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What to Do After Main Story is Complete

Jarrod Garripoli

So, you have finished the main story of Disgaea 6 and are now in the postgame, where the real fun begins. This page will give a guideline of how to accomplish and go through the postgame (called Postlude in the game).

Step 1 - Do the Postgame Story

One of the first things you should do upon finishing the main story is go to the Dark Assembly and pass the bill for the postgame story. The bill in question is called Accept an Overlord’s Challenge!, which will open up a series of maps to finish. It costs 50,000 Mana and has around a 40% approval rating, so you might need to do a little bribing on your end, or if you’re powerful enough, force the bill to pass. Now, you might need to grind a little bit during this portion of the postgame, as the last few maps can be rough, particularly the final one.

It is highly likely your characters will be level 9,999 by the end of this section, simply because the final battle of the postgame story has level 9,999 enemies. That is the maximum level you can achieve during this section, so if you’re still having trouble, then Super Reincarnate and use the Karma you’ve gained to increase your base stats, which in turn, will make you stronger as you level up again. It should be noted that there really is no need to go crazy with your equipment at this stage, due to how there are stronger versions of the items you already have equipped, so ignore that and just concentrate on levels and base stats.

Step 2 - Unlock the Carnage Dimension

Once you complete Step 1, then some new bills will appear in the Dark Assembly. For the sake of this step, you want to concentrate on the Challenge the Carnage Dimension! bill. This bill costs 250,000 Mana, and has around a 20% chance to pass normally, so you may need to do a lot of bribing or just pass it by force. Once you pass the bill, the Carnage Dimension will be unlock. Note that these stages are quite rough at the beginning, so you will need to do some training to get stronger. In addition to the Carnage Dimension, every story map will have a Carnage difficulty option.

On the stage selection screen, press L/R (Switch) or L1/R1 (Playstation) to change the difficulty for that map (look in the lower right corner to see the option change). Two new options will also appear whenever you use Super Reincarnation, in the Karma section of your character menus. These are Lv Limit Break 1 and Stat Limit Break 1. The first one will increase your level cap from 9,999 to 9,999,999, which is a big boost. The second one will change the base stat cap limit from 255 to 500, which might not seem all too big, but it definitely is a good boost.

Step 3 - Complete the Carnage Dimension Maps

You should now level up your characters with the newly unlocked power above, and begin going through the Carnage Dimension area maps. To put things into perspective a bit, with no increase in Enemy Strength via the Cheat Shop, the enemies in the first map are level 300,000. The final map has enemies at level 5,000,000, with no increase in difficulty. Finishing all of the maps will lead to…

Step 4 - Unlock the Rakshasa Dimension

Upon clearing the final Carnage Dimension area map, two new bills will appear in the Dark Assembly. One will unlock a new iteration of the fight with Super Overlord Baal, although it will be a Carnage Dimension version, so he’ll be a lot stronger. The other bill, Challenge the Rakshasa Dimension!, will do just as it says. It costs 1,000,000 Mana and has a 1% chance of success, so you will be forcing this bill to pass. If you’re at the max level of 9,999,999, then you should have absolutely no trouble with doing it by force.

Similar to the Carnage Dimension, there will now be a Rakshasa Dimension, complete with very challenging maps. In addition, the regular story maps will now have a Rakshasa version, accessed in the same way as the Carnage one. You will also receive a second level for Lv and Stat Limit Break whenever you Super Reincarnate. When you get these, the new level cap will be 99,999,999 (that’s the max), and the new base stat cap will be 2,000. If you wish to challenge the most difficult encounters this game has to offer, than you will want to get your base stats to 2,000, although it will take a lot of reincarnations and Karma to get there.

Step 5 - Complete the Rakshasa Dimension

The Rakshasa Dimension maps are going to be a big step up in difficulty over the Carnage Dimension ones. The first map will have enemies at level 12,500,000, while the final map’s enemies will be at the max level. It should be noted that enemies on the Carnage and Rakshasa difficulties will have Evilities that give them more power/damage, so that adds an unseen layer of challenge to things. The final map in the Rakshasa Dimension is particularly difficult, as there is an artificial stat cap in place on your characters until you clear it, so you will need to do some trickery on that map.

Another thing to note is that items and equipment have both Carnage and Rakshasa versions. The Rank 1 Carnage version of a weapon/armor is better than a Rank 40 Normal version, and the same holds true with the Rakshasa and Carnage comparison. So, you shouldn’t worry about leveling them up in the Item World too much, until you unlock the Rakshasa Dimension and begin getting those versions.

Step 6 - Challenge Rakshasa Baal

After completing the Rakshasa Dimension, you will unlock a new bill in the Dark Assembly, which will unlock the final version of Super Overlord Baal. This fight is the most challenging one in the game, and it cannot be brute forced, as you need a strategy for it. Also, the stat limit previously mentioned has been lifted, so you can go past the cap. You will also unlock the last base stat upgrade for Karma and Reincarnation, with the max being 4,000. These points past 2,000 cost a lot of Karma and are not needed at all, so only do it at your own discretion.


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