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For the Advancement of Learning: Walkthrough & Best Choices

Nathan Garvin

Now you’re done helping Keira Metz, rummaging through magical portals, delving into Elven Ruins, finding lamps, lifting curses and other strange taks, you now know you’ve been goofed. It’s once again time to return to Fyke island and save Keira from herself. You’re final task is to complete the side mission, For the Advancement of Learning, and we have a walkthrough and best choice explanation for that.

Important Items in this Area
Alexander’s Notes

For the Advancement of Learning (Level 8) Walkthough and Best Choice

Swim over to Fyke Isle, or head east along the coast to Oreton and find a boat. Either way, make your way to the tower and Geralt will notice that, predictably, Keira has made her way to the lab atop the tower. As you near the tower Keira will come out with a few notes scavenged from the tower. Confront her and now you get lots of dialogue options:

The first option: If you’re rude (call her a two-faced serpent or don’t show sympathy for her minor inconveniences) and then demand the notes, things will end in a fight. To defeat Keira, simply side-dodge her spells and try to close with her. After a few hits, she’ll teleport away from you. She does a fair bit of damage, so a Quen Sign might come in handy. When she falls Geralt will take the papers and burn them. Well, that’s kind of a downer.

Objective Reward
For returning to Alexander’s Tower 50 XP
For killing Keira Metz 200 XP

Option 2: On the other hand, if you’re more sympathetic (when she starts talking about Radovid, pick the option “Radovid never forgets”, then tell her “It’s suicide”) you’ll get the option to suggest that she waits the war out in Kaer Morhen. Before she departs, be sure to ask for the notes, which will give you the item “Alexander’s Notes” .

Objective Reward
For sending Keira to Kaer Morhen 100 XP

Keira, once a rich and powerful sorceress, has fallen far in recent months (left) and if pressed, she may be willing to resort to violence to change her fortunes (right).

Option 3: Alternatively you can pick the dismissive “Do what you want” at any point, and Keira will walk off with the sensitive documents. Either way, this is probably going to have an effect later down the line…

Objective Reward
For letting Keira leave with the notes 100 XP
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Friends with Benefits

Complete the subplot involving Keira Metz.

Trophy icon

The For the Advancement of Learning Best Choice Explained! (Spoiler Warning)

We explain the best choice in For the Advancement of Learning.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few dialogue options, which ultimately decide the fate of Keira Metz without you having a real inclination as a player. Those who dabbled with Witcher 2 will likely have a better idea, but, for those who are only playing the Witcher 3 as their first Witcher game, this is for you.

The two options will either lead to Keira’s foreshortened life, or one where she remains alive. Geralt does hint at the first ending for Keira during the conversation, especially where Geralt says Radovid doesn’t forgive and doesn’t forget. This is in reference to the Wicher 2, where Geralt and Keira knew each other from the Foltest Court and the outcomes of that storyline. Keira believes she can parlay the information of a cure over her involvement with lodge side plot. However, Radovid in the third game is what Nilfgaard in the second game was described to be, and so Keira dies if you let her run off with the notes and do her own thing. More importantly, she wants to ruin off because she has bed bugs and wants to make wealth. I mean, surely you need to stop her.

If you do choose to talk to Kiera and want to help her, then go with the Kaer Mohen option. Mentioning this will result in her teleporting to Kaer Mohen instead.

Therefore, the best choice us ultimately the one where you tell Keira to go to Kaer Mohen. After that it doesn’t really matter if she keeps the research on her to you take it before she teleports. So, if you want the best ending for overall positive emotions, then the For the Advancement of Learning best choice is the one where you talk to her, and then choose the Kaer Mohen dialogue option!

Forefathers Eve - Part 1 (Level 7)

Now to help the pellar with his little Forefather’s whatsit. Head to the western side of Fyke Isle where you’ll find the pellar and his flock near the ruined shrine along the southern end of the island. Rest until midnight, then talk to the pellar, who is near the stone slab. Your task is simple-defend the petitioners from the spirits that will be summoned by the pellar’s ritual. Begin the ritual when you’re ready-the first wave of foes will include a Water Hag (level seven) and about a half dozen Drowners (level seven). Kill them and another ghost will be summoned from the flames and make an accusation.

Before more progress can be made with the spirit, some Eternal Fire enforcers will show up to apprehend the pellar, for performing magic they don’t like. If you refuse to stand up for the pellar and his mob, they’ll be dispersed by the Eternal Fire jerks, and the pellar won’t be pleased. This ends the quest, albeit unsatisfactorily.

Objective Reward
For allowing the Eternal Flame Enforcers to disrupt the ritual 200 XP

Help the Pellar perform his Forefather's Eve ritual (left) and defend him agianst interlopers, both monster and man (right).

On the other hand you can defend the pellar and his adherents. Kill the Witch Hunters (level seven) then the pellar will talk to you again and reveal that the bloodshed has tainted the ritual-which means we’ll have to fight off more beasties. After some more chanting a trio of Wraiths (level seven) will disrupt the ritual. Banish them, then talk to the pellar again, who will admit to the charges of the spirit who disrupted the ritual. Seems Geralt has more work ahead of him… but this quest continues near where we’ll need to go for “Ladies of the Wood” , so it’ll be postponed for a bit.

Objective Reward
For defending the ritual 200 XP


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