The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Fall of House Reardon and Ghosts of the Past

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Key to Treasure Chest
Crumpled Notes
Dolores Reardon’s Diary
Sturdy Barn Key
Loose Scraps of Paper

Head back north through Lurtch to discover its signpost, then continue north to find a house along a main road with slaughtered peasants inside - peasants who are being searched by a Criminal (level three). Kill him and loot the house. This house is just south-east of a bridge that leads to the large island outside of Oxenfurt, near an “Abandoned Site” and a “Hidden Treasure” you cleared earlier.

Hazardous Goods

This event can be fairly random where it’ll occur, but in the guide playthrough it was encountered here, so this is where it’ll be included. At any rate, at some random location (along some road or another - doesn’t really narrow it down much) you may run across a traveler named Gert Borel, who managed to get himself trapped by his cart. This would be annoying enough, but his cargo has also attracted the attention of a trio of Ghouls (level four). If anybody needs the immediate attention of a Witcher, it’s him!

Kill the Ghouls and rescue Gert, who will thank you and shrug off Geralt’s concern over his profession. He’s got a good fortitude, you see. That’s all well and good, but a cart full of plague victims and a careless, unscrupulous driver are a bad combination. Tell him to burn the cart and after some complaining he’ll relent. Hit it with Igni, after which Gert will thank Geralt, and the Witcher will give him some more advice. Fortunately for Gert, however, no blight can touch him.

Bandit Camp (Level 9)

Follow the road from the house to the east, then south-east to discover a Bandit Camp near an unusually large tree. Dispatch the Deserters (levels seven and nine) and loot the chest they have in a crude tent.

Blast a cellar door to find some cluse as to where the treasure lies (left) then find said treasure buried under a haystack (right).

Treasure Hunt: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (Level 9)

South-east of this Bandit Camp you’ll spot a hill overlooking the road, atop which sits a pillaged village, now home to Ghouls (levels seven and nine). Smite the Necrophages, then loot around the village. In particular there are some corpses in a burnt-down house, some parcels on and near a wagon, and plenty of beehives around, for what that’s worth (about 12-24 Crowns per hive, to the right merchant, that’s what!)

Along the southern end of the village you’ll find a closed door leading to cellar built down into the hill. Blast it open with Aard to find some parcels well worth looting, and a corpse on a cot which can be searched for some “Crumpled Notes” and a “Key to Treasure Chest” . Very descriptive. This starts the quest “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire” . Read the note, leave the cellar, and head to the northern end of the search area to find a haystack overlooking the road below. Search the eastern end of the haystack to find a treasure chest buried in the hay.

Reardon Manor

Head south through the sacked village to find a road which runs a short distance and bisects a longer road running north-east/south-west. Follow this road to the south-west and when you reach a fork continue south. At length you should find Reardon Manor. The details of this quest will vary quite a bit depending on how you responded to the Nilfgaardians during your interrogation back in Vizima.

Explore the manor grounds to discover that it’s haunted by Wraiths (level seven) if you told the Nilfgaardians that Letho is dead. Otherwise, the grounds will be littered with traps. That’s the major difference between letting Letho live and letting Letho die for now; Traps or Wraiths. After disarming some traps the quest “Ghosts of the Past” should start, but let’s keep focusing on “The Fall of House Reardon”, which has more similarities between the two paths than differences.

Defeat any Wraiths or disarm any traps you come across and make your way south to the middle of the estate, where you’ll find a well… which mostly just serves as a landmark, but be wary of the tripwire in front of it, if applicable. On your left should be a shack, and if you use your Witcher Senses the door will glow red, indicating that it wants you to blast it with Aard. Use your super special Witcher key to blast apart the door, then search the shack. In the far right corner you will find “Dolores Reardon’s Diary”, which you should read to confirm her story about the suitor. Loot the the shack, then leave.

Return to the well and turn west to find a building with two doors, which is the next area you’ll want to search. Head over there, remaining wary of traps or Wraiths as you go. If you enter through the northern of the two doors (which has a nasty trip-wire/crossbow trap in front of it if you let Letho live) you’ll find a chest in the north-western corner that contains the “Sturdy Barn Key”. Pick it up and head through the southern door. Activate your Witcher Senses as you go through the southern door and on your left by the stairs up will be a painting. Examine it and Geralt will note that the other person in the painting is Dolores’s twin brother. Neat. Go up the stairs for some more low quality junk.

Tripwires may be one hazard youll find around Reardon Manor (left). Use your Witcher Senses to discover the treasure you were promised (right).

Once outside, turn south and you will see a large barn. From outside the barn head east and you will spot another pair of Wraiths behind the house. Once they’ve been banished the quest will update, informing you that you’ve cleared out the monsters (this will only occur if Letho is dead and you’ve been battling Wraiths, of course). Whether the quest updated or not, you should still proceed to claim your reward. Return to the front of the barn and unlock the smaller door east of the larger one, then put up your Witcher Senses and across from the door and slightly to your left you should see some glowing red writing and a box beside it on the ground. Examine the writing, then examine the wall nearby to reveal a hidden chest, which just so happens to contain the reward Dolores told you about.

