Geralt sprints faster) and when caught the stupid shapeshifter decides to test his luck by taking Geralt’s form. Dopplers can assume the shape of even inanimate material, like swords, but how it copied your Signs is another question… still, the original is always better.

Beat the Doppler and it’ll plead for mercy. You’ve got three options; try to convince the Doppler to impersonate Menge, tell it to leave Novigrad, or kill it. If you choose the first option it’ll refuse, preferring death over the torture the Witch Hunters would inflict on him, and Geralt will let him go. For the second option the critter will agree to leave Novigrad and give you a reward including the “Diagram: Gnomish Gwyhyr” and some Crowns, but you’ll get less of a reward from Sylvester. If you kill it (now that it’s not posing as a Witcher, it’ll fight more or less like a normal Bandit) you can loot it for goodies including a “Doppler Trophy” , a “Doppler Mutagen” (you might not get another chance to obtain one of these, and hence brew the Doppler Decoction), and Mountain Folk Boots … not to mention the full reward from Sylvester. The second option is probably the most lucrative, all things considered, although Sylvester will be upset, especially after Geralt extorts some coin out of him.

Objective Reward
For sparing the Doppler 25 XP / 215 Crowns / Diagram: Gnomish Gwyhyr
For telling Sylvester you ran the Doppler off 245 XP / 91 Crowns
For telling Sylvester you killed the Doppler 245 XP / 182 Crowns
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Doppler Effect

Resolve the doppler problem in Novigrad.

Trophy icon

Contract: Deadly Delights (Level 15)

Head west along the southern end of the central district to return to the fish market, where you’ll find a guard in need of a Witcher. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about some desiccated corpses. Sadly the bodies have been burned, but a medic who was present beforehand might know more.

Travel north-west through the market and continue under an arch before heading south-west down a street to reach the docks. Follow the road running along the coast north-west until you find the Medic near some docks. Talk to him and learn what you can, then backtrack to the south-east along the docks and cross a bridge south to reach the docks district. Your destination is the search area south of Crippled Kate’s brothel.

When you reach the search area activate your Witcher Senses and look around at all the prints on the ground; search the southern hoofprints to pick up the correct trail, then follow it north, through a tunnel, then along the brothel, jumping over a crate when necessary, and to the back door of the brothel.

There are two ways of finding out more. Either search west of the brothel’s back door to find some expensive perfume, then follow the trail until you find a townsperson outside a building, obviously in some distress. Talk to him and he’ll identify your target. Failing that, talk to the Madame of the brothel and use Axii and her and she’ll tell you what’s causing the trouble and where to find it.

Objective Reward
For talking to the disoriented man outside the creature’s lair 25 XP
For using Axii on the Madame 40 XP

Using Axii on the Madame is an easy way to get the information you need (left). While Succubi are creatures of passion, they can be deadly if provoked (right).

Depending on the route you took earlier, there are two ways in to see the Succubus. If you talked to the Madame and got the key, then… just use the key on the front door. If you followed the scent trail head into a house to the south of the one the Succubus occupies and head upstairs, where you’ll find a ladder along the northern wall. Climb it and go through a doorway and out onto a wooden walkway, where you’ll find another ladder to climb. Climb that ladder, too, then drop down into the Succubus’ house and head downstairs.

Either way, you end up confronting the beast. You’ll start out with a choice to either hear her side of the story, or kill her. In the former case, after hearing her story you can choose to let her leave Novigrad… or kill her. If you kill her you’ll get a “Succubus Trophy” , a “Succubus Mutagen” , a “Key to House in Novigrad” (making exiting much easier than entering was) and Assassin’s Gauntlets , among other things. She likes to cast fire spells, and backlash with a fire attack when you strike her, although Quen should protect you well enough in either case. No matter how you dealt with the seductive creature, you’ll end up with the Succubus’ Trophy, which ensures you get a full reward from the guard. If you spare her, the Succubus will give you the silver sword “Maugrim” , which is hardly unique anymore. Return to the guard for additional rewards.

Objective Reward
For sparing the Succubus Maugrim / Succubus Trophy
For telling the guard about the Succubus 270 XP / 186 Crowns

The Nidas Touch

Just a few more things to do before you get back to business, a quest to pick up and a recurring friend to meet for a final time. From where the guard stands, head north-west through the market again, make your way through the arch, then cross the street to the north-west to reach the Golden Sturgeon Inn. Along the road running to the north-east of the tavern you’ll find Nidas, who will ask you about some contract, then proceed to offer you a job. Might as well agree to start the quest “Black Pearl” , which you’ll ignore until you reach Skellige.

