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Gotham Knights

How to Solve the Court of Owls Orders

Nathan Garvin

Information about how to solve the Court of Owls hit order in Case 03: 3.1 - The Key in Gotham Knights.

As you attempt to solve Cases (read: quests), you’ll occasionally have to investigate Crime Scenes. This involves scanning various objects by highlighting them with the DualSense-Stick-L to gain additional information about them. Once you’ve studied all the objects at a particular crime scene you’ll have to solve a puzzle, usually by matching various crime scene points of interest together by using the information gathered to infer which ones are logically connected. This is done by highlighting one category of object and selecting it by pressing DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX-Filled, then highlighting and selecting other categories of object. If all else fails, you can blindly guess until you match the correct objects, but with this guide you shouldn’t have to!

Scan the Moreno hit order to identify some of the methods used by the Court of Owls.

At the beginning of 3.1 - The Key you’ll come across a document you need to scan, which orders a hit on one Alexander Moreno. The reaper image and the pentagon symbol (with an ankh enclosed) on this document are notable, and may help you decode a similar document on a table to the left.

Once you’re done gawking at the Alexander Moreno hit order, scan the table to the left to start an investigation puzzle, where you’ll need to use the DualSense-Stick-L to survey the area and view various potential points of interest. Your goal here is to identify both the Court’s instructions and the target location, the former of which are indicated by four cards (purge, threaten, kill, confine) under the order, and the latter are indicated by five pentagonal map markers to the left (Bohler Avenue, Otisburg, the hospital, Truman Federal Building, Gotham River).

You can also examine a Court of Owls dagger to the far left, for what good that does. Mark all the objects of interest (the document, four order cards, five map markers, and the dagger) then let’s sort this all out.

(1 of 2) On a table to the right you’ll find several cards containing vague orders,

On a table to the right you’ll find several cards containing vague orders, (left), and pegs in a map that indicate a location. (right)

What are the Court’s Instructions?

  • Purge - Kill all who trespass
  • Threaten - Make them fear us
  • Kill - Kill the target
  • Constrain or Confine - Take them prisoner

Where is the Target Location?

  • Ankh Peg - Bohler Avenue
  • Mountain Peg - Otisburg
  • Feather Peg - The hospital
  • Brass Peg - Truman Federal Building
  • Sword Peg - Gotham River

(1 of 2) Compare the as of yet undeciphered document and note the symbol in the middle and the symbol in the pentagram,

Compare the as of yet undeciphered document and note the symbol in the middle and the symbol in the pentagram, (left), then match the card and peg containing the same symbols to solve this puzzle. (right)

This one is kind of obvious. The document at the top right of the puzzle contains an image of two crossed swords and a sword icon in a pentagram. The former matches the order card “Purge - Kill all who trespass” while the latter indicates the Sword Peg, which marks the Gotham River. Kill all who trespass at the Gotham River is a bit broad, but it still narrows things down significantly.

Select the “Purge” card and the peg marking the “Gotham River” (highlight them and press the DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX-Filled), then when both are marked solve the puzzle by pressing the DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY button.

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