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Gotham Knights

Final Boss Fight - How to Defeat Batman

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to defeat Batman during 8.2 - The Lazarus Pit in Gotham Knights.

Once you arrive at the Lazarus Pit found in the ruins of the Bat-Cave, you’ll be forced to fight against Bat-Man! He’s been resurrected in the Lazarus Pit by Talia and he’s now under her control. You’ll be tasked with fighting against Batman but you’ll also occasionally need to appeal to Bruce to get him to snap out of his trance!

It’s time to fight against your own mentor!

All Batman Attack Moves

Below you’ll find a list of all Batman’s attack moves and combos and how to deal with them effectively!

Quick Punch and Kick Attack Combo

Batman fights with his fists and his feet - he will frequently perform punches and kicks in quick succession. He’ll sometimes come at you with a powerful kick or a big punch. Make sure to be prepared to dodge more than one attack in a short amount of time. Occasionally, when he misses one of the attacks he’ll falter/stumble slightly and you can get in a big heavy attack! Sometimes he’ll combine this quick combo of attacks with the grab attack or the slam down punch described below.

If you do get hit by some of his heavy attacks, you risk getting a nasty punchdown which will do a ton of damage.

Batman will constantly be kicking and punching in quick succession and it’ll be down to you to make sure you dodge them!

Grab Attack

When his hands are circled in red with lines emanating from the circle, this signals that he’s about to try to grab you. If you don’t manage to dodge this, you’ll be in a world of pain! Batman will grab you and either slam you into the ground or kick you away. Either way, you’ll be prone on the ground and vulnerable to further attacks whilst you’re down.

If you get caught in his grab, you’re gonna get slammed down onto the ground or kicked into a wall!

Slam Down Punch

During this attack, Batman will run and slam down a punch into the ground causing a pretty big area of impact. Make sure to dodge out of the way!

Batman will slam down his fist into the ground creating a tremor in the ground.

Defensive Stance

Every once in a while, Batman will put up his arms and you won’t be able to get any standard attacks in. To break the defense you’ll just need to hit him with a heavy melee attack. He’ll be caught off guard by this so you’ll be able to get a few extra hits in before he retaliates.

(1 of 2) Batman will put up his defenses

Batman will put up his defenses (left), and you’ll need to break it using a heavy melee attack. (right)


In addition to his typical batman-y fighting style, you’ll also have to deal with Batman teleporting around in a green Lazarus mist. He’ll use this teleporting ability to disengage and engage in close combat. When you see him disappear, be prepared for the green mist and get ready to dodge or back off so you don’t get smacked or kicked in the face!

Watch out when Batman starts teleporting around!

Electrical Explosives

During this attack, Batman will throw out three electrical explosives. They’ll land on the ground and take a few seconds to explode. If you walk near them even before they’ve exploded, they’ll explode quicker and they do quite a bit of damage!

(1 of 2) Batman will throw out three electrical explosives

Batman will throw out three electrical explosives (left), if you go near them they’ll explode! (right)

Strategy: How to Beat Batman

Now that you know Batman’s attack moves and patterns, you’ll hopefully have a way better time at fighting him. Fighting with him in close combat can feel really satisfying as dodging his attacks can leave you with some nice openings for heavy attacks. However, if you’re feeling like you’re getting caught frequently in Batman’s pretty strong attacks then you may want to opt for spending the majority of the fight using your ranged weapons. Occasionally, you’ll have to go into melee combat or use a momentum ability such as Batgirl’s Batarang Barrage to break his defense but other than that, you could decide to fight Batman from a distance - though depending on your character and build, this could take a bit longer!

Hand-to-hand combat with Batman can feel quite rewarding if you time your dodges well!

Oh, and don’t stand in the Lazarus pit waters - it’ll do damage over time! You might also want to avoid fighting near the waters as you risk being thrown into the waters by Batman if he catches you with one of his attacks.

During this fight, you’ll have the opportunity to ‘Appeal to Bruce’ to see if you can get him to snap out of his trance. The first time you’ll be able to do this is when you’ve damaged him to around 75% health. Unfortunately, the first time you appeal to him, it isn’t enough, but you’ll be able to appeal to him two more times. The second time is triggered at around 30% health.

(1 of 2) Bruce will fall to the ground and you’ll be able to appeal to him

Bruce will fall to the ground and you’ll be able to appeal to him (left), you’ll have to do this three times before he breaks free! (right)

And finally, the last time you’ll be able to appeal to him (and successfully!) will be when he hits around 5% health. Once you’ve appealed to him for the third and final time, this fight will be over and Batman will regain his consciousness.

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