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Best Method to Farm Karma

Jarrod Garripoli

Disgaea 6 introduces a few new elements to the series, one of which is the Karma stat. This page will detail what Karma is and all of its uses inside of the game.

Karma is a new stat that is introduce in this game and is essentially used to help upgrade your characters in a variety of ways. Whenever you use Super Reincarnate to reset your level back to 1, you can earn some Karma, the amount which depends on the quality of the Reincarnation you do. So, if you only reincarnate at the weakest level, then you will not get as much Karma as if you reincarnate at Genius. At the max level of 99,999,999 and reincarnating at the Genius level, the max Karma you can receive is just shy of 125 million.

On the Reincarnation screen, where you can see your base stats, you can press Joy-Con-L/Joy-Con-R (Switch) or DualSense-L1/DualSense-R1 (Playstation) to switch tabs. The right tab will allow you to purchase a bunch of upgrades for that character, which are included in the table below. Regarding stats, once you reach 2,000, all of the stat points past that point for that particular stat will cost 5 million Karma each.

How to Increase the Karma Cap

It should be noted that there is a cap to your Karma for each character, which is slightly hidden from you at the beginning of the game. Any Karma that goes over this cap upon reincarnating will be lost, but you can exceed that cap during the reincarnation process, as long as you spend the Karma before finishing. To increase the Karma cap, you simply need to level your character, then redeem the corresponding D-Merits on the character’s Status page. It’s highly likely that the initial Karma cap is 10,000, with the first increase coming at level 2,000. Once you get all the way to level 99,999,999, the Karma cap will stop at 999,999,999,999. To give you an idea of how long it would take to reach that cap, you would need to Reincarnate at max level around 8,000 times.

List of All Karma Options

Unlock Ability Karma Needed
Lv Limit Break 1 20,000
Lv Limit Break 2 20,000,000
Stat Limit Break 500,000,000
Capability Limit - Carnage 100,000
Capability Limit - Rakshasa 100,000,000
Capability Limit - Yasha 500,000,000
Movement Up 1 1,000
Movement Up 2 50,000
Movement Up 3 2,500,000
Movement Up 4 100,000,000
Movement Up 5 500,000,000
Throw Range Up 1 1,000
Throw Range Up 2 50,000
Throw Range Up 3 2,500,000
Throw Range Up 4 100,000,000
Throw Range Up 5 500,000,000
Counter-Attacks Up 1 1,000
Counter-Attacks Up 2 50,000
Counter-Attacks Up 3 2,500,000
Counter-Attacks Up 4 100,000,000
Counter-Attacks Up 5 500,000,000
Jump Power Up 1 1,000
Jump Power Up 2 50,000
Jump Power Up 3 2,500,000
Jump Power Up 4 100,000,000
Jump Power Up 5 500,000,000
Attack Range Up 1 2,500,000
Attack Range Up 2 100,000,000
Attack Range Up 3 500,000,000
Damage Dealt Up 1 1,000
Damage Dealt Up 2 2,000
Damage Dealt Up 3 3,000
Damage Dealt Up 4 4,000
Damage Dealt Up 5 5,000
Damage Dealt Up 6 6,000
Damage Dealt Up 7 7,000
Damage Dealt Up 8 8,000
Damage Dealt Up 9 9,000
Damage Dealt Up 10 10,000
Damage Dealt Up EX 1 100,000
Damage Dealt Up EX 2 1,000,000
Damage Dealt Up EX 3 10,000,000
Damage Dealt Up EX 4 100,000,000

Best Way to Get Karma

As you can see, some of the options above are quite expensive, so you will need a lot of Karma, and quickly, to get them. If you take a look at the Best Leveling Maps page, you can see which ones to use to get a lot of levels quickly. The best option for Karma is to not actually go all the way to 99,999,999, as that takes a good while to do. If you can get to around 50,000,000 or so, then reincarnate, you should be able to get a lot more Karma than getting max level and doing it that way.

It should be noted that Pleinair has an Evility that grants some Karma upon defeating an enemy with it equipped. The amount you get from this Evility is so miniscule, it’s not even worth it, so it’s best to ignore it completely and just concentrate on leveling and reincarnating.


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