Objective Reward
For opening the chest 50 XP / 100 Crowns

There’s one more thing to do before you return to Dolores… if Letho is dead, anyways. If not, there’s quite a bit more to do. Either way, make your way back outside and head east, then south around the barn to reach the southern side of the building, where you’ll find a set of stairs going down into a cellar, partially obscured behind some bushes. Head down the stairs and loot the containers, then use your Witcher Senses to discover something hinky with the wall in the north-eastern corner of the cellar. Examine it, then destroy it with Aard!! Behind the wall, you’ll find - surprise, surprise - a skeleton and some “Loose Scraps of Paper” from the journal you read earlier. Read them to make a grisly discovery.

Blast a weak section of wall with Aard (left) to find a room where youll find a grisly discovery (right).

Now, if you’ve cleared out the Wraiths you can safely return to town to find Dolores in the inn. Tell her about what happened, let her read the letter, and the quest will end. If you kept Letho alive, you’ll take a more eventful route to return Lindenvale.

Objective Reward
For talking to Delores after clearing the manor 80 XP

Ghosts of the Past (Level 6)

For those of you who left Letho alive, there’s a bit more work to be done on the Reardon Manor. Head back to the front (northern side of) the barn and go through the large double doors west of the door you went through to claim your reward earlier. Inside you’ll spot some more nasty crossbow traps on the ground. Disarm them, loot the place, then approach a ladder in a stall to the south. Pick the device up and Geralt will use it to reach the loft, where Geralt will find an old frenemy… Question him and learn the reason for his traps, and you’ll see those reasons arrive in the flesh. Letho will mention a rat named Louis and ask you to help him deal with his pursuers, although the choice is moot.

Objective Reward
For talking to Letho 25 XP

If you said he was still alive, youll find Letho hiding in Reardon Manor (left). Help him fight off some Headhunters who have been tracking him down (right).

Loot the loft, then head down the ladder (Letho can apparently absorb fall damage better than Geralt). Don’t worry, he’ll be fine, no matter how slow you are. Once you’re out on the manor grounds, help fight off a batch of Headhunters (levels six to eight), then Letho will talk to you again. When he’s done, offer to help him track down Louis.

Objective Reward
For fighting off the Headhunters 50 XP

Kill Louiss henchmen (left) then let Letho conclude his business with Louis (right).

When you reach the camp you and Letho will confront Louis. As one might expect, things end in violence. Dispatch Louis (level nine) and his goons (level six) and Letho will continue his chat from a position of somewhat more authority. Letho gets the information he wants, and leaves Louis to his fate.

Objective Reward
For confronting Louis 50 XP

Mount your horse and ride with Letho again, where you’ll get more story-time. Return to Lindenvale and Letho will lead you to some horses that can’t possibly be owned by anybody in this town. Letho will chat with a kid, then tell you to stay put. When Letho gets into trouble, Geralt will interfere. The bounty hunters warn Geralt off, and you can either cut down Vester (level eight) and his minions (levels six and eight), or stay out of trouble.

If you fight the bounty hunters Letho will complain that you spoiled his plans. If you leave the bounty hunters alone, encourage them to take Letho’s medallion to prove that he’s dead. Geralt gives them plenty of incentive to do so. Later, Letho will reveal his ruse, and head off. Now is a fine time to talk to Delores and finish off her quest, too.

Lethos confrontation with his hunters doesnt seem to go well for the Witcher (left). If you avoid conflict as Letho directed, youll be able to ask him to lay low at Kaer Morhen (right).

Witcher Wannabe (Level 10)

There’s one more quest in Lindenvale which may be available now… so why not get it out of the way while you’re here and all? Near the Notice Board you should find the village Ealdorman, who is busy complaining about Witcher. Talk to him to learn that some roguish Witcher seduced his daughter, and what’s worse, he offered to do a job for free! That dog won’t hunt, sir! The ever virtuous and chaste Geralt decides to take matters into his own hands, to clear the good name of Witchers everywhere. A Witcher? Seducing a woman? Scandal! This starts the quest “Witcher Wannabe” .

Return to the cemetery again and smite a Ghoul (level ten) near the entrance. Use your Witcher Senses to find some footprints, which lead you to your fellow Witcher, who is busy cowering near a sarcophagus. The coward will talk to you and expose his wrong-doings, shortly after which some visitors will arrive and question the arrival of a second Witcher.

Either lie to cover for the fake Witcher, or call him out for the fraud he is. If you lie on his behalf, Geralt will also make up a bogus Witcher rule, which imposes some form of punishment on the fraud. If you don’t cover for him, you can then convince the villagers to let him go (who surprisingly show mercy) or you can suggest that the villagers take him to see the village elder, who is decidedly less merciful. The quest reward is the same either way.

Objective Reward
For rescuing the “Witcher” 10 XP
For dealing with the fraud 75 XP


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