The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Enroute to Crows Perch

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Adalbert Kermith’s First Map
Adalbert Kermith’s Second Map
Mysterious Notes
Niellen’s Key
Diagram: Shiadal’s Armor
Gwent Players in this Area
Blacksmith - Random Card
Merchant - Random Card

The two leads you have require you to head to Crow’s Perch (south-east) or far south to Malcose. Since Crow’s Perch is closer, let’s head there, first… but there are some worthwhile detours to take along the way.

Bandit Camp (level 7)

From Heatherton head south along the road until, some distance south, you come across a four-way split. At this split is a Bandit Camp. Kill the Deserters (level seven) outside the nearby house, then loot the chest near the door. There are more goodies inside, but nothing exceptional.

Dispatch some Deserters on your way down to Blackbough (left). Along the road youll find a desecrated shrine, which you can help repair (right).

Defender of the Faith (level 10)

Take the road south, and when that road splits, head west until you find a Peasant lady in distress. Talk to her and she’ll babble about having to repair a shrine to appease some being named “Verna”. Agree to help her and Geralt will go through the great effort of lifting the wooden image up. Once set into place the woman will praise you as the new official shrine-fixer. Geralt tells her he already has a profession, and she equates being a Witcher with fighting evil… and nothing’s more evil than vandals! Offer to help repair any more damaged shrines you see and be about your business. The other shrines are further south, past Malcose. It’ll be a while before this guide takes you down that way.

Objective Reward
For repairing the shrine 10 XP


After repairing the shrine continue west along the road to reach Blackbough. When you arrive in Blackbough, rest until day time so you can play Gwent with Merchant along the eastern end of town, and a Blacksmith to the south-west. The cards you’ll get for winning are random, and neither of them are overly challenging opponents.

The Blacksmith will also sell a variety of diagrams, as well as “Adalbert Kermith’s Second Map” . These maps, which are sold by various craftsmen and merchants throughout the game, give you information pertaining to various Witcher gear you can uncover, and so are well worth purchasing. Read this one to start the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2” . Map or not, this guide will point out when you’re opportunistically close to some Witcher Diagrams, so don’t fret too much. The merchant sells “Adalbert Kermith’s First Map” which starts the quests “Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear” and “Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1” . It’ll be a while before you’re a high enough level to mess around with these quests, so put them out of mind for now.

Once that’s done head to a house along the north-western edge of town (just north-west of the signpost) to find Niellen, who posted the notice that gave you the quest “ Wild at Heart“ . Talk to him and he’ll tell you about his wife’s disappearance. His wife’s sister will also interject unhelpfully, but notice how she slipped and used the past tense to refer to her sister… most curious, already referring to her like she’s gone, and nary a tear in sight over it. Agree to help Niellen, and Hanna’s sister will give you the names of people to question.

Wild at Heart (Level 7)

Return to the Blacksmith and his brats will pester you, and the Blacksmith seems fit to express his change in focus. Eventually Geralt will get around to asking his questions. Turns out the Blacksmith’s son saw Hanna go out into the woods with another woman, near dawn. The Blacksmith claims that she’s a lost cause if she was out in the woods, due to a pack of Wolves that lurk around, beasts only Niellen is brave enough to deal with. Next talk to Glenna, who also blames the Wolves.

Follow a trail out of town to the north-west and when you reach a cluster of roads follow a small trail to the north, past an “Alchemy Supplies” house (which is to your left) until you reach another trail leading west. Continue along this trail until you find the start of a search area, at the edge of which you should activate your Witcher Senses. Detect some ripples near the center of the search area and head towards them to encounter some Wolves (level six).

Exterminate the wee-doggies and Hanna’s sister will show up, telling you to give up the quest and tell Niellen that Hanna is dead. She’s even willing to pay you extra to do so. If Geralt questions her, she’ll give a rather unconvincing answer… all in all, the whole thing seems suspicious. If you accept her offer, the rewards are listed below. In this case you need to only take the money, tell Niellen what Hanna’s sister wants you to tell him, and either accept or decline his reward. On the other hand, if you care to learn the truth and have any integrity, refuse Hanna’s offer. If you refuse, Hanna’s sister will get angry and call your heartless. Said the pot… Or, you can accept her offer, and keep looking anyways. This is the most lucrative choice.

Objective Reward
For accepting Hanna’s sister’s offer 72 XP / 55 Crowns
For telling Niellen that Hanna is dead, and accepting a reward 45 XP / 10 Crowns
For telling Niellen that Hanna is dead, and refusing to take a reward 27 XP

Search near where the Wolves were to find a dead dog, using your trusty Witcher Senses. Inspect the corpse and Geralt will comment on the wounds. Search some blood nearby, then head west a bit to find another corpse. Geralt surmises the identity, as well as the cause of death, and it’s a cause which most certainly calls for a Witcher. Even if you took the money from Hanna’s sister earlier, the quest will revive and the objective will change.

