The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Helping Keira Metz

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Magic Lamp
Mage Alexander’s Log, Part 1
Mage Alexander’s Log, Part 2
Missing Merchant’s Letter
Package for Keira

An Invitation from Keira Metz (Level 6)

You could go after these “Ladies of the Wood”, but why risk messing with witches you don’t know when a pretty one you DO know wants to see you? Head over to her house and you’ll overhear her talking to somebody. Interrupt her and you’ll see that she’s already started playing with her new toy. Ask about the request she has for you and she’ll ask you to help her lift a curse on a nearby isle, and provide you some background information about how the curse might have been formed, and her motivations, if you ask. You’ll need to sail over to Fyke Isle, from whence this curse emanates. To aid you in your task she’ll give you the “Magic Lamp” and a “Xenovox”. This ends the quest “An Invitation from Keira Metz” and begins “A Towerful of Mice” .

Guarded Treasure (level 8)

Time to find a boat! There’s an event you can knock off along the way, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Return to Midcopse and from there head south until you reach the coast, then follow the swampy coastline east to find a Guarded Treasure, protected by a Water Hag (level eight). She should be fairly easy to defeat; just be wary of a group of Drowners (level nine) who are to the north-east, and may unnecessarily complicate things if you’re not careful. Kill whatever necrophages you must, then loot a sack and a chest to complete this event.

Youll interrupt Keira Metz making good use of that Magic Lamp you helped her recover (left). Agree to help her, then board a boat and set sail for Fyke Isle (right).

A Towerful of Mice (Level 6)

From the Guarded Treasure event follow the coastline back west until you find a boat merrily floating to the south. It’s not THE boat Keira wanted you to take, but it’ll suffice, all the same. Hop on board and pilot the vehicle down the river to the east and Keira will shortly make use of the Xenovox to bug you. Turn south-east when you run out of east and hold course to reach the island. Once you land Keira will attempt to bug you again, but it seems the Xenovox is performing about as well as your standard cellphone. You’ll be greeted by a batch of Rotfiends (level six) if you land on the western end of the island.

Continue east along the southern end of the island, fighting off Drowners (level four) as you go until you come across the ruins of what appears to have been either a shrine or a tomb. North of the moss-covered rock in the center of the ruins you’ll find a doorway leading to a flooded cavern, within which lies a chest. Loot, leave, and continue exploring to the east, where you’ll find more Necrophages along a trail in the form of Ghouls (level six). North of here another group of Rotfiends (level six) lurk.

Kill them and proceed south-east to reach the edge of the search area where you’ll find more Ghouls (levels six and nine) as well as the “Fyke Isle” signpost. If you spot any green clouds, whip out Keira’s Magic Lamp and focus it on the aberration to witness a ghost scene play itself out. If you encounter a cloud of bugs… blast them with Igni to disperse them. There’s a ghost scene at the far southern end of the search area, opposite the signpost and one a short distance south-east of the signpost. Spot them out then head to the signpost.

Objective Reward
For witnessing a ghost scene 50 XP (each time)

Fyke Isle is crawling with necrophages, including Ghouls, Rotfiends and Drowners (left). You can also find less threatening, incorporeal ghosts you can spy on with the Magic Lamp (right).

South of the signpost you’ll find the opening in the palisade. Head through the gates and continue north to find a tower, outside of which you’ll encounter a Water Hag (level six). Kill it, then use your Witcher Senses to spot a corpse in the water near where the hag appeared. Examine it, then turn south to find some stairs leading to a watch tower, upon which you’ll find two chests and a crate to loot. Another crate can be found beside the stairs. When you’re done looting, head around the northern side of the tower where you’ll find another ghost scene. Along the way you can search a house to the north-west of the tower, and an adjacent shelter, both of which have containers to loot.

Exploring the Tower

Return to the southern end of the tower and head up some stairs to enter the tower. Once inside, turn your Witcher Senses on and search some weaponry near the door, then some dead rats (which makes Keira object). Loot a chest in a fire place to the north-east, then turn north-west and use the Magic Lamp to spy on a ghost scene. Seems that, despite the bad rap nobles have been getting all game, the peasants might be the more vile party here. Then again, maybe anybody with any power sucks. Loot a crate near the stairs, then rummage through two sacks and search some blood on the floor.

