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Thief Evilities List

Jarrod Garripoli

Evilities have been a mechanic in the Disgaea series since they debuted in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. They are passive abilities that can be equipped to your characters, with a wide ranged of effects. This page will list all of the Evilities that unlock for the Thief class, as well as point out any standout Evilities that can be good for builds.

In order to get the Common Evilities from the Classes for other characters, you will need to increase the Class Proficiency for that characters through the subclass system. For example, if you wish to get the Warrior Evilities for Zed, then you need to set the Warrior as his subclass and rank it up, then purchase them from the Skill Shop. Every class has five Common Evilities, with each rank adding an additional Evility to the shop, so you need at least Rank 5 to get all of the Common Evilities from a single class.

(1 of 4) You need to earn stars as the subclass to unlock their Evilities

As far as Unique Evilities go, each of the classes will have one that will be stuck on that character and cannot be changed out at all. In order to get the classes’ Unique Evilities on other characters, you will first need to master that class through the subclass system. After doing that, you will then need to unlock an Unique Evility slot for that character. For more information on that, visit the How to Unlock More Evility Slots page.

Thief’s Unique Evility

The Thief’s Unique Evility is called Treasure Hunt, and it gives the character a 30% chance to generate a treasure chest when defeating an enemy. At first glance, this may seem like a bad Evility, but it can be extremely useful in the right hands. For example, the Mecha Girl’s Full Strike can hit a lot of enemies at once, so there’s a 30% on each enemy killed can turn into a chest. Combine this with the two chest Common Evilities below to have a good time and potentially get some great items.

List of Common Evilities (Thief)

Icon Common Evility Description Mana Cost Slots
D6QuickfootedIcon.png Quickfooted Increase movement by 1 and SPD by 10% 100 2
D6RetributionIcon.png Double Up 50% chance to perform normal attacks twice 250 3
D6EvadeDangerIcon.png Evade Danger Nullify explosive damage 1,000 2
D6LuckyFingerIcon.png Lucky Finger When defeating treasure chests, increase Item Rank by 1 2,500 3
D6LuckyFingerIcon.png Treasure Appraisal When defeating treasure chests, increase Item Rarity by 10 5,000 5

Depending on what you’re doing with a character, the Thief can have some very good Common Evilities. If you built up a character to do normal attacks, instead of specials, then Double Up gives them a 50% chance of doing another normal attack. Where the Thief really shines is when going through the Item World, as both Lucky Finger and Treasure Appraisal help with boosting the items you receive from chests. The former increases the Item Rank by one, meaning you can get stronger items, while the latter increases the Item Rarity by 10, which can also increase the strength of the item. Combine this with the Thief’s Unique Evility to make bank.


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