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Gotham Knights

All Mob Enemies and Crimes

Scott Peers

This page details all of the enemy types from The Mob faction, including their weaknesses and how to defeat them. We’ll also cover the types of crimes that you’ll encounter when facing The Mob.

The Mob Enemy Types

There are five main enemy types in The Mob faction: Brawler, Godmother, Grenadier, Shooter, and Sniper. As with other factions, each of these main enemy types have variants in the form of Regular, Veteran, and Champion subvariants, excluding the Sniper in this case. The variants usually don’t deviate from their regular versions in terms of their basic attacks, but they will sometimes have special abilities, and they’ll generally inflict more damage and be tougher to defeat.


“The muscle. They usually have some training and are keen to make a name for themselves with their bosses, which is a dangerous trait in a fight.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Brawler Normal N/A Bioelectric N/A
Veteran Brawler Concussive Concussive Bioelectric N/A
Champion Brawler Concussive Concussive Bioelectric Guard, Armored Attack

There are three types of Brawlers working for the Mob: Regular, Veteran, and Champion. The Regular Brawlers are fairly weak and easy to deal with, and they don’t inflict much damage or have any special abilities that you need to worry about. They’re generally just a nuisance who will get in your way and occasionally interrupt your attacks against tougher enemies if you don’t deal with them first, so it’s worth taking them out early.

The Veteran and Champion variants can be a bit more of a pain, since they both inflict Concussive damage which will eventually daze you if you’re hit enough by them, so it’s important to evade or counter their attacks. The Champion is even more of a pain than the Veteran, since they have the Guard and Armored Attack special abilities, making them effectively immune to light attacks with the former, and able to use unblockable attacks with the latter.


“A part of the upper echelon of the Mob, Godmothers have a reputation for being fearless, which emboldens their underlings.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Godmother Concussive Concussive Bioelectric Armored Attack
Veteran Godmother Concussive Concussive Bioelectric Armored Attack, Guard

Despite the quoted description, Godmothers don’t actually make their lessers immune to fear, but they’re still tough opponents in their own right that you shouldn’t underestimate, especially at the higher difficulty levels. They take a lot more hits to defeat since they’re effectively tanks, similar to the Bulldozer enemy from the Freaks faction. The Regular Godmother doesn’t have the Guard special ability, so they’re easier to defeat with successive light attacks, but they do use Armored Attacks which can’t be blocked, so you’ll need to evade these instead. If you’re facing a Veteran Godmother, they will have the Guard special ability, so you’ll need to use heavy attacks to break through it and inflict some damage, or resort to using your own special abilities.

Both versions of the Godmother can inflict high Concussive damage, which will daze you if you’re hit enough by them. Their attacks are generally chained, so don’t expect an attack to be over after the first one, and be ready to block or evade multiple attacks. There’s usually enough time to get one or two of your own attacks in between dodging incoming strikes from a Godmother, so be ready to do this if you’re fast enough!


“Launching grenades to do your dirty work means not having to get your hands dirty in a fight. Lucky for them, bad for us.

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Grenadier Concussive Concussive Bioelectric N/A
Champion Grenadier Concussive Concussive Bioelectric Evade Flurry, Armored Attack

The Regular Grenadiers are one of the easiest types of enemies in the Mob faction to defeat. They don’t usually have much armor or health and they’re easily identifiable in a group of enemies, making them easy to spot at the beginning of a fight and take down. They will however inflict a lot of damage if they’re able to get a shot off on you, and they can fire up to five grenades at once in a line, making it difficult to escape if you’re cornered.

The real danger comes from the Champion Grenadiers, though. These have all the same capabilities as the Regular variant, but they also have the Evade Flurry and Armored Attack special abilities. The former can be extremely annoying to deal with, since it allows the enemy to evade most of your attacks outside of special abilities. You’ll need to take them by surprise, and ideally with a heavy attack, to land a hit against them, but it’s usually a safer bet to rely on special abilities to defeat them.