Objective Reward
For witnessing the noble’s death ghost scene 50 XP

Ignore the stairs for now… the ones up, anyways, and go through a door north of the blood. As you descend the stairs you’ll witness a mainstay of paranormal activity; the old swinging chandelier trick ghost seems to adore so much. The rats don’t seem to mind, however, so neither should you. There are some sacks and a chest you can loot to the north, and another chest stacked atop some cages to the south-west. To the south-east you’ll find another ghost memory. Guess that explains where the rats came from…

Objective Reward
For witnessing the rats ghost scene 50 XP

Head back upstairs, and continue up another flight of stairs which were ignored a little while ago. All you can do here is witness another ghost scene opposite the door. Watch it, then head up another flight of stairs. Another favorite mainstay of poltergeists will occur here - self-lighting candles. Spooky. Head out onto a balcony opposite the stairs to score a chest, then return inside and loot some sacks near the next flight of stairs leading up. Go through a doorway to the north-east and loot another chest, then go through an adjacent doorway and use your Magic Lamp to witness another ghost scene.

Objective Reward
For witnessing the peasant invasion ghost scene 50 XP
For witnessing the mysterious death ghost scene 100 XP

Climb another flight of stairs, loot a chest, walk around some beds, then go up more stairs. Keira will bug you when you reach the top, telling you to look for a laboratory. Search near a wall to examine some damage to the floor, then pull a lever on the north-western wall to open a door near the scratches on the floor. Go through a doorway, then up some stairs, then through another doorway to reach the laboratory. Once here, loot a chest along the north-western wall, examine some seedy testing tubes to the south-west, then score a smaller chest to the south-east, near another ghost image. Ignore the ghost image for a moment so you can grab “The Mage Alexander’s Log, Part 1” off a desk to the north-east, and “The Mage Alexander’s Log, Part 2” off a bookshelf along the north-western wall.

More loot can be found upstairs. Don’t worry about that crying ghost - she isn’t going anywhere. Instead, up some some stairs to the south-east to reach the top of the tower. Search an interior chamber on the roof to find some cages, with their former occupants still inside. Geralt sums up the situation tersely. Next head north-west through a broken wall to reach a wooden walkway, on which a friendly, lootful chest lurks. Yum.

Now that that’s taken care of return downstairs and pop the Magic Lamp on the ghost scene to find out what all this disembodied crying is about.

Objective Reward
For discovering the laboratory 100 XP

Anabelles Plea

Converse with the ghost and she’ll mention that the mage who owned this tower was named Alexander (remember that Keira had a - presumably unsent - letter to a mage who lived in a tower named Alexander) and she’ll also tell the story of what happened here, including the story of her gruesome demise. No wonder she can’t rest in peace. After a while she’ll tell you the conditions that will free her from this place and presumably lift the curse.

The request is rather reasonable, and if you offer to help her she’ll ask you to bring Graham to her. You also have the option to turn her down, which is more involved in the short-run. If you do turn her down, she’ll get understandably upset, turn into a Plague Wraith, then attack. She fights similarly to a Noonwraith, save she summons swarms of insects to attack you. Normally Yrden would be the correct course of action, but in this case starting out with Igni to disperse her bugs and rats might prove more helpful at the beginning of the fight. Of course, like other wraiths of this type, she’ll take a pathetic amount of damage if she’s not under the effects of a Yrden Sign. Once she’s taken a bit of damage she’ll flee. Chase her down the tower and fight her again in front of it. She’ll stay a bit longer this time, but still vanishes before you can finish her off. Keira will berate you via the Xenovox and tell you to find Graham - the object of Anabelle’s undying affection - in Oreton.

Use the Magic Lamp to talk to Annabelle at the top of the tower (left). If you refuse to help her, shell reveal her true form and turn violent (right).

