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Succubus Evilities List

Jarrod Garripoli

Evilities have been a mechanic in the Disgaea series since they debuted in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. They are passive abilities that can be equipped to your characters, with a wide ranged of effects. This page will list all of the Evilities that unlock for the Succubus class, as well as point out any standout Evilities that can be good for builds.

In order to get the Common Evilities from the Classes for other characters, you will need to increase the Class Proficiency for that characters through the subclass system. For example, if you wish to get the Warrior Evilities for Zed, then you need to set the Warrior as his subclass and rank it up, then purchase them from the Skill Shop. Every class has five Common Evilities, with each rank adding an additional Evility to the shop, so you need at least Rank 5 to get all of the Common Evilities from a single class.

(1 of 4) You need to earn stars as the subclass to unlock their Evilities

As far as Unique Evilities go, each of the classes will have one that will be stuck on that character and cannot be changed out at all. In order to get the classes’ Unique Evilities on other characters, you will first need to master that class through the subclass system. After doing that, you will then need to unlock an Unique Evility slot for that character. For more information on that, visit the How to Unlock More Evility Slots page.

Succubus’s Unique Evility

The Succubus’ Unique Evility is called Sexy Aura, and any male enemies that are adjacent to the character with this Evility will have their stats decreased by 20%. Naturally, this is highly situational, as you must fulfill two conditions for it to happen. The first is that the enemy unit must be male, and the second is that they must be adjacent to the unit with this Evility. Because of those being quite situational, it might be better to go with another Evility, although the stats decrease could be pretty good.

List of Common Evilities (Succubus)

Icon Common Evility Description Mana Cost Slots
D6BrainwashWaveIcon.png Temptation 50% chance to inflict Charm when attacking normally 100 2
D6PowerAxeIcon.png Punishing Punisher Increase damage dealt to charmed units by 100% 250 3
D6ArrowKneeIcon.png Bones Out After attacking, decrease DEF on target unit by 30% (Lasts 3 turns) 1,000 4
D6HappySongIcon.png Shame Increase stats by 5% per male unit on the map 2,500 4
D6BrainwashWaveIcon.png Charm Pheromones Charm adjacent male enemy units at the end of turn 5,000 5

The Succubus’ Common Evilities kind of revolve around the Charm ailment. While it is not a bad ailment, you can effectively ignore the Temptation Evility, since it can be replaced by an Innocent. The other Charm-related Evilities are situational, either because you have to have an adjacent male enemy next to you, or the enemy unit needs to be Charmed in order to take advantage of the extra damage. There are other Evilities out there that give you a boost in damage without needing to be Charmed. Bones Out could be great on a character that is attacking first in a combo, as it would allow the follow up characters do more damage. Shame could be useful, if you run a lot of male units, but Fetters accomplishes the full 100% stat boost, while only sealing specials.


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