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How to Earn the Not On My Watch Achievement

Nathan Garvin

This page will provide details for earning the “Not On My Watch” achievement in Gotham Knights.

How to Earn the Not On My Watch Achievement

To earn the Not On My Watch achievement/trophy in Gotham Knights, you must “Successfully stop all Premeditated Crimes in a single night”.

Every time you start a new patrol, a number of premeditated crimes will spawn throughout Gotham City. The number of these crimes that’ll spawn in a given night are random and variable, but they’ll be located throughout Gotham City, and there’s a good chance you’ll encounter fewer of them near the beginning of the game than later on. It doesn’t matter what kind of premeditated crime it is, or what criminal faction is perpetrating it, if it has a big red icon the map, it counts (check out the linked premeditated crimes page for more information about them).

While you can just comb Gotham City to find Premeditated Crimes, hoping to stumble across them blindly is probably the least effective way of earning this achievement. Instead, you can pinpoint the exact location of premeditated crimes by seeking out opportunistic crimes, which also spawn throughout Gotham City on each patrol (these are marked by white triangles on the map, but are only marked when you’re nearby). Once you find an opportunistic crime, use AR Targeting to scan your foes and look out for one with a question mark over their head (this will also be the highest level enemy in the area). The question mark indicates that this enemy is an informant - if you can reduce their health and grab them, you can then interrogate them to gain clues, which will then help you locate premeditated crimes on your next patrol. You’ll also earn clues by defeating enemies.

If you want a surefire way of earning this achievement, just go through the entirety of Gotham City (preferably early in the game), beat up enemies, interrogate informants, thwart crimes (both opportunistic and premeditated) and earn clues, which will reveal all the premeditated crimes for the next patrol. If you’re thorough enough you may earn this achievement on your first sweep of Gotham City, assuming you don’t botch any premeditated times. If not, return to Belfry, then start a new patrol and, armed with the intel you beat out of informants on the previous night you should be able to locate all the premeditated crimes.

Repeat the process of scouring Gotham, gathering clues, and completing premeditated crimes until this unlocks.


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