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How to Unlock the Martial Dimension

Jarrod Garripoli

Every Disgaea game has had an area that contained a multitude of maps that was both a challenge, but also provided an opportunity to grind some levels. Called Cave of Ordeals in past titles, it is now known as the Martial Dimension in Disgaea 6. This page will detail how to unlock all of the stages in the Martial Dimension and give an overview of the area.

How to Unlock the Martial Dimension

The Martial Dimension is an area that will be unlocked over time, with the bill to unlock it appearing during the middle of the main story itself. However, you will be stuck to the first stage for the area, until you beat the main story, which is when the bill for the second level will appear in the Dark Assembly. Yes, for each Trial, you will need to pass a bill from the Dark Assembly to actually unlock the stage, so it’s important to remember that as you’re going through them. The Third Trial will unlock in the Dark Assembly after passing the Challenge the Carnage Dimension! bill, with the fourth being available after completing the third. The same holds true for the fifth, which requires passing the Challenge the Rakshasa Dimension! bill, and the Final Trial showing up after finishing the Fifth Trial.

As a quick overview, consult the table below on when the various Trials in the Martial Dimension unlock, noting you will need to pass a bill to actually make each one available.

Trial When They Unlock
First Trial During the main story
Second Trial After completing main story
Third Trial Pass the Challenge the Carnage Dimension! bill
Fourth Trial Complete the Third Trial
Fifth Trial Pass the Challenge the Rakshasa Dimension! bill
Final Trial Complete the Fifth Trial

It’s important to remember a few things about the Martial Dimension, one of which is that the levels are locked into a specific difficulty. That means you will not be able to change the difficulty on these levels, like you would with almost every other one in the game. The first two stages are locked to Normal, the middle two locked to Carnage, and the final two locked to Rakshasa. That should also give you an idea on where you should be when attempting to clear them. The other important thing to remember about the Martial Dimension is that they always have a more traditional battle first, usually set to challenge you, then become different on subsequent visits.

Martial Dimension - Final Trial

While the other Martial Dimension maps have pseudo-grinding spots on subsequent visits, the true star of the area lies in the Final Trial. On second and more visits, you will find some more Lucky Boards, similar to the ones you likely saw mentioned on the Best Leveling Maps page. This stage is probably the second best leveling map in the game, but it can be challenging to get started on it, due to how the Lucky Boards work. You need to do enough damage to them to exceed their current HP, which is usually always maxed. If you do not do this, then the Lucky Boards will just shrug it off as if it was nothing. Also, for this stage, you only need to defeat the EXP Lucky Board to complete the stage, so you don’t really need to worry about the others, if you don’t wanna.


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