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Gotham Knights

All Batgirl Momentum Abilities

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details all of Batgirl’s Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights.

Batarang Barrage is the second Momentum Ability you’ll likely unlock!

In Gotham Knights, you’ll have two ways to progress your character, one of them will be your standard skill tree which gives you passives that increase the strength of your character, which is gained by leveling your character or completing specific missions. The other method of progression is “Momentum Abilities”. These are your special attacks that you’ll be using throughout the game, and for the most part be the predominant way of defeating enemies when used in combination with melee, and ranged attacks.

You can only use Momentum Abilities by spending Momentum which you can gain by attacking enemies with normal or ranged attacks. Momentum can be found at the bottom right of your screen, and you can hold up to four segments (Nightwing gets an extra one from his skill tree) of it, although you’ll start the game with only one. Some abilities cost more Momentum than others, so you have to pick and choose the right ability at the moment.

The Tonfa Jackhammer is pretty brutal!

How to Unlock All of Batgirl’s Momentum Abilities

Momentum abilities unlock as you progress through the story, and will usually require you to complete a challenge of some kind to unlock them. Here is a list of all the Momentum abilities that Batgirl can unlock, and how you can get them.

Icon Ability Description Unlock
Beatdown_temp.png Beatdown Batgirl performs a series of quick strikes on a single enemy to deal massive damage.Momentum Cost: 1 Default
Batarang_Barrage_temp_150x150.png Batarang Barrage Batgirl attacks all enemies with a storm of Batarangs. Momentum Cost: 1 Progress through Case 1.4: Blackgate Blues
Adrenaline_Surge_temp_150x150.png Adrenaline Surge Increases Batgirl’s damage, Critical chance, Critical damage and Defense by +20% and Elemental Effect build up by +50% for 12 seconds. Momentum Cost: 1 Unlocked by completing Shadowed Perch challenge - clear x2 Owl’s Nests.
Elemental_Strike_temp.png Elemental Strike Batgirl performs a Heavy Melee Attack that deals massive Elemental Effect damage. Momentum Cost: 1 Unlocked by completing Guard Breaker challenge - defeat x5 Freak Bulldozers.
Tonfa_Jackhammer_temp_150x150.png Tonfa Jackhammer Batgirl hits the ground twice with her tonfa, creating a circular wave of damage that knocks back and staggers nearby enemies. Momentum Cost: 2 Unlocked by completing Ferocious challenge - defeat 15 Talons.
Marauderangs_temp.png Marauderangs Batgirl throws 2 Batarangs that spin around an area, striking multiple times and preventing some enemies from attacking. Momentum Cost: 2 Unlocked by completing In Plain Sight challenge - defeat 5 League of Shadows Assassins
Bat_Swarm_temp_150x150.png Bat Swarm Batgirl unleashes a swarm of bats, dealing damage to nearby enemies and protecting her from most damage (15 Seconds). Momentum Cost: 2 Complete Batgirl’s Personal Story, then complete the Challenge that unlocks from it.
Drone_temp_150x150.png Drone (Ultimate) Batgirl calls her drone, which heals allies and shoots at nearby enemies for a short period of time (30 Seconds). Cooldown of 6 minutes. Complete Knighthood challenges.
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