“Gun specialists like this have solid aim, making them a nightmare at a distance. They often work in groups, trying to take us down while we’re distracted.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Shooter Normal N/A Bioelectric N/A
Veteran Shooter Concussive Concussive Bioelectric N/A
Champion Shooter Concussive Concussive Bioelectric Armored Attack

The Shooter enemies from the Mob are some of the most frustrating to fight against, especially when there’s a group of them shooting you at the same time. You’ll notice from each of them that there will be a thin line emitting from their gun to your body, indicating an incoming shot. The shooters mostly use automatic or semiautomatic rifles, so any shot that lands will usually pin you in place until the round is expended. Not only that, they essentially shoot with aimbot which will track your movements, so it can be difficult to escape their gunfire even if you notice the line on you.

One of the best ways to avoid being shot and pinned in place by these enemies is waiting until the last moment from the time that the sight line is used, to the time that the shots start firing. This can be inconsistent depending on the type of shooter that you’re facing, but you can get a decent instinctive feeling for it after enough encounters with them. You should only dodge just before the shots start firing, and not before, since the line will keep following you until the last moment. If you dodge at the last minute, the shooter will usually be locked in their line of sight and they won’t be able to readjust their aim until that round is expended.

Using this method of dodging at the last minute is only really viable in a small group of enemies. If there are multiple of different types, timing can become more tricky and you’ll need to rely on your special abilities to counter shooters for the most part. Even then, you’re likely to be hit at least a few times during a fight with these enemies, so don’t feel bad in the knowledge that they’re effectively cheating with their aim lock. Time your evades and special abilities well, and you should be able to reduce the amount of times you’re hit.


“The Mob pays well for their talent, and their sharpshooters are worth every penny.”

Enemy Damage Resistance Weakness Special Abilities
Regular Sniper Concussive Concussive Bioelectric Guard

There’s only one type of Sniper for the Mob, but there only needs to be one. These enemies will usually place themselves on vantage points above a crime scene, taking refuge on balconies or rooftops. You’ll need to be aware of their presence if you want to avoid being shot for a high amount of damage, so be sure to examine a crime scene with AR before you move in, taking note of their positions and ideally, taking them out first. They’re easy enough to take down on their own, especially since they’re usually positioned in places where their allies can’t reach, but you will need to use heavy attacks to break their Guard first.

(1 of 3) You should kill snipers first in most Mob crimes.

The Mob Crimes

You’ll find most crimes committed by the Mob in the West End of New Gotham.

Criminal Stronghold

This is a common type of crime that you’ll encounter with the Mob which doesn’t have any sense of urgency based on timed requirements. Instead, it’s essentially an assault on one of the Mob’s strongholds, where they’re present in large numbers as they hoard and protect stolen goods. Your main objective is simply to defeat all of the enemies present, but you’ll sometimes have additional objectives such as sabotaging specific equipment in the stronghold.

Organ Trafficking

This is a common crime committed by most factions, and there isn’t anything too different about it when you’re facing the Mob. There will be a cryogenic container at a specific location, where members of the Mob are protecting it. Your task is to infiltrate the area, preferably by stealth, to defeat all of the Mob enemies without raising an alarm. You can then take the cryogenic container and give it to Dr. Jada Thompkins within a specific time limit. You’ll find it difficult to defeat all of the enemies with the alarm raised and still have time to secure the container before the timer runs out.

Criminal Deal

This is a simple crime that you need to stop, where members of the Mob will be exchanging specific items during a deal. You’ll generally have three objectives: defeat all enemies, retrieve modchips, and defeat the most wanted criminal. In short, you need to defeat everything in sight and then take the modchips. There will usually be a large number of enemies present during these crimes, and things can get ugly quickly if it’s a high difficulty one, since you’ll be facing numerous Veterans and Champions.

Mob Crime Rewards

The main item rewards that you’ll earn for defeating Mob enemies are Polymer, Titanium Mesh, and Rare Earth Metals.

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