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What is the Juice Bar?

Jarrod Garripoli

Disgaea 6 introduces a few new elements to the series, one of which is the Juice Bar. This page will detail what the Juice Bar is and how it functions can help you create strong characters.

The Juice Bar is a facility that unlocks fairly early in the game, during Chapter 2 of the main story. It essentially allows you to buff your characters’ stats, levels, and a few other things by using the stored experience, mana and Extracts you’ve earned throughout the game. You can increase the stats and other things of a character who have never participated in battle.

How to Use the Juice Bar

Upon speaking with the Succubus at the Juice Bar, pick the first option to Make a Drink, where you will be brought to a character selection screen. Pick the character you want to boost, then you will decide on what to boost for that character. At the top of the screen, there will be Status, Class Proficiency, and Weapon Mastery. Status is basically your stats and you can increase your character’s Level, Mana, or any of their actual stats. In order to do this, you will need Stored EXP (for Level), Stored Mana (for Mana), or Extracts (for the other stats). In addition to this, all of the above will also cost you HL to make that drink, so there’s a lot that goes into this.

The Class Proficiency option allows you to increase, well, the Class Proficiency for that character. Class Proficiency can help you unlock new Classes, but it will also help you in unlock more Evilities for a character, depending on the classes mastered. To increase Class Proficiency via the Juice Bar, you will need both Stored EXP and HL. This is definitely the fastest way to increase Class Proficiency, as the normal way takes way too long. Once you get to the endgame portions of the game, then you should have no problem maxing these out.

The Weapon Mastery option allows you to increase your character’s proficiency with the various weapons in the game. Unlike previous games, there are no skills tied to Weapon Mastery in Disgaea 6. So, all the Weapon Mastery does in this game is increase the stats you receive from that weapon class you equip. Similarly to the Class Proficiency, while you can get Weapon Mastery through just using those weapons in battle, it eventually gets to a point that the Juice Bar becomes the easiest option.

How to Gain Stored EXP/Mana

Stored EXP can be used to increase a lot of things at the Juice Bar and there are three main ways to earn this. The first is via Stage Clear Bonuses, which is a percentage of the experience you receive at the end of the stage being added to your Juice Bar. This is represented as Juice Bar EXP Stock on the stage clear screen. The second option, Excess EXP Gain, refers to the EXP earned by characters who have already reached the maximum level. Basically, even though characters might not be gaining anymore levels, they still earn experience and that is sent over to the Juice Bar.

The third option is Super Reincarnation Carry-Over, which basically means that whenever you use the Super Reincarnation option, some of that EXP gets stored at the Juice Bar. Stored Mana, on the other hand, only really has one way of being gotten, which is via the Stage Clear Bonuses, mentioned above as the first Stored EXP method.

Best Way to Farm Extracts

Extracts are used to help you increase a character’s stats at the Juice Bar. Each stat has its own Extract, and you can get them in a variety of ways. The most obvious choice is by simply defeating enemies, although this is based on the stats of the enemy you defeat. This isn’t as effective until you get pretty late in the game and even then, it’s not as effective without doing a certain trick. That tip is to defeat your own characters, especially once they have gotten ridiculous stats. Until then, the best way to get Extracts is probably from D-Merits, as the rewards for some of them include a lot of Extracts.


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