Graham and the Ghost

Either way, you’ll end up having to go pay Graham a visit. Return to your boat and sail north-east to reach Oreton. You’ll find Graham in an isolated riverside hut south-west of the rest of the village. Be sure to visit Oreton to get the signpost, in case you need to travel here later. Once done, knock on his door and he’ll talk to you when you tell him about Fyke Isle. He’ll tell you his side of the story, after which you can convince him to either go with you back to the island (if you got into a fight with Anabelle earlier) or bury her bones (if you agreed to help her).

If you got into a tussle with Anabelle earlier you’ll be back at the tower. Enter it and kill a pair of Wraiths (level five) on the first floor. Continue to the top of the tower to confront Anabelle again, who doesn’t seem happy to see Graham. She’ll ask for a show of his affection (eww…) and will be cruelly treated by Anabelle for this show of love… but at least they’re together now.

Objective Reward
For reuniting Graham and Anabelle 500 XP

On the other hand, if you handed her remains over, leave the hut. You’ll hear a scream shortly afterwards. Return to see that Graham is dead, and Anabelle - the Pesta - is floating over him. Either way, the curse is lifted… at least from Fyke Isle. The Pesta that Anabelle became, however, is now free to spread disease and pestilence across the world. Oops.

Objective Reward
For bringing Anabelle’s remains to Graham 300 XP

Return to Keira (using the Fyke Isle signpost to return to Midcopse) and tell her the good… well, the news, in any event. Go to leave and Keira will ask you to perform another task for her… this time somewhat more mundane. Agree to help her to complete “A Towerful of Mice” and start “A Favor for a Friend” .

A Favor for a Friend (Level 6)

Your next stop is Hangman’s Alley, however, as you’re leaving Keira’s hut the pellar - of all people - will pester you and ask for help. Agree to help him to start the quest “Forefather’s Eve” , which is to take place on Fyke Isle. He can wait for a bit, though, a pretty lady is in need of aid!

Head to the “Midcopse” signpost and fast-travel to Hangman’s Alley, then turn on your Witcher Senses. Under your feet you’ll discover the heavy, wide wheels of a merchant’s wagon. You’ll also soon be accosted by a Water Hag (level six) and a pair of Drowners (level six). Kill them, then follow the wagon tracks south along the road until they veer off to the south-west. Examine more tracks, then follow the tracks until they terminate at another road, where you’ll find the wagon.

Examine the booze, food, and blood which all glow red when observed with your Witcher Sense, then loot the various parcels lying around, but ignore the box under the wagon for now. Instead, follow the blood trail to the south-west to find the merchant’s body. Loot it for the “Missing Merchant’s Letter” , then return to the wagon and search the box under it to obtain the “Package for Keira” . Well, at least she’ll get some of her delivery.

Objective Reward
For recovering Keira’s package 25 XP

Follow some wagon tracks (left) to locate the wagon which was carrying Keiras package (right).

Return to the “Hangman’s Alley” signpost and use it to fast-travel back to Midcopse. then make your way back to Keira’s hut. Talk to her and Geralt will call her out on the mundane nature of her delivery and she’ll tell you to wait outside. Agree, and “some time later” she’ll show up and conjure some mighty steeds for you two. Geralt will explain a… new take on the Cinderella myth, and Keira will tell him to shut up and just indulge her for one night. Continue to pander to her tastes in the form of an illusion spell, then race her on horseback.

Objective Reward
For racing Keira 50 XP

Agree to indulge Keiras fantasies (left) and spend a romantic evening with the sorceress (right).

Enjoy a romantic dinner with Keira, at the end of which you’ll get an option to become “friends with benefits”. If you choose this route, play a little game where Keira will hide, after which you’ll need to follow a trail to the south, examining various pieces of discarded clothing along the way. When you reach the water’s edge, Geralt will continue to indulge in a weakness of his own - a weakness-for sorceresses. This ends “A Favor for a Friend “ and begins “For the Advancement of Learning” , which takes place on… Fyke Isle. How convenient.

Objective Reward
For spending a romantic night with Keira 80 XP


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