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Disgaea 6 Complete

How to Unlock the Carnage Dimension

Jarrod Garripoli

A lot of people familiar to the Disgaea series will say that the main story is nothing but a tutorial, as a lot of gameplay will be left to the postgame content. The Carnage Dimension initially appeared in Disgaea 2, and has been present, in some form, in all other Disgaea games since. This page will detail how to unlock the Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 6 Complete and what it entails.

How to Unlock the Carnage Dimension

Before even thinking about unlocking the Carnage Dimension, you will first need to complete the main story. Once you do that, you will enter the Postlude section of the game, where you will be able to unlock a little postgame story. Pass the bill, Accept an Overlord’s Challenge, to unlock a series of maps that pertain to that little story. Upon completing that story, then you will see another bill in the Dark Assembly, called Challenge the Carnage Dimension! bill. This bill costs 250,000 Mana, and has around a 20% chance to pass normally, so you may need to do a lot of bribing or just pass it by force. Once you pass the bill, the Carnage Dimension will be unlock.

Note that these stages are quite rough at the beginning, so you will need to do some training to get stronger. In addition to the Carnage Dimension, every story map will have a Carnage difficulty option. On the stage selection screen, press L/R (Switch) or L1/R1 (Playstation) to change the difficulty for that map (look in the lower right corner to see the option change).

What is the Carnage Dimension

The Carnage Dimension is a more challenging version of the game, split into two facets. The first is the actual Carnage Dimension area accessible from the Dimensional Guide. This is your end goal of the Carnage Dimension, but the fights in those stages are quite rough straight from first unlocking them. What unlocking the Carnage Dimension also does is allow you to uncap your level and base stat max. In order to find these, you will have to Super Reincarnate your characters and go to the potential tab, where you assign Karma. There should be two new options here, called Lv Limit Break 1 and Stat Limit Break 1, allowing you to level past 9,999 and get higher base stats, respectively.

The new level limit will be 9,999,999 and the new base stat limit will be 500. You should pick a handful of characters you deem your main party and begin leveling them up, while also boosting their base stats to that new cap with your Karma. To put things into a little bit of a perspective, the final stage of the postgame story bit has enemies at level 9,999. The enemies on the first map of the Carnage Dimension area are level 300,000, while the enemies on the final map of the Carnage Dimension area are level 5,000,000. As you increase your levels and base stats, you will get Carnage items, but it’s best to not waste too much time with these, as you will be getting better versions with the Rakshasa Dimension.

Completing all of the Carnage Dimension area maps will put a new bill in the Dark Assembly to unlock the Rakshasa Dimension.

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