Ronvid and Friends

Continue north-west along the road outside of the tavern and, when you reach a fork, follow another road to the south-west. You’ll shortly pass by an arch, where you’ll find your old friend Ronvid standing around. The fool isn’t playing around this time; he’s brought friends, and he doesn’t mean to stop short of death. He’s discovered - finally - that Geralt’s a Witcher, and instead of finding himself lucky to be alive, he’s decided that he’s got to punish the Witcher for being a mutant cheater. Use the Axii Sign to make him go away, or kill Ronvid (level nine) and his goons (level eight). If you opt for the latter course, you can loot him for the note “To the Most Beautiful woman in the World” .

Objective Reward
For using Axii on Ronvid 40 XP
For dealing with Ronvid 50 XP

Ronvid is back, and this time hes in a foul mood - and has friends. If you cant calm him down with Axii, this fight will be for keeps (left). Calm down some rowdy Skelligers in the traditional Skellige manner (right).

Hey, You Wanna Look at my Stuff? (level 6)

Return north to the fork and follow another road north until you find a halfling Merchant, who calls out to you. That quest marker means he’s probably got something worth saying to you. As it turns out, the demi-human is just another pest, trying to turn the assets of murder mages into quick profit. When you go to look at his wares, some Witch Hunters will show up and the runt will run off. When questioned, either tell the truth to the Witch Hunters, who will redouble their effort, and you’ll be left alone, with no reward. Lame. If you lie for the halfling, however, the Witch Hunters won’t be terribly impressed with your story, but they’ll leave you alone anyways. This starts the quest “Hey, You Wanna Look at my Stuff?”

After the Witch Hunters are gone, search something the halfling left behind in his haste, then follow the scent trail north, then west to find the halfling. He didn’t run very far, apparently, but you can now do business. He sells a variety of runes, books and crafting components, but nothings to go wild over. Ah well, anything that bothers the Witch Hunters is a good thing.

Objective Reward
For lying to the Witch Hunters 10 XP
For dealing with the Merchant 25 XP

Out on Your Arse! (Level 14)

Rest until night (or until the next night, if it’s already night-time) then head back over to Crippled Kate’s brothel, where you’ll find a Strumpet ranting outside. Talk to her and she’ll tell you that some rude men from Skellige have taken over the brothel. Agree to help her and head inside the brothel where you’ll confront the Skelligers. You have three options; win a fist-fight against their leader, fist-fight all three of them, or use the Axii Sign. Once done, return to the Strumpet and tell her the good news, then decide to take the reward, or leave it… to get the same result either way.

Objective Reward
For using the Axii Sign on the Skelliger 40 XP
For telling the Strumpet the good news 25 XP / 15 Crowns

Follow a scent trail to discover a corpse (left). You can either sell the key you found on the corpse to the Dwarves, or kill them and keep the treasure for yourself (right).

A Feast for Crows (level 20)

Leave the environs around the front of the brothel and run along the canal to the east, past the Herbalist’s shop. Eventually you’ll come across some wooden planking and a dirt path running east and south-east, respectively. Take the dirt path uphill until you reach a short bridge. Veer off the road to the grassy canal-side area west of the bridge where you’ll find a scent trail leading to a corpse. Investigate the corpse, which will start the quest “A Feast for Crows” . Despite being a level twenty quest, it should only be a few levels higher than you are now, even if you’re playing on Death March difficulty.

Search some bloody footprints nearby, then follow the trail back east, then north, before it leads into a house to the east. Inside you’ll find some seedy looking Dwarves, who apparently work for “Cleaver”. After some babbling you’ll be given an ultimatum; give them the key you found on the body, or fight.

The former option ends the quest quickly and cleanly… but the reward leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, if you refuse you’ll provoke the three dwarves (level twenty). It’s an enclosed space, and they have two-handed weapons, so keep Quen up and use the old dodge-and-strong attack combo, which they really can’t defend against. When they’re dead, loot their bodies, then the house in general. The chest in question is upstairs, and contains significantly more loot than you would have obtained by just selling the key.

Objective Reward
For selling the key to the Dwarves 20 Crowns


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