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How to Unlock All Monster Classes

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the biggest parts of a Disgaea game is the ability to unlock a bunch of units that you can use in battle. This page will detail how to unlock all of the Monster Classes in the game.

Unlike the Human Classes, which requires you to go through the subclass system, unlocking the Monster Classes is a bit straightforward. All of the Monster Classes will require you to finish specific quests from the Quest Shop, as you go through the main story. These quests are eventually unlocked at specific Episodes, so you won’t be able to unlock all of the Monster Classes, as you possibly could with the human ones. With the exception of one of the quests, all of the others will require you to simply have a specific item on hand. While it may seem simple, some of these items might be a little more troublesome to find.

How to Unlock All Monster Classes

Class How to Unlock Episode Notes
Prinny Unlocked from beginning
Undead Complete Hungry, Hungry Zombie quest Episode 4 Requires a Charred Newt item
Winged Warrior Complete No Normal Bug quest Episode 5 Defeat 5 Archers
Sea Angel Complete Living Conditions quest Episode 6 Requires an item with the Rare rarity
Succubus Complete the Seductive Demon quest Episode 7 Requires an Emblem item (ex. Imperial Seal)
Evil Eye Complete Evil Eye Elite quest Episode 8 Requires a Glasses of Legendary rarity
Dragon Complete Treasure & Dragons quest Episode 9 Requires an Emblem item (ex. Imperial Seal)
Pincer Shell Complete Pincer Shells United quest Episode 10 Requires a Premium Crab Brains item
Horseman Complete Promised Spear quest Act 2, Episode 1 Requires a Spear of Legendary rarity

Where to Find a Charred Newt

The Charred Newt is a single-use healing item in the game and might be a little challenging to find, as you can’t purchase it from the General Store. However, there are two easy ways to get one, which will involve the Hospital and doing some battling. The Hospital has a Charred Newt as a reward for 5 Revives, so you simply need to have five allies perish in battles to get this reward. The other way is via the Bonus List, although this will be completely random. You should see the Charred Newt show up on lists on stages with a Bonus Rank of 6. Luckily, the first two stages in Episode 4 have a bonus rank of 6, so keep completing those stages until you happen to get one.

Where to Find Archers

Initially, when you get the quest for the Winged Warrior monster class, you won’t be able to really find any Archers to defeat. However, if you wait until Episode 6, there will be a few stages with Archers in them, so you won’t really have to wait long for this.

Where to Find a Premium Crab Brains

This might be one of the more challenging items to find in the game, which is used to unlock the Pincer Shell class. There are four confirmed ways to get one of these, one of which involves a Mystery Room in the Item World. There is a Mystery Room that has two shops in it (and a NPC that you would think is a shop, but isn’t), one of which is a Zombie. It isn’t guaranteed that the Zombie merchant will have a Crab Brains, but it is possible he will have it for sale.

The other ways to get the Premium Crab Brains is through the quests at the Quest Shop. There are at least three quests that have it as a reward, which are listed below. The first two are easy to complete, as it simply requires you to either Super Reincarnate once or Destroy 10 Objects on maps, respectively. The third quest will have you reaching the Hot Pot Master Room (a Mystery Room) in the Item World three times. Considering Mystery Rooms are completely random, and you need three instances of it, this quest is probably best ignored, unless you desperately need it.

  • Go Super Reincarnate
  • Map Tidying
  • Seeking Supreme Hot Pots


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