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Best Leveling Maps

Jarrod Garripoli

Disgaea is a series that is all about seeing the highest numbers possible and in order to do that, you will need to level, a lot. This page will detail the best leveling maps in Disgaea 6 Complete.

Every Disgaea game has had a select few maps that made grinding a lot easier on the player, and Disgaea 6 Complete is no exception. It should be noted that the best maps for leveling in this game belong to story maps. Three of the four maps can be used after completing them in the main story, but the fourth, and best, leveling map will require you to wait until you unlock a certain option first. That option is called Back to Square One, which is available in the Cheat Shop, on another page. This option allows you to reset stages back to the version you encountered during the main story, as a lot of stages change on a second visit.

Before diving into the individual stages, let’s talk about how the EXP system in Disgaea 6 Complete works. Unlike previous games, where the character that defeated an enemy earned the experience for that kill, things work a bit differently in this game. Whenever a character defeats an enemy, the experience earned is thrown into a pool. At the end of the stage, all characters that were active during the battle (doesn’t matter if they did anything or not) will receive that experience. Thus, if you have a Statistician equipped on someone, make sure that it is on the one doing the killing (this also holds true for any EXP-boosting Evilities).

Human World - Rich Man’s Plaza (Stage 2-3)

The first stage that is good for leveling characters is Stage 2-3, which is Human World - Rich Man’s Plaza. You only have a single opponent in this battle, but he will revive three times before being defeated for good. He is considered a boss character, so he gives extra experience over normal enemies. Since you only have to deal with a single enemy, you don’t have to worry about getting swarmed. To make things even better, there is a EXP +50% effect covering a good portion of the battlefield.

Neo-Human World - Royal Chamber II (Stage 6-5)

On subsequent visits to this map, you will find a lone Lucky Board sitting on the other end of it. If you aren’t too familiar with Lucky Boards, they are special enemies that require you to deal damage greater than their current health (which will always be full at the beginning of a stage, of course). If you don’t do that, then you are basically doing zero damage to the Lucky Board. Considering the one on this stage is a EXP Lucky Board, then you are going to get a lot of experience for killing it.

Overlord’s Keep - Griffon Chamber (Stage 11-5)

This stage is similar to Royal Chamber II, except there will be three Lucky Boards this time. You will have one for EXP, one for HL, and another for Mana. The same situation will apply here, since they are all Lucky Boards, except they will be stronger than in Royal Chamber II. There is a little trick you can do here, depending on the character used when doing the killing. Since the Lucky Boards are not set up in a straight line, you can use a character to toss the EXP Board in between the other two, which will line them up perfectly.

Peaceful World - Bell of Blessing (Stage 14-5)

Bell of Blessing is definitely the best leveling map in the game, but it’s important to remember that you need to have Back to Square One set to On before doing it. The reason for this is that on subsequent visits, you only find some Lady Samurai, but the story iteration of the stage has five Gods of Destruction. Naturally, this can be a challenging stage to do, as the Gods of Destruction are not simple enemies. However, it has been proven to be one of the most efficient leveling stages in the game, even more than the Final stage of Martial Dimension (especially since that is locked to Rakshasa). Remember that if you’re doing this stage on Rakshasa difficulty, then you don’t need to go beyond 7* with the Enemy Strength, as the enemies will not yield anymore experience any higher.

Honorable Mention Leveling Maps

The maps detailed above will always be your go-to when leveling characters, as they become available during the course of the main story. However, there are some other maps that could potentially become proficient for leveling. That brings up the Martial Dimension, where almost every map will feature EXP Geo Effects on subsequent visits. The only problem with the Martial Dimension maps is that the difficulty is preset, and you cannot change it from Normal to Carnage or Rakshasa, or vice versa. That means you are stuck with what you see, and the only way to get more out of it is via increasing the Enemy Strength with the Cheat Shop. Also, some of the Geo Panels are pretty small on these maps, so you don’t have a lot of room to work with, meaning there is potential for enemies to step off of them.


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