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How to Complete Rakshasa V

Jarrod Garripoli

There are some stages in the game that you can’t really brute force, or even use auto-battle on, since they are designed in such a way that doesn’t really allow them. This page will give some tips and tricks on how to complete the Rakshasa V map, in the Rakshasa Dimension area.

How to Complete Rakshasa V

Rakshasa V is the final map of the Rakshasa Dimension area and definitely one of the more challenging maps in the game. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is that you can only increase your stats so much before the game stops you. Yes, there is a stat cap 999,999,999,999 and you need to clear this stage in order to break that limit. That is another reason why you can’t really auto-battle this stage, since the enemies can still put a hurting on you, especially with their set of Evilities.

So, how do you complete Rakshasa V, then? Well, there is one trick you can use to make this battle a lot easier on yourself. First and foremost, you will need the Mecha Girl class for this, so hopefully you’ve been leveling one up with the rest of your characters. That character should have at least 500,000,000,000 stats or more, so you don’t particularly need the cap to finish the stage, although the higher the number, the better off you will be. If you’ve been leveling up equipment, too, that definitely helps a lot. While doing the Item World, you will want to focus on getting the status ailment Innocents (minus the Charm one).

With that Mecha Girl and the status-inflicting Innocents, you should be more than ready. Level up your Full Strike skill to a point where you can use it plenty of times, with some power behind it. You will also want some other characters that have been built up to help things along, as you will see shortly. Those other characters don’t really need any of the Innocents mentioned above, as only the Mecha Girl needs them. However, increasing the attack range on their weapons is a great idea, as it will let them attack from a safe distance, without putting them in harm’s way.

When you begin the stage, only take out your Mecha Girl, put her two panels behind your base panel, and use Full Strike. This should inflict Paralysis, Weaken and Poison on almost all of the enemies. End your turn, then do that again, which should put all of the enemies under the status ailments now. You can begin bringing out your other strong characters, where you will only really want to use normal attacks on the enemies, if your other skills aren’t leveled. Just make sure you are using Full Strike every turn or two, to reapply the ailments. Also, you will be forced to take the Full Strike from the enemy Mecha Girl in the far back.


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