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How to Unlock More Evility Slots

Jarrod Garripoli

Evilities have been a mechanic in the Disgaea series since they debuted in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. They are passive abilities that can be equipped to your characters, with a wide ranged of effects. This page will give an overview on Evilities in Disgaea 6 Complete, as well as tell you how to unlock more Evility slots.

What Are Evilities

As already mentioned, Evilities are passive abilities that all characters in the game will be able to equip. They are split into two types, Unique Evilities and Common Evilities. When you begin a new game, all characters will come with a single Unique Evility slot and five Common Evility slots. All Unique Evilities will only take up a single slot, but Common Evilities work a bit differently. All Common Evilities will have a cost attributed to them, meaning you will need to worry about which ones you equip.

As an example, Power Knuckle will take up three Common Evility slots, while something like Poison Vaccine will only use a single Common Evility slot. So, you will need to do some thinking on which ones to equip, since you only have so much room. You will unlock more Common Evilities via the Skill Shop, which is unlocking during Episode 1, after completing the third stage. Purchasing new Evilities will cost Mana, which you receive at the end of the stage.

How to Unlock More Evilities

Now you know where to go to get the Evilities, how does one unlock more options for Evilities? For Common Evilities, there will be two ways to unlock more, one of which is related to D-Merits. If you’re unfamiliar, D-Merits are basically little achievements for each character, which you will unlock for them over the course of the game. Go to your menu, select a character, then go to Status, where you should see a bunch of tabs at the top, one of which will be D-Merits. All characters will have the same D-Merit list, so no one will be different. For each D-Merit you fulfill, you can go to that menu, highlight it and claim a reward.

Usually, these rewards aren’t anything too special, as you can get a lot of Extracts and Karma from them. However, there are some special rewards from D-Merits, and one of those is more Common Evilities. All of these are locked behind leveling up your character. Thankfully, you don’t have to do too much here to unlock those Evilities, as the Level 9,999 D-Merit will be the final goal you need to reach for the final set of Common Evilities.

The other way to unlock more Common Evilities is by using the Class Proficiency system, which carries over from Disgaea 5. All of the generic classes in the game, both human and monster, can be set as a subclass to any of the characters in the game, both general and unique. These are found in the Status menu, similar to the D-Merits, but under the Class tab. Set a class by pressing the confirm button, then kill enemies to earn stars for that class. As you increase the rank of your Class Proficiency, you will unlock Common Evilities related to that class in the Skill Shop. The easiest way to increase the Class Proficiency is with the Juice Bar.

How to Unlock More Evility Slots

As already mentioned above, every character in the game will begin with a single Unique Evility slot and five Common Evility slots. Leveling up, at least to 9,999, will unlock some more Common Evility slots, up to seven more (so 12 total). The rest of the Common Evility slots will be tied to D-Merits, specifically, the ones related to mastering classes (the Class Proficiency system mentioned above). You will need to master all of the classes available (see the Unlocking Human Classes and Monster Classes pages) to earn the rest of the Common Evility slots (up to 22 maximum).

For the Unique Evility slots, all characters will have their own, character/class-specific one in the first slot, which cannot be removed. The second Unique Evility slot is similar, as it will be filled with a specific Evility that increases your level limit, and this cannot be changed. It should be noted that story characters will have an additional Unique Evility slot that is unlocked during the course of the story; this, too, cannot be changed. The rest of the characters and classes do not have this extra Evility.

With that out of the way, there are two more Unique Evility slots that can be unlocked, which are available to all of the characters. For the first one, you will need to complete the Rakshasa V map. This is a challenging stage and requires you to have some powerful stats, so check out the link above for details on how to clear it easily. Once you do, a new bill will appear in the Dark Assembly, called Equip Unique Evility. It costs 100,000 Mana and has a very low chance of being passed normally, so it’s highly likely you will be passing it by force.

For the second Unique Evility slot you can unlock for all characters, you are going to be in for a long grind. The reason for this is because you need 100% D-Merits in order to unlock it. This is not that simple, since one of the D-Merits requires you to defeat 100,000 enemies with that character, so it will definitely be a long grind for that alone. You will also need to Super Reincarnate 100 times, defeat an Item God 2, and even use the Juice Bar 255 times. You might want to do this once, but doing it for multiple characters is definitely an arduous task.


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