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What is the Item World?

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will give an overview of the Item World, as well as how to use it to your advantage.

The Item World has been a staple of the series since the very beginning. It essentially allows you to dive into any item in your inventory, whether it’s a weapon, piece of armor, or even a consumable, and make it stronger. The Item World is unlocked during Chapter 2 and all of the items you go into will have their dungeons completely randomized. That means the enemies you fight inside, as well as the layout of the floors, chests and other intricacies, will be different every time you enter. As you dive deeper into an item, the more difficult things will get, as enemies will become progressively harder.

Of course, the better the item, the harder the enemies will be from the beginning, so it’s best to know your limits. In order to progress to the next floor, you will need to do one of two things. On each floor, there will be a portal that will take you to the next one, provided one of your characters steps on it. Sometimes, there will be an enemy on that portal, so you will need to defeat/move it in order to gain access to it. The other method to advance simply requires you to defeat all of the enemies on that given floor.

Items will only level to 9,999, but you can still continue to go through the floors of the item to boost its stats more. There are four different rarities for items, which are Common, Rare, Legendary, and Epic. The rarity of an item is determined by the number next to Rare on the item card. The better the Rarity, the more stats you will get out of an item. You can increase this Rarity number by simply going through the Item World for that particular item. Killing Item Bosses will increase it, as well as clearing Mystery Rooms that have fights. This Rarity number maxes out at 100, which is considered Epic.

How to Exit the Item World

You’re going through an item and things are looking a bit grim for your party, so you want to leave. Well, there’s only two ways to leave the Item World once you enter, unless you count getting a Game Over as a third one. For every ten floors to progress, you will have a floor with an Item Boss, a stronger than normal enemy (see the table below for the Item Bosses and their respective floors). Every tenth floor also gives you an opportunity to leave the Item World, so definitely do that if you have been struggling.

Item Boss Floors
Item General 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, 80
Item King 30, 60, 90
Item God/Item God 2 100
  • The Item God 2 will only spawn on Floor 100 if the level of the item is 80+ upon arriving on that floor.

The other way to leave the Item World is with an item called Mr Gency Exit. You will get one of these upon first visiting the Item World, but the rest of them will have to be found. You will receive a Gency Exit for completing every Item Boss floor, provided you kill all of the enemies. There is also a Mystery Room that can be found, where you are able to purchase them, although they tend to be a bit expensive. That makes the Item Boss floor the best way to farm these, and you should always have a few whenever you go through the Item World, as you never know what might happen.

Innocent Town

Upon completing every 10th floor, you will arrive in a rest area, which has been dubbed Innocent Town. This is where you will have the option to continue onto the next floor or exit the item. There will also be a merchant here, which differs slightly from the normal one back at your base. The merchant’s items are a one-time offer, so if you exit the shop, you will not be able to go back into it. Also, the items are of a limited inventory, unlike being able to purchase more than one of an item in the normal shop. You might also see items of Rare or Legendary rarity in there, so it’s always a good idea to check the shop.

The last NPC you will find in Innocent Town is the Netherworld Hospital. Unlike the normal game, where you get healed automatically after every stage, that doesn’t happen in the Item World, so your HP and SP status will carry over from one floor to the next. That is where the Netherworld Hospital comes into play, as you can visit Innocent Town and have this NPC heal you to full.

Mystery Rooms

Every so often, you will come across another portal on some floors, different to the next floor’s exit and your Base Panel. These lead to Mystery Rooms, which are little rooms that can differ greatly, depending on the actual content in them. Some of the Mystery Rooms might provide a shop, where you can purchase items you normally couldn’t otherwise, while others will force you into a battle with enemies. Note that you will never be automatically forced into a battle upon entering a Mystery Room, as all battles require you to speak with specific NPCs first. Sometimes, the battle will occur after speaking to multiple NPCs or one multiple times. You will want to be careful, though, as some battles in these Mystery Rooms are a lot more challenging than normal fights. Should you complete a battle, though, then you will receive some bonus growth for that item.


As you’re exploring the Item World, you will undoubtedly run across special NPCs on floors that are a little different. These are Innocents and they are usually neutral during a battle, meaning they will attack whomever they want. If you happen to defeat an Innocent, then they will become subdued on that item and will grant their power to it. While it’s not necessarily the only way for them to appear, Innocents are usually on the item before you dive into the Item World. When looking at the item card, you can hit the right analog stick to the right to view a second page, where you should see if there are Innocents or not.

If there is a reddish face next to the Innocent, then it means they are unsubdued. If the face is yellow, that means they are subdued, which is done using the method listed above. A subdued Innocent will have its value doubled, plus you will be able to move that Innocent to another item, if you wish. You will also be able to combine the same type of Innocents (Gladiator and Gladiator), but only if they are subdued. Note that Innocents have a cap of some kind, like the Gladiator for example, which can only reach 99,999,999.

Some Innocents have a soft cap, meaning that while you can only have 99,999,999 of a single Gladiator, you can equip more than one Gladiator to reap their benefits. However, some have a hard cap, meaning no matter how many stacks you equip of that kind of Innocent, you will never gain the benefit of the extra ones.

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