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Item Rank Chart

Jarrod Garripoli

Something that has been prevalent in every Disgaea game is Item Rank, which is hidden from the player, but determines a few things regarding said items. This page will detail how Item Rank functions, as well as present a chart that lists the Item Rank for the majority of the items in the game.

What is Item Rank

As mentioned above, the Item Rank is something that is brought up a lot amongst the community, but it is never revealed to the player in the games. Item Rank is basically a tier that an item belongs to, which determines other items you might receive when diving into the Item World and such. Item Rank becomes especially important whenever you’re going after the strongest items in the game, since you normally cannot purchase them from the General Store. You will not be able to get past a certain Rank in the shop, as the General Store only sells up to Rank 32 items. The rest of the Ranks will require you to go into the Item World and either loot them from chests/Bonus Gauge, steal them from enemies, or one other method that is closely related to the second.

How to Get Rank 40 Items

Rank 40 items/equipment is the best you can get in Disgaea 6, but you will need to earn them. As mentioned above, you cannot get above Rank 32 in the shop, so you will need to hunt down the rest of the Ranks. Note that this will pertain to the Rakshasa equivalent of the items, as there is really no need to go after the normal ones. If you do wish to go after the normal versions of the items, it’s a good idea to do some of the D-Merits, as some of the Item World-related ones will net you some Emblems, including the Rank 40 one (for defeating an Item God 2).

If you are going after the higher Rank items on the Rakshasa difficulty, then look no further than Rakshasa V in the Rakshasa Dimension area. You will see that the enemies on this stage will have Rank 37 and Rank 38 equipment on them, but if you take a closer look at the Mecha Girl in the back, you will notice she has an Arcadia equipped. This is the Rank 39 Emblem, so if you can manage to steal it, then you can dive into its Item World and potentially try for the Rank 40 Emblem, the Trapezohedron, which is one of the best items in the game.

So, how does one actually get the Rank 40 items then? Well, you need to go into the Item World of a Rank 39 item, then make it to floor 100. It should be noted that if the level of the item isn’t 80+ by the time you reach floor 100, then you will lose the opportunity to get the Rank 40 item on that particular item. The reason for this is that the Item God is who normally appears on floor 100, but if the item level is 80+, then it will be replaced by an Item God 2. The Item God 2 will only ever appear on floor 100, so if you miss the opportunity then, you will need to find another Rank 39 item and try again. Going to floor 200 will show you just the normal Item God. You will need to steal the Rank 40 item off of the Item God 2. To give a brief summary:

  • Find Rank 39 item
  • Go into the Item World
  • Get item to level 80+
  • Reach floor 100
  • Steal Rank 40 item from Item God 2

Item Rank Chart

The following image is the Item Rank Chart for Disgaea 6, listing the Item Ranks for almost all of the items in the game.

The Item Rank Chart for Disgaea 6


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