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List of Unique Innocents

Jarrod Garripoli

In addition to normal Innocents, there are other Innocents you can get on your items. These Unique Innocents are special, as they aren’t found in the normal way as the usual Innocents. There are two ways to go about obtaining these Unique Innocents, making a quick note that the one you will receive is completely random. The first method is by killing an Item God, as that will always grant you a random Unique Innocent.

The second method in obtaining one of these Unique Innocents is via a Mystery Room. There is a particular one that requires you to jump to the top of a large tower, where you will find a Prinny God at the summit. In order to reach the top, you will want to make sure the level of the character you are using is high, as well as have the Life Support Unit Squad maxed out. This Squad, when maxed out, grants you a triple jump.

How to Change Unique Innocents

You have unlocked a bunch of Unique Innocents for an item, but realize an item can only have one of them equipped at a time. So, how exactly for you change Unique Innocents on an item? First, go to the Item Worlder NPC and choose the second option, Enhance Item. From there, you select the item you have Unique Innocents on, noting one little thing. If there isn’t a Unique Innocent actually equipped to the item and it’s full of normal Innocents, then you will need to make room, as the Unique Innocent actually takes up one of the slots. With that out of the way, after selecting the item, you should see an option to Transfer Unique Innocent, which is what you need.

List of All Unique Innocents

There is a total of 51 Unique Innocents in the game, with each item having their own set. That means if you want to unlock all of the Unique Innocents for all four pieces of equipment for a character, you will need to go through all four of those items to get them, one by one. They are not shared across items.

Innocent Description
Burner Add fire element to attacks
Blower Add Wind element to attacks
Freezer Add Water element to attacks
Ambusher Targets of attacks will not counter-attack
Town Crier Increase counter-attacks by 5
Secret Trainer Boost stat increase when leveling up by 10%
Flyer Set unit’s movement type to Flying
Fish Strong Reverse damage dealt during a normal attack
Combo Maker Boost number of normal attacks by 2
Berry Picker Raise team attack rate to 100%
Kinder Gardner Decrease damage taken by 10%
Bug King Increase throw range by 3
Mana Robber Increase Mana Gain by 30%
Juicer Increase chance of being the target of enemy attacks
Magic Lobber Increase spell range by 5, but decrease spell damage by -75%
Sumo Wrestler Increase damage dealt by all ally monster units on map by 20%
Slasher Increase damage dealt to humanoid units by 50%
Sand Thrower When attacking, reduce target unit’s HIT by 50% (Lasts 3 turns)
Rainbow Warrior Increase all elemental resistances, except star, by 10%
Utilitarian Recover 5% SP at end of turn
Watermelon Slasher Increase damage dealt by 20%, but decrease accuracy by -30% when attacking
Treasure Hunter 10% chance of finding a treasure chest when defeating an enemy
Tag Champion When attacking, target unit will survive fatal damage with 1 HP
All Digger Increase damage by 30% when attacking from behind
Junkie Increase stats by 20% per ailment afflicted with
Close-Quarter Cannon Set spell range to 1, but increase spell damage by 200%
Mogul Increase Bonus Gauge rate by 30%
Slide Tackler When attacking, decrease target unit’s movement by 1. (Lasts 3 turns)
Sweet Tempter Recover 5% HP at end of turn
Homeopathic Healer When attacking, reduce target unit’s ATK by 20% (Lasts 3 turns)
Blood Pumper Increase stats by 30% when HP is below 30%
Sun Bather 50% chance to inflict sleep when attacking
Joke Slapper 50% chance to inflict amnesia when attacking
Love Therapist 50% chance to inflict charm when attacking
Howler 50% chance to inflict paralysis when attacking
Chalkboard Scraper 50% chance to inflict weaken when attacking
Rubber During a normal attack, cure target’s ailments
Habitual Licker 10% of damage dealt with attacks is also dealt to SP
Spear Fisherman Recover 10% HP when performing a normal attack
Gourmet Chef Recover 20% HP when defeating an enemy with a normal attack
Balanced Dieter Set all elemental and weapon resistances to 0
Watersport Athlete Increase water element damage dealt by 20%
Punisher Normal attacks have a 20% chance of deathblowing enemies from behind
HP Crammer Increase HP growth rate by 20%
SP Crammer Increase SP growth rate by 20%
ATK Crammer Increase ATK growth rate by 20%
DEF Crammer Increase DEF growth rate by 20%
INT Crammer Increase INT growth rate by 20%
RES Crammer Increase RES growth rate by 20%
HIT Crammer Increase HIT growth rate by 20%
SPD Crammer Increase SPD growth rate by 20%


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