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How to Unlock All Human Classes

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the biggest parts of a Disgaea game is the ability to unlock a bunch of units that you can use in battle. This page will detail how to unlock all of the Human Classes in the game.

If you’ve played Disgaea 5, then you should have a thought about how to unlock the majority of the Human Classes in Disgaea 6. Before diving into that, let’s cover the Subclasses mechanic. Every character in the game, including the Uniques, has the ability to assign a subclass to themselves. Go to your main menu, select Characters, then press the confirm button on any character for another menu. Select Status and you will see some tabs at the top of the screen now. Move around the tabs with the left and right buttons on the Directional Pad, going over to Class. This is all of the Class Proficiency for that particular character, measured in stars.

Each star will represent a rank for that subclass, and you need to make sure that subclass is selected in order to start earning experience towards it. Once you have selected a subclass, simply defeat enemies to earn experience, noting that the more stars you have for a particular subclass, the longer it will take to earn the next one. Thankfully, to unlock the Human Classes, you don’t really need to delve too deep into the ranks. Getting subclass ranks will help your stats upon Reincarnation, as well as unlock the Evilities of that class for use.

How to Unlock All Human Classes

Class How to Unlock Notes
Warrior Unlocked from beginning
Martial Artist Unlocked from beginning
Clergy Unlocked from beginning
Witch Unlocked from beginning
Thief Complete Steeling to Steal quest Create Martial Artist to finish quest
Archer Complete On the Hunt quest 1-star Warrior and 1-star Clergy
Gunner Complete Picking a Partner quest 1-star Warrior and 1-star Clergy
Ninja Complete Ninja Nite quest 2-star Martial Artist and 1-star Thief
Armor Knight Complete Worthy of Guarding quest 2-star Warrior and 2-star Martial Artist
Samurai Complete Loyal Blade quest 2-star Warrior and 1-star Archer
Magic Knight Complete Magical Warrior quest 2-star Warrior and 2-star Witch
Psychic Complete Psychic Squadron quest 2-star Clergy and 2-star Witch
Mecha Girl Complete Robot Army quest 2-star Gunner and 2-star Armor Knight

To give a quick summary, you will need the following subclasses at the following ranks:

  • 2-star Warrior
  • 2-star Clergy
  • 2-star Martial Artist
  • 2-star Witch
  • 1-star Thief
  • 1-star Archer
  • 2-star Gunner
  • 2-star Armor Knight


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