Head north-east to find some bloody paw prints. Follow them a short distance and Geralt will find that the creature you’re tracking skittered up a tree. Geralt doesn’t do heights, so search around the tree for more clues. Damn Werewolf had to come down sometime. North of the tree Geralt will find a tuft of stanky fur on the ground… but now, like any good bloodhound, you’ve got the beast’s scent.

Turn around and activate your Witcher Senses to spot a floating trail of vapor, highlighted red. The stench trail of the Werewolf. Follow the meandering trail from tree to tree, until it ends north-west of the center of the search area, where Geralt will find a man’s clothes on the forest floor. Track a sparse trail north-west to find the “Isolated Shack” signpost.

In the woods around Blackbough youll find the much-feared Wolves that prowl around (left). Hannas sister will interrupt your search and encourage you to drop the investigation (right).

Isolated Shack

Explore the interior of the shack to find plenty of things to loot, save for one chest in the bedroom, which is locked. Pick up some “Mysterious Notes” on the ground and read them to find out that the Werewolf you’re tracking is aware of his condition, and despite the stubbornness of his curse, he’s decided to try and cope as best he can. Leave the shack and search around the southern end of the building to pick up a more prominent blood trail, which ultimately leads around to the western side of the shack, where you’ll find a door leading down into a cave.

Follow a variety of trails with your Witcher Senses to find out the fate of Hanna (left). In a lair under a forest cottage youll have to fend off a Werewolf (right).

Rest until midnight, prepare any Oils, Potions, or Decoctions you might want (Cursed Oil is recommended, if you have access to it), then Aard the door open. Head through the barren tunnels until you reach a large chamber. Shortly you’ll be attacked by the Werewolf and its cadre of Wolves (level seven). He’s not so tough, but the Wolves can be annoying. If you retreat back to the corridor, you might shake the Werewolf long enough to safely dispose of his Wolf allies, as he’s more prone to staying in the large chamber than his Wolves are. In any event, try to hit them with Igni, dispatch the Wolves, then focus on the Werewolf. Given his speed, fast attacks are probably better here than strong attacks. The battle will get tricky when the Werewolf’s health drops to around 50%, at which point it’ll start quickly regenerating health. If you’re low-level and on Death March difficulty, you might have to sacrifice finesse for pure offense if you want to whittle the beast’s life bar down.

After the Werewolf’s been beaten nearly to death, Hanna’s sister shows up and tries to get you to stop the violence (if you took her reward earlier, Geralt blankly says “I changed my mind.” Heh…) Question her motives and she’ll identify the Werewolf and reveal her motives. The Werewolf is not pleased. Hanna’s sister will proclaim her innocence (to a degree), but the Werewolf doesn’t believe her, and is willing to think Hanna’s sister had the worst motives in mind.

Make a timed decision; either tell Hanna’s sister to flee while you put the Werewolf down, or let the Werewolf kill her. If you choose the latter (a fairly un-Witcherly option, but it wouldn’t be the first time Geralt allowed a monster to kill a human) the Werewolf will beg you to kill him, next. The experience is the same either way, but if you kill Werewolf and spare Hanna’s sister, you’ll get to loot the Werewolf for his juicy Werewolf parts.

You’ll also score “Niellen’s Key “, either way, which opens the chest in his shack. He won’t be needing its contents anymore. Search the cave for two chests-one along the western wall, and one in a cubby to the south east, then loot the locked chest in the shack, which contains - among other things - the “Diagram: Shiadal’s Armor” . Another item with a level requirement so high you can’t do much but dream about it.

Objective Reward
For killing the Werewolf 45 XP

Abandoned Tower

Now, let’s take another detour to score some loot and fill out the map a little. From the “Isolated Shack” head east until you find a road… which you should keep following east. Eventually you’ll come across an “Abandoned Tower”, complete with its own signpost and everything. At a glance the place isn’t very interesting, what with no apparent way to get inside, and all. Find the corner that’s pointing at the road, however, and note the uncut stone running along a wall. The highest point of this uncut stone runs up the side of the tower a significant height-high enough that if you can get Geralt to climb that stone, he can climb from there onto the tower, where you’ll find two chests to loot. Once done, carefully pick your way back down.

Climb the Abandoned Tower to score some hidden loot (left). Clear out the nearby Ghouls to destroy their nest (right).

Monster Nest (Level 9)

Save your boots the wear and tear of running back south, and instead make use of the nearby signpost to fast-travel back to Blackbough. Leave via the road running south-east and keep heading in that direction until you find a road leading south. Take that road and continue along it until you find a Ghoul nest. Butcher the Ghouls (level nine) then blow up the nest. As disturbing as Necrophages are in general, what drew them here was probably more sinister, considering the bodies - both burnt and unburnt - near the pyre. You can’t really blame them for nesting here, considering all that delicious man-flesh nearby.

Objective Reward
For destroying the Monster Nest 20 XP

Return to the north and continue following the earlier road south-east, which should take you safely to Crow’s Perch. The “Bloody Baron” quest will update when we approach, you now must head inside the city and search for this baron…


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