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List of Mystery Rooms

Jarrod Garripoli

Every so often, you will come across another portal on some floors, different to the next floor’s exit and your Base Panel. These lead to Mystery Rooms, which are little rooms that can differ greatly, depending on the actual content in them. Some of the Mystery Rooms might provide a shop, where you can purchase items you normally couldn’t otherwise, while others will force you into a battle with enemies. Note that you will never be automatically forced into a battle upon entering a Mystery Room, as all battles require you to speak with specific NPCs first. Sometimes, the battle will occur after speaking to multiple NPCs or one multiple times. You will want to be careful, though, as some battles in these Mystery Rooms are a lot more challenging than normal fights. Should you complete a battle, though, then you will receive some bonus growth for that item.

Gatekeeper Remover

You will appear in a lounge-like area, with a Clergy standing behind the desk. Speaking to her will give you the option to block the portal gates to floors from having enemies on them. There will be a few options here, ranging from 5 floors worth (50,000 HL), to 50 floors worth (10 million HL). Leaving the Item World at all while this effect is in play will remove it completely. This can be good for the early levels of going through the Item World, but once you become powerful enough, there really is no reason to bother with it.

(1 of 2) The Gatekeeper Remover Mystery Room

The Gatekeeper Remover Mystery Room (left), The Chest Room Mystery Room (right)

Chest Room

If you come to see this Mystery Room, then you will be able to get a bunch of treasures from it. There will be a total of 16-17 chests in this Mystery Room, with a lot of chests in the four corners of the room. There will also be a good number on the platform you start out on, but there is one slightly hidden chest you can’t see normally. That one will be on top of the golden statue here, so you might need to have the double or triple jump to get to it. Despite looking like normal chests, they can give out Rare and Legendary items.

Towertop Item God

When you first enter this Mystery Room, you might think there’s nothing there. However, what you can’t see is that there’s a Prinny at the very top of the tower. In order to get to him, you will need a lot of jumping power, which you get from a high level. You will also want to make sure you have the Life Support Unit Squad maxed out, as this allows you to perform a triple jump. When you get to the top, speaking to the Prinny will present you with three options, although this is all but an illusion of choice. Picking any of the boxes will unlock a Unique Innocent for the item you are currently inside of, which is one of two ways to unlock them.

A Prinny God is waiting for you at the top of the Towertop Mystery Room

Board Room

When you arrive to this Mystery Room, you will find a 9x9 formation of Lucky Boards in the center of it, as well as another Lucky Board off to the side, next to the Guide. To complete this room, simply speak to the lone Lucky Board four times to begin a fight with all of them. Remember that Lucky Boards are special enemies that only take damage whenever you deal enough to basically one-shot them. If you don’t do that, then they will take no damage at all.

Item Worlder Shop

If you happen to find this Mystery Room, you should rejoice a little bit. This is a shop run by the Item Worlder NPC herself, and she will be selling you items that are related to the Item World itself. You will find items like the Gency Exits (the biggest prize here), Fillers and Divers. Note that you only have a single opportunity to shop, as once you exit the shop’s menu, you will not be able get another chance at that instance (you will have to find the Mystery Room again). The items are a bit expensive in the early to mid game, so keep that in mind.

Shopping Mall

This Mystery Room will have two shops in it. The Black Marketeer will sell bribery items you can use to bribe Senators in the Dark Assembly. It’s important to note that he can sometimes sell the Premium Crab Brains, an item needed to unlock the Pincer Shell monster class. The Peddler is just a normal shop, although the contents of said shop seem to be random. The Magical Manager at the far end seems like a shop, but doesn’t actually do anything (probably because the Juice Bar functions as a means to raise Mana). As with the other shops in the Item World, you only get a single chance to purchase items, as once you get out of the shop’s menu, you’re not allowed back into it.

The shops only allow you to go once into their menu before locking you out

Asagi Fan Club

The Asagi Fan Club is a Mystery Room that, as its name says, contains five members of the Asagi Fan Club. Speak to the Leader in the middle of the room and you will be presented with three options:

  • Hell yeah!
  • Uh…who the hell is Asagi?
  • You kidding!? I’m her No.1 fan!

Picking the second will kick you out of the room immediately, before you can even do anything. Choosing the third option will get the leader angry, starting a fight with all of the Asagi Fan Club. The first option will net you an item.

Clone Room

Simply speak to the Psychic in charge to begin the battle

You will find a room with a Psychic class character, as well as five Prinnies, with all of the latter’s names being Clone. Speak to the Psychic twice to start a fight with all of the enemies. Being that there are Prinnies here, you can simply throw one towards the middle of that roow to start a chain reaction and get rid of them immediately. Other than that, simply treat it like any other battle, as there is nothing special about the enemies.

Bank Room

You’ll appear in a nice-looking room, with a Mecha Girl on the far end, behind a large desk. She is the Bank Clerk and speaking to her initiate the chain of events. You will randomly have a chance of receiving some HL from her, starting with 5,000 HL, then increasing to 10,000 HL, and even more. However, at any chance, she could get angry and summon a pack of enemies, initiating a fight. While the Bank Clerk herself is weak, the other enemies are anything but weak. It’s best to just avoid this room anytime you see it, as there is a good chance you might get overpowered by the enemies and there’s much easier ways to farm money.

Hot Pot Master Room

Despite the name, you will find a pair of factions about to start a battle here, between the Pincer Shells and the Evil Eyes. The Pincer Shells like hot pots, while the Evil Eyes like sukiyaki. Speaking to the leader of each faction will give you an option to either side with them or think about it some more. Choose a side and you will do battle with the opposing side, with the one you chose being neutral. You only need to defeat all of the members of the opposing side to finish.

Duel Shop

You will find a lone enemy in the middle of the room, who will ask if you wish to fight them. This fight is a little different than the others, as you are going to be doing a one-on-one battle (hence the Duel Shop name). If you are doing auto-battle, the person at the top of the list will be brought out, so it’s a good idea to have your strongest character there.

Gym Room

Speak to the Armor Knight on the left multiple times to start the fight

You will be in what appears as a gym, with four Muscleheads in the corners at gym equipment. In the middle of the room will be a Gentleman and a Princess Knight, who talk about working out. If you continue to talk to the Princess Knight, though, a battle will eventually start, pitting you against all of the NPCs in the room. There’s really nothing too difficult about this battle, though, so treat it like any other.


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