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How to Defeat Mecha Freeze - Second Boss Fight

Nathan Garvin

This page will provide strategies for defeating Mr. Freeze during Case FR01: 1.6 - Breakout at Blackgate in Gotham Knights.

The sixth and final phase of Case FR01 will see you returning to Blackgate to thwart out the Regulator’s attempt to breakout Mr. Freeze. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to burn resources getting past the Regulators swarming Blackgate, but you’ll ideally reach the end of the mission in good shape, as you’ve got another fight with Mr. Freeze waiting for you.

After the last fight with Mr. Freeze, one might wonder what else he could throw at you, considering you already defeated him while he had his full kit and a new secret doomsday weapon, albeit one compromised by your possession of the Disruptor. Still, it was a feat worthy of Batman himself, so what else could Mr. Freeze throw at you?

How about a massive spider tank?

Preparing for Mr. Freeze (Again)

The second fight with Mr. Freeze has a lot of complications, just like the first one. You can start this case file early in the game, and granted, if you’re playing through to the end you’ll have had to complete five previous Mr. Freeze case files, so your level shouldn’t be quite as low as before… but enemies in FR01 - 1.6 can potentially reach level twenty-four, a level you won’t see until Case 07 in the main case files. Mr. Freeze is quite powerful, and if you’re having trouble you can always try to over-level, but this time the difference between your max potential level (thirty) and Mr. Freeze’s level is much lower.

Even if you can’t out-level Mr. Freeze as much, you can still make this fight easier by bringing better gear to bear. If you advance the main case file you’ll have access to higher-tier gear, with epic-tier gear spawning after Case File 05 starts, and legendary-tier gear starting after Case File 06 starts. You can then complete premeditated crimes to obtain the blueprints and salvage required to craft this gear. If you go into the Freeze case file without advancing the main case file, you may be relegated to uncommon, rare, or the odd heroic-tier gear, which have decidedly lower stat caps, fewer mod slots and most likely no passive abilities.

Finally, the type of gear you bring to this fight matters quite a bit. It’s in his name, really - Mr. Freeze won’t be impressed if you bring cryogenic weapons to the fight. Try to farm yourself some relatively good incendiary damage weapons (especially a ranged option), and perhaps some cryogenic-resistant armor.

Between leveling, getting higher-tier gear, and bringing the right elements to the fight you can make this encounter with Mr. Freeze much, much easier. Batman’s superpower - besides being a billionaire with plot armor - was always the nebulous “prep time”, so his proteges should follow his example… even if the game otherwise doesn’t really require this level of consideration or preparation for most other foes.

(1 of 4) Mecha Freeze has an upgraded version of his cryogenic cannon, capable of firing for an extended duration.

Boss - Mecha Freeze

Assuming you’ve defeated Mr. Freeze earlier, this fight should be fairly familiar. Mecha Freeze is very durable, but his damage output is somewhat diminished compared to last time. This is mostly due to him lacking his haywire doomsday weapon, and aside from one attack in the second phase of this fight, Mecha Freeze’s new spider tank doesn’t really have anything comparable in terms of offense.

That said, your enemy can still freeze you, which can leave you vulnerable to follow up damage, and given Mecha Freeze’s durability, even moderate damage can be dangerous over a long enough fight.

Mecha Freeze’s attacks are as follows:

  • Cryogenic Cannon Sweep: Almost identical to the attack Mr. Freeze used during your last fight, the charge up time for this attack is quite substantial and you’ll even be given an aiming laser to help you dodge. Once the beam does fire, however, it’ll last quite a bit longer than previously, allowing Mecha Freeze to sweep it further. Run in a circle around Mecha Freeze to avoid this attack, which is more dangerous for its ability to freeze you than its pure damage output.

  • Cryogenic Missiles: Mecha Freeze will unleash a stream of missiles in a line - horizontal or vertical - at you. You’ll get an AoE indicator letting you know these are coming, so if you keep moving they shouldn’t hit you. They do, however, leave a patch of persistent ice on the ground that’ll damage you if you come into contact with it. Pretty much identical to the attack used in the previous fight.

  • Glacial Smash: If you get close to Mecha Freeze, he’ll rear his spider tank back before slamming down, sending a wave of ice forward from the point of impact. Be wary, as Mecha Freeze can rotate a good deal before slamming down, so don’t think you’re safe just because he’s not facing you as he rears back.

  • Spider Stomp: A less impressive melee attack, Mecha Freeze will smash the ground in front of him with one of his spider tank’s legs, and will sometimes stomp multiple times in succession.

Most of Mecha Freeze’s attacks are fairly easy to dodge - just run when you see Mecha Freeze telegraphing an upcoming attack, whether it be a targeting laser or an AoE reticle. If you keep your distance you should really only have to worry about his “Cryogenic Cannon Sweep” or “Cryogenic Missiles” attacks, which should suit strong ranged characters like Red Hood just fine, but if you’re forced to engage in melee combat you’ll expose yourself to more damage.

(1 of 3) If you deal enough damage to a leg it'll become disabled, allowing you to deal extra damage for a short period of time.

The easiest target are Mecha Freeze’s spider tank legs, which will change color depending on how much damage they’ve received, first turning yellow, then red. If you deal enough damage to a leg it’ll temporarily malfunction, rendering Mecha Freeze immobile (but not incapable of fighting) and it’ll reveal a weakspot, allowing you to rack up significant damage. Unfortunately this period of vulnerability doesn’t last very long, and if you have to dodge attacks from Mecha Freeze, you might find your ability to punish Mecha Freeze limited, indeed.

After you reduce Mecha Freeze’s health to two-thirds he’ll leap up to a ledge and take a few potshots at you, mostly spamming his Cryogenic Cannon Sweep and Cryogenic Missiles attacks before the fight ultimately relocates to a newly-created arena.

(1 of 2) When you see Mecha Freeze charging up his Flash Freeze attack, grapple to safety,

When you see Mecha Freeze charging up his Flash Freeze attack, grapple to safety, (left), then return to battle by performing an aerial attack. (right)

This second phase of the battle plays out like the first one, with Mecha Freeze using almost identical attacks, with one exception: Mecha Freeze also has access to a new ultimate “Flash Freeze” attack which hits the entire arena. You do not want this to hit you. Fortunately Mecha Freeze will take a while to charge this attack up, and while this attack is charging the floor of the arena will be lit up with flashing light rings with hexagonal patterns in them. The only way to avoid this attack is to grapple away, so be sure to sweep the arena, look up, and spam DualSense-L1 / Xbox-BumperLeft. On the plus side, after the attack ends you can return to the battlefield by performing an aerial attack.

(1 of 2) Every time you deplete one third of Mecha Freeze's health bar he'll seek safety on high ground, harassing you with ranged attacks.

Every time you deplete one third of Mecha Freeze's health bar he'll seek safety on high ground, harassing you with ranged attacks. (left), At the start of the third phase, Mecha Freeze will also summon some Regulator reinforcements. (right)

Predictably enough, when reduced to one-third of his health the third phase will begin. Mecha Freeze will once again find an elevated perch from which to bombard you using the same attacks as last time, but he’ll also be joined by some Regulator goons. Focus on taking the Regulators out, as their attacks can hinder your ability to dodge Mecha Freeze and add extra punishment if you end up frozen. Once they’re gone, the right of this fight should be a simple matter of repeating what got you this far and finishing off Mecha’s Freeze’s health bar.


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