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Magic Knight Evilities List

Jarrod Garripoli

Evilities have been a mechanic in the Disgaea series since they debuted in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. They are passive abilities that can be equipped to your characters, with a wide ranged of effects. This page will list all of the Evilities that unlock for the Magic Knight class, as well as point out any standout Evilities that can be good for builds.

In order to get the Common Evilities from the Classes for other characters, you will need to increase the Class Proficiency for that characters through the subclass system. For example, if you wish to get the Warrior Evilities for Zed, then you need to set the Warrior as his subclass and rank it up, then purchase them from the Skill Shop. Every class has five Common Evilities, with each rank adding an additional Evility to the shop, so you need at least Rank 5 to get all of the Common Evilities from a single class.

(1 of 4) You need to earn stars as the subclass to unlock their Evilities

As far as Unique Evilities go, each of the classes will have one that will be stuck on that character and cannot be changed out at all. In order to get the classes’ Unique Evilities on other characters, you will first need to master that class through the subclass system. After doing that, you will then need to unlock an Unique Evility slot for that character. For more information on that, visit the How to Unlock More Evility Slots page.

Magic Knight’s Unique Evility

The Magic Knight’s Unique Evility is called Elemental Force, and it will reflect that character’s elemental resistance value onto elemental attacks. Basically, if your elemental resistance is high, then your elemental attacks of that same element will be stronger. This can be great on characters using spells, since those are always elemental. The only minor problem is that Star resistance is not something you can manipulate, so not many units can take advantage of this Evility for that.

List of Common Evilities (Magic Knight)

Icon Common Evility Description Mana Cost Slots
D6HoldLineIcon.png Elemental Rise Increase resistances to all elements except star by 10% 100 2
D6SuperGutsIcon.png Mana Blade Add 50% of INT to attack power when attacking with a sword 250 2
D6StaffHealingIcon.png Oracle Sword Recover 20% of damage dealt as SP when normal attacking with a sword 1,000 3
D6SpiritProtectionIcon.png Spirit Protection Increase resistances of all ally units on the map to all elements except star by 15% 2,500 4
D6CasterIcon.png Spirit Gun When performing a non-elemental attack, add element of unit’s highest resistance 5,000 4

The Magic Knight has a mix of some support Evilities, some of which are actually pretty good, depending on how you look at things. Spirit Protection will boost the resistances of all allies on the map by 15% (except for Star), and that is definitely a great help. Of course, resistances only go to 99 and you can definitely get the same value from Innocents. It should be noted that this can help those with negative resistances, since the Innocents only stack to 100. If the Magic Knight is using a sword, then you can get a boost to your normal attack (based on 50% of your INT) with Mana Blade.


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