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Gotham Knights

Trophy and Achievement Roadmap

Jarrod Garripoli

This page is the trophy and achievement roadmap for Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is an open world action adventure game that features a general tiered, loot-based system. You can play as one of four different characters, with the choice not really mattering, if you’re trying to score all of the trophies/achievements. You will be able to switch between characters at any time early in the game, so if you don’t like your early choice, try another character. Generally, it’s probably for the best to stick with a single character, though, as some things will require you to unlock them on previously unplayed characters. Note that the actual character levels are the same across all characters, so you won’t start at level 1, should you decide to switch.

Step 1 - Play the Main Story

The first step on this roadmap is to simply play the main story, without worrying too much about side activities, collectibles, and anything else. If you wish to farm some Crimes, then you can do that, which in turn will get you some gear to help out as you continue playing. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about gear, as the best gear will unlock as you play through the main story. There’s only eight Cases in the main story, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish, although you will want to keep up with levels somewhat.

Step 2 - Side Activities and Collectibles

With the main story over, you can now turn your focus over to all of the optional content, like the Collectibles, Side Activities, and even the Villain Cases. There are three Villain Cases, spanning multiple missions, although none of them should really pose too much trouble. The three Villain Cases are as follows:

Villain Cases will have you face some recognizable foes

For the Side Activities, you will have a few things to do, like Training Arena Exercises, Secret Identity Compromised events, Secret Caches, and even the Batcycle Time Trials. By the time you finish the game, you should have access to all of the Momentum Abilities, or at least the Challenges that unlock them. This, in turn, will allow you to access all of the Training Exercises. The other two activities will unlock earlier in the main story, although you will need to return to the Belfry after finishing each one, to spawn the next one/set.

Batcycle Time Trials are one of the few side activities you will be doing

That leaves the Collectibles for last on this little list and there’s quite a number of them. You have Batarangs, Historia Strigidae Pages, Street Art, and Landmarks. In total, there’s 154 of them, and you can tell whenever you finish with a subdistrict in the game, by the icon in the lower right corner having a checkmark. Sadly, there’s no way to know where they are on the in-game map, so you will need to check out our own personal map, which has all of the Collectibles on it.

Step 3 - Finish Everything Else, Before New Game+

This is the penultimate step, since you will be concentrating on everything else trophy/achievement-wise, except for the Maximum Level one. You will be doing the 250 Crimes one here, which should help in achieving some of the enemy-specific trophies/achievements. For those, you will probably want to focus on the League of Shadows enemies, as well as the Man-Bats and the Court of Owl special enemies. Those will definitely take the longest here, especially since the other enemy-specific ones are quite common to find during those Crimes. It should be noted that the Opportunistic (white) Crimes are the easiest and count towards the 250, but don’t neglect the Premeditated ones when going after the more elusive enemies.

(1 of 2) Opportunistic Crimes are definitely the easier of the two

Opportunistic Crimes are definitely the easier of the two (left), but Premeditated Crimes will offer more rewards (right)

If you haven’t been using Elemental Effects on enemies, get a weapon and use it during this phase, which shouldn’t take long. You should also have quite a number of Modchips in your possession, so if you haven’t been fusing them, do that now, since you need to fuse 50 of them. Another thing to do here is focus on unlocking all Momentum Abilities, if you haven’t, as well as switching to each of the other characters, if you haven’t done so, as well. You’ll get all four Momentum Bars whenever you reach level 20, so that’s just natural progression.

The last bit to talk about here is Legendary Equipment, as you need to craft a Suit, Melee Weapon, and Ranged Weapon. Getting the blueprints for these isn’t that bad, although you’ll have plenty of luck if you stick to Premeditated Crimes with the Very High difficulty attached to them. For more info on how to obtain these blueprints, visit the Legendary Gear page.

Step 4 - New Game+ and Reach Level 40

If you’ve done everything else in the above steps, then you should only have a single trophy/achievement left, which is to reach the max level with a character. On your first playthrough, the max level will be capped at level 30 and there’s no going beyond that. Once you’ve beaten the main story, you will see a new option on the main menu, New Game+. Before choosing it, note that this will reset all of your main story progress, meaning some other things will be blocked off for you, like Legendary Gear and some instances of higher tier enemies. With that said, choosing New Game+ will increase the level cap to level 40 now, which is the max level. Simply play through the main story missions or do open world stuff to gain enough experience to reach the max level.

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