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How to Unlock All Unique Characters

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the biggest parts of a Disgaea game is the ability to unlock a bunch of units that you can use in battle. This page will detail how to unlock all of the Unique Characters in the game.

Unique Characters have always been one of the biggest boons of the Disgaea series, as they are typically are always part of the story, so you get to experience their personality and become attached to them. Also, some of the Unique Characters tend to be quite powerful, especially the main protagonists. There are three different sets of Unique Characters in Disgaea 6; those from the main story, those from the postgame, and the DLC characters.

Story Characters

Simply going through the main story will net you an additional six characters, besides Zed, the protagonist.

Character When They Unlock
Zed Unlocked from beginning
Misedor Episode 2
Melodia Episode 3
Piyori Episode 4
Overlord Ivar Act 2, Episode 1
Beiko Act 2, Episode 3

Postgame Characters

There are three new characters, who will be familiar to Disgaea fans and veterans, that you can unlock once you finish the main story. When you do, a new bill will appear in the Dark Assembly, called Accept an Overlord’s Challenge!. It costs 50,000 Mana, so you might need to farm that some (use the Cheat Shop to increase your Mana gain). Additionally, you might need to grind some for the upcoming battles, as the enemies can be quite challenging. There will be eight stages to complete, with the last one pitting you against ten Level 9999 enemies, three of which are bosses. Upon completing all of the stages, you will unlock the three characters.

Character When They Unlock
Laharl Clear postgame story
Etna Clear postgame story
Flonne Clear postgame story

DLC Characters

In order to unlock these characters, you will need to purchase the DLC (Switch). Note that in Disgaea 6 Complete, all of the DLC will come with the game, so you don’t have to purchase anything extra. Head to the DLC NPC in your base and make sure you apply all of the DLC characters to your game. Doing this will open a new area with the Dimensional gatekeeper, unlocking stages. Complete those stages to unlock the characters.

Character Stage to Unlock
Adell Complete Final Battlefield
Rozalin Complete Zenon’s Dead Dreams
Girl Laharl Complete Overlord’s Recital
Asagi Complete Root of Reincarnation
Mao Complete Pursuit of Truth
Raspberyl Complete Backache Relief Room
Valvatorez Complete Re-Education Camp
Pleinair Complete Prinny World Frontier
Fuka Complete World Domination
Desco Complete Final Boss-to-Be
Killia Complete Culinary Overlord
Usalia Complete Sweet Curry Supreme


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